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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 112

112. TV Program

Eating habits were important for a healthy life. There was a theory saying that you should eat a lot of breakfast and keep your dinner modest. But in general, dinner was probably the most luxurious……. What I wanted to say was that I love the most luxurious dinner of the day. And now, a hot plate was placed in front of me, small round objects were spread on it and was being steamed.

Yes, today’s dinner would be grilled dumplings. According to Maria, it was elaborate dish because it was handmade.

Perhaps my mother couldn’t wait longer, she had already opened the beer and drank it. The TV was on, and the program on was a kind of combination between variety shows and news, but no one was watching the TV, we were just staring at the hot plate.

“Is it done♪? Is it done♪? Alright, let’s drink one more can of beer!”

My mother happily said so and went to get a new beer can, and when she returned, she had three cans of beer in her hand. 

Is that what you mean by ‘one’?

“It’s about time …”

Maria said so and took off the lid of the hot plate. Smoke rose and the dumplings could be seen. 


Then we stretch out the chopsticks in our hand.

“It’s very hot, so please split it with chopsticks first before eating.”



The dumplings were nicely baked and looked delicious. I broke the skin with chopsticks and the soup came out. I sipped the soup and then put it in my mouth. It was so hot that I almost shout. The dumpling in my mouth was very delicious with the chewy and crispy skin, the juicy bean paste, and the overflowing soup!


…… Apparently, my mother suddenly put the whole dumpling in her mouth and was in agony. 

Didn’t you hear what Maria said? Ah, maybe is it ‘that’? Like when an elementary school student who would do it if he was told not to do it? Are you like that? Well, That’s what you would get if you didn’t pay attention…

However, my mother immediately sipped the beer, and when she drank it, she had an ecstatic expression on her face.

“This is the best!”

……..I can’t underestimate her!

“Kohaku-sama, do you want me to cool it down with my blow?”

Maria asked expressionlessly like usual. Perhaps she misunderstood that I was terrified when I saw my mother and thought that I couldn’t eat the dumpling because it was too hot.

“Ah! I’ll do it! It’s a natural duty for ma as his mother!”

“Your mouth it’s reek of alcohol!”

“Uwu, you’re so mean….”

My mother sipped the beer. And, the family’s unity continued in a harmonious manner.

Perhaps this kind of relationship is one of the best in a family with a male member?…… Oh, right. Unlike Shino-san’s family even though Yuzuka-san’s family is also one of the four nobles, the relationship in her family seems good. In that party when I met her parents before, her dandy and sexy father said that he is on good terms with her mother, who is especially beautiful in this world full of beautiful women… And soon, her younger brother, who will be the protagonist of the upcoming party… To be honest, Yuzuka-san’s family is probably the best amongst the best in this world.

I turned my eyes to the TV. The program was talking about this month’s event, and the host explained various things. It was a program where the events were hidden with a white board and would be removed as the show progress. The hints were that it would be something big, located in a castle and various celebrities will participate.

Then, now it became a quiz to guess what event, and the correct answer would be announced after some performance from some comedians.

『”And Now! It’s the time! The correct answer is…!”』

When the white board was removed, it was written, ‘A birthday party will be hold by one of the four great aristocrats’. 

When I saw it, I chewed the dumpling that I had unknowingly carried to my mouth. And the hot soup flowed in my mouth.


“……So cute.”

“Do it once again, please.”

There is no reason for me to do it again!

Anyway, I became interested in program on TV. Well, when it came to a noble birthday party, I could only think of one after all.

『”This month, the eldest son of Seikagu Family, one of the four great dukes, will celebrate his birthday and a party will be held to celebrate it. Moreover! This eldest son has never appeared in public, and so, this will be his first debut! It is said that this event is the most talked about among celebrities now. The venue, Minster Castle, has now been renovated into a hotel, and even the cheapest room is 100,000 Jenny per night! However, it is said that it will be reserved for this party for now! Also, it is rumored that the eldest son, is surprisingly cute! To be honest, I also want to participate! In addition, it is said that taking pictures and videos on the day is OK but only until the front of the hotel! So, it is expected that many reporters will gather!”』

Why is the information about the birthday party is on TV?! What? The reporters will come? So there is a chance that take the pictures of my face may be taken too? Am I going to be on TV? Well, it should be okay right?…… It’s a celebration of the son of the great aristocrats after all. Of course, the scale is going to be big… But, to be honest, it’s far bigger than I had imagined.

……Somehow I feel uneasy now… What should I do….


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