Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 111

111. Small talk

Now the teacher was giving announcements in the home room. 

And, somehow the girls surrounding my seat, were nearer than in the morning, but well, it was still acceptable. 

But, I haven’t seen Shino-san since the morning… I thought she would come to see and talk to me since she is in the next class, but she didn’t. and on the contrary, I haven’t even seen the girls from my class at all. I mean, they were so particular about winning, so it’s okay to come here and see what the boys are doing… isn’t it?

…Perhaps, they’re ashamed since they got 2nd place?… from the way they depressed at the time of that defeat… it’s possible… But, the boys in our class aren’t so particular about it, though? 

I looked around the class and saw that there was nothing different with the boys. 

…Was the approach the girls did, that bad?… or is it because the mentality of having no concern about girls that they have is more amazing than I thought?… This, I might need to think about this matter again in the future.

And, the homeroom was over.

“Then, I’m going home now, so do your best in your club activities.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best. See you tomorrow!”

Other girls also replied my words. I opened the classroom door and went outside.

…Somehow, I feel like I’m living a normal high school life.




At exactly the same time, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san came out from Class-2 rooms.

When they saw my face, Shino turned her face down. In contrast to Shino-san, Yuzuka-san greeted me with a smile on her face.

“Hello, Kohaku-kun, I had heard I had a cold? Are you okay already? To be honest, I wanted to visit you, but I thought I might just trouble you, so……”

Your decision was correct. Thank you very much. 

Rather, I would be really in trouble if you came. After all, the fever was only on the first day, and the rest was just laying down at home. Well, it was also to check whether the cold would come back again or not. During that time, all I was doing was defending myself from my housemaid.

“Yeah. I’m okay now. By the way. did Yuzuka-san get used to the class-2 room already?”

“Yes, the equipment is the same, so there is no problem.”

Yuzuka-san had the usual attitude, but Shino-san, who stood next to her, never talked to me. 

It’s rare for Shino-san, who is always energetic to be like this.

“Isn’t Shino worried about Kohaku-kun? He said he’s okay already, isn’t that great?”

Shino-san was surprised because Yuzuka-san suddenly talked to her After shaking his shoulders, he raised his face and talked to Ozu Ozu.

“Ah, yeah…. Um… I’m glad you recovered already.”

“Yeah. Well, I’m sorry to worry you.”

“N, no! not at all! You don’t need to be bothered by it… A, and…”


“Uu, uuuu…, Uwwaaaa.”

Shino-san turned her face down again to my question and then suddenly tried to run.

“Shino, to suddenly trying to escape in the middle of the story like that is not good.”

However, Shino-san’s escape was stopped by Yuzuka-san’s firm grip on the collar.

“Yuzuka! Let me go!”

“No, it’s rude, you know.”

“Uuuu… I swore to win, but I lost… I don’t dare to see him…..”

“Well, it was amazing…”


“See, even Kohaku-kun says he’s not angry either.”

“B-But! To make Kohaku-kun studying in the class with such extraordinary beasts! I put his chastity in danger!”

…… What exactly does Shino-san think of the sport scholarship student? Does she think I’m some kind of villain like in manga or anime?

“Huft, Shino, you worry too much. It’s okay, Kohaku-kun could defense it himself after all…”

“But Kohaku-kun is kind, so if he asked to go to support them when they have a game, he might go!”

“Ah, that’s tree. I said I might go to cheer them.”

Shino-san was shocked. Even Yuzuka-san also had a troubled face. 

……Well, this can’t be helped, right?

“Yuzuka! Yuzuka! Seeー, as I thought, they’re dangerous! Even if it’s just for a short period of time, they’re pushing forcibly! As expected, it’s the strength of the winner… they won’t miss a chance! I know it will become like this, I sensed that smell that since the start after all! What should I do now…”

Shino-san was freaked out…

“Shino, let’s calm down for the time being. I mean, he’s just going to cheer, it’s another matter whether the relationship will go further than that.”

“But! Buutt!!”

“And soon we will go back to our class again, it’ll be our turn soon. We still have the chance.”

“O, our turn …?”

“Yeah, let’s do our best more than ever.”

“Y, Yeah!”

…… Can you say this kind of thing in the absence of the person? To be honest, I’m a bit uncomfortable!

“Oh, that’s right, Kohaku-kun.”

Yuzuka-san, who had been encouraging Shino-san, suddenly talked to me.


“I’m going to hold my brother’s birthday party at my house next time. So, I want Kohaku-kun to come, is it okay? You see, when I was talking with my family before, suddenly your name was mentioned, and my younger brother said that he wants to meet and see you…”

…… Younger brother?

Suddenly, the face of a boy I met in the park before came to my mind. 

No, no, it can’t be… right?

“Well, if your younger brother wants to see me, I’ll go then.”

“Really? thank you very much. I’m sure my younger brother will be happy to hear this.”

The birthday party for the eldest son of the Seikagu family… definitely a big party! Isn’t it?!

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