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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 35

35. Bad day (Trouble with girls)

 ‘Kind elder sister’. I don’t have such an elder sister. Even so, why did we end up like this today? Isn’t because we vent our unreasonable frustration at each other, cursing each other, not holding back at all as we always did? Isn’t this what we called ‘home’?

“The Queen who would send me on errands without a single word of thanks, who would lying down on the living room sofa as if she owned the place, who would complaint as playing on her phone while stuffing her cheeks with meat buns ─── That’s you right, Sis? If you stop doing that, then you’re not my Sis anymore.”

“Urk… Y, You……”

I’m not a ‘M’. That’s why, I don’t feel like getting beaten all the time, or treated like an errand boy without any reason. If she stayed as the usual ‘Sis’ I have, just that she became more kind, that’s one thing. But, the frustration that accumulated in your chest, it’s something that can’t be helped, isn’t it? It’s reasonable if you try to hold it when you’re somewhere outside, but at home, I don’t wish for you to hold yourself back too. I don’t wish for that.

“─── At the very least, I like that kind of Sis the most.”


“That’s why, something like courtesy is just a nuisance, so please spare me from that.”

Please, I beg you.

This is embarrassing. I said it. Seriously, what kind of farce is this. In the end, I basically told her, ‘Please stay the way you are right now’. Seriously, Yuuki-senpai, this resentment, I won’t ever forget it, for real.

I won’t ever talk this kind of serious things in front of Sis again.



“…Nothing, really.”

Sis seemed like she wanted to say something.

I gazed at her with a ‘You got a problem, huh?’ gaze, but she stared me back with a straight face. I can tell what you’re thinking, ‘This guy, I can’t believe he could say something like this.’, right?

I can tell that my expression must be loathsome. But, I also don’t like the fact that my sis just stared me back with straight face without saying anything.

So, I stared her back and Sis finally opened her mouth.

“Are you really sure about this? This might be the last chance for me to be kind to you, you know?”

“Hey, why is this the last chance? Please, be kind to me.”

“HuH? You, which one do you want?”

That’s not what this is about, right? Why are you so full of motivation to bully me? Seriously, you’re so scary, Sis.

Perhaps, do you only have 0 or 100? I know you don’t like this idea but, you could just buy me some steamed buns on a whim without any particular reason, you know? And, if you don’t mind, you could also share some of that Häagen with m───


“Don’t just ‘Huh?’ me. How many more times do I have to say it before you’re satisfied?”

“No, not that. You, behind you.”

“Hmm? Behind me? What are you suddenly tal—”

I turned around. Approaching me from the door was a girl, together with another girl from the volleyball club desperately trying to stop the other girl.

Hm? Hmmm? This is strange… is it some hallucination? Why would the classmate and the one I love be here? And, why does she look so angry?

The moment before disaster (Natsukawa vs Sajou)

“Natsuka ───”

“How could you say something like that towards your own older sister!!!”


Eh, wait, my collar is…..Eeehh?! Why, why?! Why is Natsukawa this angry!? Rather, why is she even here?!! Sis? hmm? What do you mean…. Don’t tell me she heard everything I just said?!


“Aren’t you an idiot?! Saying something like ‘Damn bitch’, it will only make your older sister sad! Hurry up and apologize!!”

“Wait, Ai-chi, stop! Sajo-chi’s frozen…! He’s completely not moving!”

Natsukawa was screaming at me, as Ashida came to the rescue. Now that I look at her, she’s still wearing her volleyball club uniform. With protectors and everything like that, are you some female riot police to suppress demonstrators? But, wow, your dazzling legs illuminated by the setting sun is just a sight to behold…. As expected of volleyball club member.


“Sorry! I’m really sorry! But don’t worry! We only heard the very last part!!”


What’s going to happen from now on? What should I do…? Also, they heard me after all?

With Natsukawa holding on to my collar, I stood still.

Finally, she let it go. Despite that, Natsukawa still needed to be held back by Ashida.

She’s scaring me more than Sis right now, what is this? Same with the incident this afternoon, but what exactly did I do to her? Is she paying me back for what I did recent… I mean, up until now to her? If so, then I’ll gladly take it.

As I was left baffled, I looked over my back, my gaze met with Sis’ eyes. She was not sad at all. Instead, just like me, she was lost because of the sudden appearance of Natsukawa and Ashida. She kept looking between the two, her eyes open wide.

Following that, she gave me an exhausted gaze.

“…… You…”

“Please, don’t say anything.”

