Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 108

This ch is from Mieri Tokugawa POV

108. The Dream Class (Mieri Tokugawa)

The day had finally arrived …

Mieri Tokugawa, a first year of the baseball club, was in a class where she would spend a week starting today. 

By the way, the time is 7:30 AM. She usually has morning training, but today is the first day for the second year’s sport days, so no club activities since the other members of the club need to prepare for it.

The reason why she came to school so early was that she was simply looking forward to it and couldn’t help it.

There would probably no one in the class yet, but even if no one is really there, I could take a deep breath in the classroom air that boys always spend, rub my cheeks on the desk, and enjoy the smell it as much as I want!

When she opened the door with a little excitement, there were already a lot of female students in the classroom.

Involuntarily ‘What the…?’, came out from her mouth.

She confirmed the time. However, the time had only passed two minutes since the last time she checked. 

There should be no morning training in other clubs too, so she couldn’t believe the sight in front of her, after all she thought that other students shouldn’t have come so early.

Most of the sports scholarship students other than myself should be all girls who you can’t find any fragments as a lady. If there is no morning training, usually they will sleep until the last minute. Their sleeping habits is bad, and they go to school without make-up. They are a failure as an ordinary woman. So why are they already here?

Mieri was lost in her thoughts about the scene she saw now, but soon she understood the reason why.

These girls, they were planning to come when no people were here and scent the air filled with boy’s scents and rub their cheeks on the chairs they were using!… What a bunch of perverts! But, since I’m here to witness it, that idea is destroyed! Fuhaha! Moreover, if I tell the boys about this, they may praise me.

But wait, there is no real evidence, so I can’t just accuse them… As expected of my classmates.

Mieri was astonished when she saw the seating chart placed on the blackboard. It was because she was assigned a seat behind Kohaku Hatano……

Looking at Hatano-kun’s ass from behind… Ufufu ufufu! Well, isn’t this means that even God telling me to fall in love with Hatano-kun?

With a happy face, Mieri went to her seat. At that time, she realized that her face was grinning, and that her classmates who saw her face had a bitter face.

She sat down while greeting the girls around her, she spoke to the girl who sit next to her.

“Isn’t everyone coming early today?”

“Well, maybe all of them intend to come early and secure the best seat first? Too bad that the seat was already decided… As for me, I just thought that I should come early and prepare for the lesson since there’s no morning training…”

“What are you saying, I’ve never seen you do self-study before.”

There is not even a study tool on your desk. How could you say that you’re preparing for the lesson?

Mieri checked the clock. 

It’s 8:30. About time the boys reached school. 

The door opened.

A boy has come in!!

Mieri was excited but there was already a girl who made her move.

“Good morning! We’ll study together for a week from today, so please treat me well!”

The girl talked with a bright smile like a sunflower blooming.

S,sly fox… To hide your true nature when approaching… what a coward! Don’t be fooled by the girl, boy! I’m the only lady in this class! But well, it seems I don’t need to worry about it.

“Huh, what? Why are you talking to me?”

With that said, the boy went to his seat.

…… Well, it’s a normal reaction. Rather, you should be glad that he even replied you.

After that, there were girls who call out to the boy who came into the classroom, but most of them were girls with no boys around their seats. Perhaps they think they had to make a move first. 

However, so far, only “disgusting” replies have been returned.

Ah, there another girl who is calling out to the boy.

“Good morning! Nice to meet you!”

“Who are you? it’s disgusting.”

“Well, well, this feeling… it gradually becomes a habit. It’s like a dried squid, the more you chew, the more flavor you get!” [Tn: It tastes salty]

The classmate who said that had a sloppy face like “I did it!”.

She is not good at all. Look, even the boy is puzzled. Well, I guess, this will be over with “disgusting” again.

However, Mieri’s expectation was wrong.

The boy giggled.

“Dried squid? I never eat that kind of smelly food.”

“No, no, it’s pretty delicious, you should try it.”

“Eh〜, reallyー?”

“Really, really. I’ll bring it tomorrow so let’s eat together.”

“Umm, well, okay.”

The girl went back to her seat and talked happily to her surroundings after that. The sight stunned not just Mieri, but all the girls in the class.

As expected, this is ‘The Dream Class’!!

The success shown in front of the girls further inflames the fighting spirit of other girls. 

Come fast, please come fast…

Mieri saw the seat where no one was sitting yet.

…… He, He’s not coming.

Even though the home room will start soon… the God of Charity called Kohaku Hatano has not come yet. 

And finally, the teacher came.

“You’ll study together in this class for a week from today. Please get along with everyone…. The attendees… It seems, all of the students are attending except Hatano-kun.”

“Te, teacher! What happens to Hatano-kun?!”

“He caught a cold, so he will take a rest today.”

All the girls were silent for a moment without realizing what was said by the teacher.







All the girls screamed in despair.

 ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ (Meanwhile)

“Kohaku-sama, you’re sweating, I’ll wipe it. Don’t worry. I don’t have any other intention. I’ll just wipe the sweat. So, feel free to take off your clothes…. Trust, trust me.”

“It’s a common phrase for those who plan to do something!”


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