Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 20

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Some change, I use Blaze as the color for the high rank of Red Mana, I decided to change the term into Scarlet.

20. The Triangle of Death

The talisman with the word ‘獅’ glowed red and a long blue spear came out from it. [TN: The word read as, shishi, which mean Lion]

I took the spear in my right hand and pulled it to the back.

“――hm! Growwww!!!!”

I put Red and Green Mana into the spear and extended it.

The handle of the lion spear grew when Green Mana put into it, and the strength would be maintained by putting in Red Mana.

The tip of a strongly extended spear pierced the hand holding the bone’s sword, the right hand of the living body from the side.

Red blood came out and a bone sword fell to the ground.

“Hm? There is an insolent person here…”

The Corpse Emperor glanced at me without changing his expression.

SHH... cold air ran on my spine.

As expected, he was a ‘monster’ that couldn’t be compared with the other monsters around.

I stepped forward from the shade, while keeping an eye on him.

“Oho, General, I know it, in the end it will be like this, huh?!”


Two idiots were looking at me with a happy face.

Do you really understand the situation we’re in right now?… Seriously, These guys…

――But what is it… somehow, after I stopped hesitating, I feel lighter.

“I’ll throw that girl here. When you caught the girl, wait at the southern shore!”

“After helping the girl, what about you?”

“I’ll run away after attracting their attention.”

I slid down from the high ground.

“D-do you have some sort of plan?!”

Ignacio said with a worried voice.

But, I laughed at it bitterly.

“No plan! I’ll do some improvise!”

With Red Mana, I strengthened my legs, and started running at full speed toward the girl who sit down on the ground.

A bunch of small fry blocked me. I knocked down the monsters with the Lion Spear and held the girl in my right arm.

“A… ah…!”

“Don’t talk! Bite your tongue!”

With the momentum, I half-rotated and threw the girl to the place of Carrs on the hill.

Seeing Carrs caught the girl, I changed my concentration on to my survival.

―― There’re three monster that I should be careful.

A horse monster, about to be a <JINMA>. Let’s name it {Orobas} for now. [TN: Orobas, in demonology it said to be a powerful Great Prince of Hell, its shape is a horse]

A giant with green hair and if it stands out, its face can be seen from outside the forest, {Troll}.

Then, probably the leader of this island, the {Corpse Emperor}.

The one, I need to be most vigilant is definitely the bone guy. But how can he just sit down in front of me, on that throne, so carefree like that?

“Good. I will keep my hands off. Keep struggling, living being.”

“Well, thanks…”

The murderous intent and pressure disappeared. 

He’s really not going to do anything.

Thanks then, now I only need to focus on the two.

{Orobas} Hasn’t aimed at me yet. And {Troll} Is …

“Oops …!”

A huge round shadow was reflected on the ground.

Looking up, {Troll} raised its leg and was about to trample me.

“Hey, That’s not funny!”

Its leg stepped down.

Just right when I wanted to run to dodge it, at the same time {Orobas} was accumulating green particles. I was trapped.

“This is bad. No, wait…”

A good idea came into my mind.

I remembered the terrain of this village and took the direction ‘that place’.

It became windy so suddenly.

The green particles created by {Orobas} turned into gusts. The scale was much larger and bigger than when I saw it before. 

I bounced to the right at the right time. And a gust of wind passed through.

its shape changed into a blade and crashed into the hut behind me. Yes… It was the hut where the small demon was carrying our luggage.

With the power of that wind, all the objects in the hut were torn apart. 

In other words, the talisman where Ash is being sealed inside should have been destroyed… If my luggage is really in that hut.

“Ashhh!!!! A big pinch!! Surrounded by monsters!! Please! Help me!!!!!”

I arranged the words that came to my mind.

{Troll} Raised its arm. 

Perhaps my shout attracted its attention.

―― WHOOSH!… There was a sound of the wind.

{Orobas} was creating the next Wind Magic earlier than expected.

“Damn―― “

I reflexively solidified my whole body with Red Mana.

The wind teared my skin and clothes. The damage was light, so I tried to recover as soon as possible. But then, I noticed that my leg was being held by bone arms.

I turned to the {Corpse Emperor}. 

He put his right hand forward, creating a yellow aura.

“Like I said, I will keep ‘my hands’ off…..”

“B**tard …!”

Calmly getting rid the bone with the spear in my hand.

“Hmm. It looks like this is it.”

FWOOSH! WHOOSH!… The sound of the air going crazy.

When I noticed, a huge green fist was approaching from the front.

―― I screwed up.

It’s too late to try to defense it now.

