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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 110

110. Plans

Surrounded by girls who were so energetic… no, they were desperately appealing to me, but I couldn’t hear them because they talk all at once. 

I’m not Prince Shotoku, you know? [TN: ‘Prince Shotoku’ is one of the most important figures in Japanese History]

“If you don’t be quiet right now, I won’t listen to what you say for the rest of my life.”

I said so and it became quiet in an instant.

“Since is near the door we’ll just get in someone away, let’s move.”

I went to my own seat. 

When I sat down, a girl stood in front of the desk. And one by one… all of them lined up in a regular line.

I looked at the line and stared the girl in the most front.

……… What? I’m not doing a handshake event you know?





Why is this person silent? Hmm? Wait… No way… right?

“You can talk.”

It seemed that what I thought was correct.

“Good morning! Please marry me!”

“…..Go back to your seat!”

“Ah, wait, I’m sorry. I just can’t stop the overflowing love so…”

“Love? Aren’t you selling it too cheap?!”

“I can always produce it anytime! Then, first I’ll introduce myself…”

The girl introduced herself, told the club activities she belonged to and asked me to come to support her.

Once, she finished talking, she went back to her seat.

But then, the girl who was standing behind her, came near my desk.

…… Wait, are all these girls lined up for self-introduction? Seriously?

Classes will start soon, you know?

“Hey, today, it seems to be a nice weather.”

“Ah, well, I guess so …”

The next person started her introduction from the weather story. 

…Will she speak about some theory? Is it a weather forecast?

“The sunshine is warm, but I think your warmth is warmer. Why don’t we greet the morning together from now on?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

Apparently, it was a poet….

Then, the girl also introduced herself, told the club activities she belonged to and asked me to come to support her.

… wait a minute… is there a tradition to say some strange greetings at the beginning?

“Hey, hey, This I…”

Apparently, the next girl, was a military commander…


Soon after, the boys came in, and they came near my seat.

“Aren’t you flashy like usual, right after the holidays? Hmmph!”

One of them said some hateful words to me with some ‘tsundere flavor’. 

It was not me who started it, though? Well…

Anyway, one of the boys passed my seat, and he was talking to another girl. I was fascinated by the conversation between him and the girl.

“You, you’re not going to introduce yourself to Hatano?”

“Of course! I’m crazy about you after all!”

“Is that so? Not to Hatano, huh… well aren’t you know which one is better. Good, I’ll eat it with you for lunch as a reward.”

“Yay! I’m looking forward to it!”

…………That’s strange? it’s natural that boys are always looking from above, but the conversation they had is decent. It’s a normal conversation where the girl doesn’t suddenly jump straight to proposing you, or say some weird poems, or state her own name as if she is a military commander. It feels like a page of youth. Even though the boy is acting so prideful, but I don’t feel any particular bad intention behind those words.

The girls around her who were talking happily with the boy… they had dead, empty eyes. 

Well, if you see someone getting along so well in front of you, it feels like they are showing off to you, so of course your eyes will be like that! It doesn’t matter to those who are talking, though…

Compared to that, I …

I’m talking to a girl who has a cute face and a good style, but… I’m not so excited about this at all. Rather, the girl’s cute face further enhances the disappointment…. it’s as if a part-timer cooks first-class ingredients in a first-class restaurant….. Seriously, what a shame… I’m not convinced with what she said at all.

Well, Anyway, all of the girls had greeted me and now I’ve a few minutes before the homeroom start, let’s think what to do about it.

Although the words the girls said was not convincing, since I was asked to come to support them when they had a game, so I should go to support them if I have the time.

If they can get good results just by me going to cheer them, it will be a promotion for the school and it can be said that I do my job as an advertising partner properly, right? Perhaps at the game, I should say, ‘That’?… “Take this Kohaku all over the country!”… and make the girl bewildered?…. No, no, what if the girl really does that… Yeah, I won’t say it …

But, what I have to be careful about… is that I have to go alone when I go to cheer. Strictly speaking, going with female friends such as Shino-san and Yuzuka-san. Seeing her favorite opposite sex bring another female will just demoralizing them. Perhaps I should bring Maegashira? The girl will be more pleased that way, right? But, he is a bit… and he has that senior too… 

Well, I should arrange my schedule on my smartphone now.

….Hmm? Now that I put it in my schedule, I’m actually pretty busy, isn’t it?

Speaking of which, Shino-san, and the real girls of this class, who were in the second place in the sports day, requested to be placed at Class-2, so now they are there. So, the girls from class-2 should be taking classes in the sport scholarship class now. They’re the real victim of the sports days then, after all, there are no boys in that class and the school building is also different. 

Well, even so, it’s just for a week, I hope the girls think of this as a festival and enjoy it while it lasts.


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  1. As always, the guys of that world are really gross. Maybe Hanato should spike a volley ball into his face too.

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