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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 22

22. A New Sealing Technique

A talisman with a pentagonal character stamp on it.

When I touched that talisman, my Mana got disturbed and absorbed.

――Mana Sealing.

The conditions required for sealing something are “knowing the other party’s name”, “putting a character stamp on the other party”, and “the other party’s Mana is lower than yours”.

However, these conditions are necessary to seal a creature as a whole or an object.

Then, what if I divide the target into smaller pieces?

Something like the soul,

Or only the body?

Or the Mana?

If the target is narrowed down, the conditions required for sealing may be reduced accordingly, right?

But my Mana is unconditionally disturbed and absorbed. Perhaps there are no requirements to seal the Mana. 

If I’m to mention one, perhaps the other person must touch the pentagonal character stamp? Ah, also, only those that do not have Mana can be marked.

So, dominate and seal the target’s Mana…

What’s different from normal sealing? Should be the ratio of Mana that is being put in, I guess.

Sealing Technique is a technique that is activated by putting Yellow Mana on the opponent. But, in reality, there is Mana that can be put in other than Yellow Mana. It’s Blue Mana, the Mana of Operation.

The Mana of Operation is the Mana that is used to manipulate other Mana. And this Mana Sealing absorbs (manipulates) the opponent’s Mana and seals it with Yellow Mana. I guess, the theory would be something like this.

If so, I need to increase the ratio of Blue Mana compared to normal sealing. Perhaps, the ratio should be half and half?

I drew a pentagonal character stamp on the stones nearby with a brush. Then I poured the Yellow Mana from my right hand and Blue Mana from my left hand.

The first time, I failed.

The mark disappeared because it wasn’t correct. Next, I adjusted the ratio to 6 : 4 for blue and yellow.

The second time I failed. 

Next, blue and yellow are 4 : 6.

Third time, was a success. The character stamp glowed red. 

I touched it as a test, but only a small amount of Mana was being absorbed. 

If only this much, it’s not useful in battle.

Is the image I usually used when circulating Mana bad? 

I always imagine that the other person’s whole body is being tied up with a thread of Mana, but maybe it’s not necessary to be the whole body?

A new image huh, hmm…

A hollow thread of Mana that flows from the character stamp. The tip of the thread should look like a needle. When the opponent is pierced with the needle, the opponent’s Mana is sucked and will flow inside the hollow thread into the character stamp.

――Alright, let’s go with this image.

I wrote a pentagonal character stamp on the stone and concentrate.

Thread ――Needle ――Absorb ――Seal.

The character stamp glowed red. 

I touched it as a test, and my Mana got sucked at a speed that wasn’t comparable to the previous one.

A great success. 

It took me only 15 minutes for this.

“Ignacio, Carrs. Lend me your weapon.”

Ignacio and Carrs, who were watching the sea, with a confused look entrusted me their weapons… a rapier and a long spear.

I returned the rapier and the blade of the long spear with a pentagonal character stamp. The rapier’s blade was slender, so I failed a couple of times.

Ignacio and Carrs tilted their heads at the inscription on their weapons.

“General. What is this?”

“It’s a character stamp that seals Mana. When it is pressed against the opponent, the Mana will be extracted from the opponent and sealed in the weapon. Even your normal attack that would normally be repelled with Mana, as long as that character stamp is attached to it, the opponent’s Mana will be scraped, and they will still receive damage. Even you who can’t use Mana can hurt them.”

“W-wow, that’s amazing …!”

“Hoooー! This is amazing! Then… hey, young lady, can we also participate?”

Shura and Frederica, who were on the lookout, return to the shade of the rock.

“Well, if so, I can count you as a force. Red, Blue and Green hair, you guys move in a trio. Three of you will be counted as one force.”


‘Ashura’ sisters,



and Frederica.

Three Magicians and two Non-Magicians.

As for the Non-Magicians, they had weapons with a pentagonal character stamp.

…With this, I guess we’ve finally reached a position that’s not bad to be called a platoon.