I’m too reckless.

too rash.

Will my ‘life note’ end here?

” ―― “

One second, two seconds, three seconds.

Three seconds had passed since I gave up. I still had my breath.


A voice that seemed like the bone guy was impressed.

I opened my eyelids slightly. Then I saw the back of a naked girl.

“Ash… is that you?”

“I’m not Ash ―― I’m Shura!!!”

I got a reply in a frustrated voice.

I opened my eyes clearly and looked straight ahead.

A petite girl held the huge fist with both hands. While shaking her long brown hair…

“After the seal was broken, did you switch place immediately…?”

“You…! I’ll definitely beat the hell out of you later! I’ve many complaints! But first of all, this guy! ――URRAAAA!!! “

Shura changed the direction of the green fist to the ground.

And immediately, she run on that green right arm and accumulate Mana in her fist. The Red Mana that distorts the scenery converged.

A right fist that shining in scarlet color, with that fist, she punched and shook the {Troll} face.

“Don’t look down on me, you blockhead!!!!”

BOOM!… A sound similar to the sound of ground rumbling echoed.

Shura hit its face. {Troll} couldn’t stand the shock and its back fell into the forest.

Well, as expected of Shura.

If I were a woman, I would have fallen in love with her.

Shura lands right in front of me.

“All of you, advance.”

A group of monsters came to attack all at once at the command of the corpse.

I and Shura took a distance after we killed the front row of the army of demons.

“Let’s run away! It’s too many!”

“Alright. Then, hug me now! Shura!”

I spread my arms.

“Roger that! ――Huh! ?? What are you talking about?!!”

Shura’s cheeks became red.

She stares at me.

“Come! I’ve a plan!”

“B, But! M, my appearance right now….. I’m naked ….. “

“We don’t have time! Hurry up!”

Shura dived into my chest, saying, “Aaah, whatever!!”

I embraced Shura, pointed the lion’s spear’s tip (the bottom part) diagonally toward the ground.

“Shura! Put Red Mana into this spear! As much as you can!”

“Jezz…. I understand!!”

Shura grabbed my shoulder with her right hand and grabs my spear with her left hand.

While holding Shura, I held the handle at the part higher than where Shura’s hand was, it was closer to the spear head.


I put Green Mana into the spear. I resolved to use up the Green Mana.

At the same time, Shura put Red Mana into the spear.

The direction to extend was near the ridge, and we who were holding the spear should be pushed up.

Unlike the time when I got the lion spear for the first time, since I could concentrate only on Green Mana and Blue Mana, I could put in my Green Mana efficiently.

The spear pressed against the ground stretched, and the impact was transmitted throughout the body.



―― The island looked small.

I flew to the sky above the sea on the east side of the island at once. The place where we were before could be seen in the distance. 

I know it’s not the time to think this but, what a beautiful view. The blue of nature that surrounds the green ground. The wind feels good too.

The spear grew more than I imagined.

I wouldn’t have been able to do such a trick on my own because of the difficulty of manipulating a lot of different Mana at the same time.

“Seal! The monster is climbing the spear!”

“There is no problem!”

Small demons were climbing up the spear.

I took out an empty bill.

” ―― ‘CLOSE’ “

With the spear being sealed again inside the talisman. The small demons ―― I and Shura fall.

“Uuooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! After all, will I die here??!!”

The blue sea just in front of you.

I strengthened my body with Red Mana and prepared to dive into the sea, but Shura didn’t seem to like that idea, so she grabbed my neck and adjusted the landing position in the air.

We landed on the sandy beach along the east shore of the island.

Shura landed on both legs, and I, whose collar was being pulled, landed on my back.

“It hurts!”

Sand smokes filled my field of vision.

I flinched with the pain of my back that hit the sandy shore.

“Why not the sea but here?!”

“Are you stupid?! There are monsters in the sea. And what if your talismans gets wet and can’t be used?”

“Oh, that’s true.”

Shura gently touched my back.

“Are you okay? Does it still hurt?”

“No, it’s not that much because the sand has become a cushion when we landed. I also protected my body with Mana.”

“I see, that’s good ―― Then I’ll hit you once.”


For a moment, I thought I had a hole in my belly.

A knuckle of such power hit my abdomen directly.

The back pain I got, couldn’t be compared to it. I couldn’t even flutter.

“When I noticed, I was naked and surrounded by hordes of monsters. Do you understand the feelings of a girl when she is put in that situation??? Heyy, do you understand my feelings?!!”

“I, I’m sorry …”

After bowing, I lent my cloak to Shura.

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