I’m begging you earnestly. Even If I want to talk with bit mouth, right now I couldn’t even bring out a manly voice. With this kind of timing, I don’t have the nerve to speak frankly to Natsukawa as the way I speak to Sis. How should I put it… somehow, ‘I’, don’t even care anymore. [TN: The Mc said ‘I’ with how usually women address themself]

“Hey, You, are you listening?! This isn’t the kind of attitude you should have towards someone older than you! If you’re like this and be a bad influence for Airi in any way, I won’t ever forgive you, okay?!”

“H, Huh…?”

“Ah, wait, Sajo-chi…! There’s a good reason for this! I’m serious! So, could you come with us for a second?! Just think of it as helping me!”


I don’t really understand it, but Ashida seems desperate, so let’s follow them for now. I mean, I get to watch Goddess Natsukawa entangled with Ashida’s youthful body, so why not?



I was called by Sis.

Did she want to stop me?

With the appearance of Natsukawa and Ashida, it’s undeniable that the air has become vague for everything. Well, that’s fine. Just that, I wish she is not in a bad mood like her usual self… She’s not angry? Right?

“I….. The usual you who act like a servant, is the one I like the most.” [TN : This part, in LN is different.]

“…… Seriously… keep it moderately. Please.”

This elder sister of mine. Doesn’t she realized the outrageous words that she just said? And me who could tolerate it, is just so like ‘Me’, is it?

So? She’s not angry after all, right? It’s good then…. She’s not going to request some Häagen after this, right? Oi, me, why are you getting scared now?

We’ll meet each other at home anyway. That’s why, I don’t see the need to question her any further than this. Once I get home, she’ll probably be rolling around on the sofa again with her usual clothing. And then, when I say ‘You are on the way’, she will reply, ‘Shut up’ and kicks me like usual. This ‘Half-baked’ and messy relationships is what describing me and Sis.

In the end, I was unsure what were the real problems and whether those problems were cleared up or not.

For students who just went back from school, it was rather late already.

Now, somehow, I found myself at a family restaurant with Natsukawa and Ashida. Since the time was late already, I sent my Mom a message, saying that I didn’t need any dinner, but I got back a message, ‘Just don’t get captured by the police’, it was a kind words from mom which practically saying that any crime is okay as long as I didn’t get caught. Mom……

We arrived at a table, and finished ordering food. Right as we received water for the three of us, Ashida made a posture like someone who was ready to talk. Because she hurried to put on her normal uniform, I could see wrinkles all over. Not only Natsukawa, even Ashida seemed a bit annoyed…. Scary….

“For starters, sorry that we listened in on the conversation between you and your elder sister. We were searching for you… we saw you head up to the rooftop, so without much thought…”

“Ahh, I see. Well, it’s fine.”


I do faintly remember saying some embarrassing stuff, but… that’s related to only me and my elder sister, so there’s no real reason bring it up here, right?

I tried to hide my shame with my casual tone, but then as if fixing her clothes, Ashida approached my face with hers, whispering something to me.

“Hey.. So, about Ai-chi today…Wasn’t she a bit too crazy, somehow?”

“Yeah, sure was.”

Ashida must have heard a nuance of ‘She was cute as hell’ in my voice, because she gave me a blank stare.

As expected of Ashida, the one who always around me and Natsukawa. Her guessing ability is on another level.

As for the Natsukawa in question, she had her arms crossed, her face was looking at the other side with a clearly spoiled mood, sitting next to Ashida.

She’s even pouting, what is going on? Well, she’s cute as usual!

“You’re so lucky, aren’t you, Sajo-chi. To made two girls wait for you until this late, hmmmmm?”

“Ah, yeah…”

Now that she told me directly, only then did I realize what kind of situation this was. I’m eating dinner with two classmates of mine. What is going on? I really don’t even know the reason why I was pulled here in the first place…

Natsukawa was still looking outside the window. Ashida saw that, grew annoyed, and tapped Natsukawa on the lap.

“Hey, Ai-chi! I’ll be the one to say it then!”

“…D-do as you please!”

“The truth is I really want you to be the one to say it! But, if I leave you alone, you won’t be able to say it forever, so Ai-chi, I’ll just say it for you!”


No way, why’re they both at each other’s throats? What? Is it a quarrel? Really?

It’s really rare for Ashida and Natsukawa to be so against each other. From my point of view, it almost looks like they’re trying to steal me from the other…or not. Excuse me, dear employee? Why are you looking at me like that? Normally it’s the two in front of me who you should stare, isn’t it? Hey, Please stop…

Author’s Note : ( Ehhh… what’s wrong with these three people… ew…) [Tn: probably the employees thoughts]


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