Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 107

107. I caught a cold

“Uhumm, Uhumm”

At the moment of coughing, I heard a beeping electronic sound from around my side. I listened to the sound, took the thermometer that was in my armpit and checked the numbers written on it.

“37.5 degrees…”

It was not a high fever, but it was a body temperature that could be said slightly abnormal. Specifically, there was a symptom of pain in the joints and coughing too.

“You need to take a day off today.”

When I was looking at the thermometer and thinking about the symptoms I was having, my housemaid, Mariangeles, said in a voice without any change in intonation while checking my condition from the side.

“Yeah~, I guess so. I’ll have a lot of sleep today.”

“Please take a rest. This Mariangeles will help Kohaku-sama recover.”

“Well, thank you…?”

Maybe if I sleep peacefully, I will be cured soon. 

I’m sure Maria will try to make something that is digestible and nutritious. Well, thank you.

In my previous life, when I contacted the company to take a rest because I had a fever of 39 degrees, they said, “If you can make a call, you can work”, and then closed the call.

Compared to that, the difference is like heaven and earth.

“W-w-w-what should I do! Kohaku-kun is sick! It’s important! I will take a day off from work to take care of Kohaku-kun! After all, I’m his mother!”

My mother who was in my room with Maria was in panic.

Well, she worried a little too much.

“It’s okay, mom. I think it’ll be cured if I have enough sleep. Also, Maria is here, so it’s okay to go to the company.”

I mean, my mother couldn’t do much housework …

“It’s okay! I have to be a good mother at this time! Even the company…”

My mother said so but then she got stuck in words.

“Hmm, well, I have an important meeting with a business partner on a big project today, but it’s okay! It’s the guy I’ve recommended so… but other members may be in trouble …, Yeah, it’s okay!”

“It’s not okay at all, so go to work!”

As far as I heard, it didn’t seem to be okay at all. Perhaps if my mother took a day off, the other members will be in despair……. But my mother who decided to take a day off quickly, in a sense she is terrifying. She kept saying, “But, but!” But told her to go to the office. Then, she said, “I’ll be back early today.” 

I really hope that she would not make mistakes in the meeting because she is too worried.

However, some girls may be shocked if I take a rest on the first day after the sports days, I mean the classes will change for a week. Well, I’m sure they wouldn’t be in shock because there are other men too?…… If that’s true, somehow, that makes me angry.

“Yoko-sama already went out, so will Kohaku-sama take a rest now?”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.”

When I laid my body on the bed again and closed my eyes to sleep, I heard the sound of clothes being rubbed. When I opened my eyes to see what the sound was, Maria was taking off her maid clothes.

“………… Wait a minute, Maid-san?”

“Oh, Kohaku-sama. You haven’t fall asleep?”

“There is a maid who is doing strange things when I’m trying to sleep …”

“A maid that doing strange things …?”

Maria looked around the room and said, tilting her neck.

“There is no such person.”

“There is, it’s you!”

Maria was making a slightly shocked expression ……

I mean, think about it, isn’t it strange to take off your clothes in the room of a child who has a cold?

“Kohaku-sama, that’s really unexpected. I’m just trying to give Kohaku-sama a treatment that works for colds I’ve heard before.”

“… What is it?”

“Well, it’s nothing difficult, it’s just warming up with human skin.”


“Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t have any other intention.”


“Trust me. I just tried to sleep beside you. that’s all.”

The expression was hardly changing, but I could see the upset on that face… 

Please to think it again.

if I were to compare this to the standard of my previous life, it would be like when a girl who is weakened by a cold, there is a man getting naked and saying, “This is a treatment, it’s okay, trust me!”

……No matter how I think about it, an ‘incident’ would occurred.

Anyway, I told Maria that we shouldn’t sleep together and fell asleep again.

“… Hmm, what time is it now?”

When I wake up, I feel a little less lazy than in the morning. 

Maybe I should measure my temperature again …

I moved to take the thermometer, but the door of the room was knocked.

“Come in.”

“Then, excuse me. So, you were awake? I cooked a meal. Would you like to eat it?”

Looking at the time, it was just right at 12 PM.

“Yeah, I’ll eat it. What did you make?”

“I thought it was good for digestion, so it’s an egg porridge.”

And …………

“Alright, please ‘Aaaaー’ “

“Hmm, well, I can eat it myself …”

“No. you’re weak right now. You might spill this hot porridge on your body. If that happens, a scar will be left on my beautiful Kohaku-sama’s body. And I will die in shock.”

Maria said so and once again ‘Aaaー’. Since she kept insisting… I ate the porridge that was offered obediently.

“How about the taste?”

“It’s goof-“

“I’m happy to hear that.”

Maria had a rare, easy-to-understand satisfied look on her face.

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