“Alright, we somehow managed to have a good preparation…”

When I tried to raise my hips,

Right at that moment,


The earth shook.

An earthquake?

――The sun’s light was cut off.

The rocky place where we were… No, the entire sandy shore, was covered in the shadow of a humanoid figure.

I looked up and became speechless.

A green giant with its arms and legs stretched out.

“Oi, oi, oiii?!”

A hard-to-dodge attack.

But, we didn’t end up being crushed by the giant.

――Because a small body kicked the giant’s belly.

“I told you not to look down on me!!”

{Troll} fell back to the ground and the forest was being destroyed…

We went out from the shade of the rock.

Shura landed on the rock. Her small back looked extremely reliable.

“Leave this to me. You must kill or seal that bone guy!”

“Naturally, I’ll do my best ――let’s go! “


“I understand!”


Talismans containing <Lion Spear> and <Lutta>

Dozens of pebbles with pentagonal character stamps.

And… two trump cards.

I carried only what I needed and put the rest in a drawstring bag and left it in the shade of a rock.

When we jumped out, Shura made a fist with her right hand and covered it with Red Mana.


While avoiding {Troll} we aimed for the settlement.

Some small fries were in the way, trying to attack us.

I kept moving forward while killing them with my bare hands.

When we made a big detour around the forest, we came to a place with a flower field.

A place where flowers of various colors bloom. ‘That’ was there.

A monster that grew human arms from its whole body ――{Orobas}

” [O, Ohhh. It‘s, been a while …] “

Like a gatekeeper, {Orobas} tried to stop us.

When I put a talisman between my fingers, Carrs stopped me.

“General, keep going. These guys, we’ll deal with them.”

“It would be better for all of us to work together to defeat this guy and then go to settlement together.”

When I said so, Frederica denied it.

“No, it is dangerous to leave the {Corpse Emperor} unchecked. Even if we defeat this monster or the giant you mentioned earlier, if the {Corpse Emperor} comes, the corpse may be reused, and the situation may return to the beginning.”

“……I see. If someone doesn’t stop him, the others will be brought back to life huh… Alright.”

I put the talisman back in my pants pocket.

“Goodbye, general! When this battle is over, we’ll have a campfire on the island!”

“You are… not nervous at all huh… Well, it’s nothing bad!”

Carrs and Ignacio pulled out their weapons.

I left them and started running.

“He can use wind magic! Be careful!!”

I passed through the flower field and headed for the settlement.

{Orobas} didn’t even look at me. It just let me go.

All I have to do now is go straight.

It’s about 20 minutes of running to the settlement.

The {Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’…..

The old man sealed him, and he’s probably resurrected due to the old man’s death.

In his heyday, the {Corpse Emperor} was a monster that could finally be sealed with two sealers ――

At times like this, it’s normal for humans to be frightened, trembled, and shrunk.

But, what happened? Ever since I jumped out to help Frederica ―― I couldn’t stop this noise in my chest.

It keeps beating wildly.

There is just this part of me, that is enjoying, this situation and this development.

Some Illustration of vol.1

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  1. The MC reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh lol. Thanks for posting the illustrations and the chapter. The twins are pretty. Glad the MC doesn’t have a Japanese name

  2. Just read through this novel, it’s pretty good. A nice breath of fresh air from the OP wish-fulfillment in most japanese webnovels. Though don’t get me wrong, I don’t like male lead wish-fulfillment harem novels, just a bit tired of the lack of variety.
    This one feels a lot more like a proper story for an anime, an adventure in the making and all that. The male lead is cool and has a unique ability, but isn’t overpowered. It’s just an strong advantage that he needs to think strategically to use effectively. The companions also seem reasonable interesting rather than just been accessories to make the MC look better or harem members to collect. The extended prologue with his master was also very good and left plenty of foreshadowing of things to come. I am quite pleased.

    Thanks for translating this, I hope you stick with it for the long term!

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