Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 106

Finally the baseball end… it was quite hard since I barely know anything about baseball…

106. Conclusion of the sports days

Now, the game was the almost in the final stage. It was the last time of offensive role for Class-1’s team. In the batter’s box, No.4 Yuzuka-san stood.

“I didn’t expect to do until this far. As expected of the elite class, you surprised me.”

The pitcher girl talked to Yuzuka-san, perhaps because it was surprising that Class-1’s team had fought so far.

Yuzuka-san leaned her head toward the word.

“What are you talking about? It’s too early for that word, you supposed to say that when we win.”

“What an arrogant girl! As expected of class-1’s student! Too arrogant!… I don’t think we’ll lose!”

“That’s… natural, isn’t it? I mean, if from the start you challenge the game with the image of losing, you’ll naturally lose…”

“Sorry! But, We’ll win today! Because I have ambitions!”

“Hmmppp!”, the pitcher girl pumped up for the game.

Yuzuka-san with a confused face said, “Ambition?”.

“That’s right! If I were to win this game, even if it’s just for a short period of time, our class will change, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“In a short while, I will become friends with Hatano-kun, and then I would ask him to cheer on me when I have a game…”


“And then, we gradually attracted to each other and he will say something like, ‘Take Kohaku all over the country,’… and deepened our love for each other. After graduating from high school, I immediately became a professional, and applied for marriage and got an ‘OK’ from him… I have the ambition… I want to build a happy family.”

Hearing the words, Yuzuka-san stood quietly. However, I could feel a ‘great turbulence’ from that body.

” I will not say, ‘What stupid things…’, or something like that. Because I can’t say that’s not the case… That’s why, before there’s a chance for that development to really happen, I have to stop it here…”

Perhaps the pitcher girl felt that ‘great turbulence’, she murmured,

“Seriously, the girls in Class-1 are strange …”

Listening to such an exchange between them, I thought like this.

That ambition… don’t you need the person’s consent? To be honest, how she prepared the path to marriage… hearing all of that, I can’t help but to cringe…

…… But the referee didn’t stop this conversation huh? Even though Serina-san was stopped when she tried to introduce herself. I wonder if they have any special criteria…

And the situation where the points for both of teams was 0 continued endlessly on the scoreboard ended, finally the number was changing. 

Yuzuka-san hit a home run.

Yuzuka-san did not miss the ball that was thrown rather weak. The pitcher girl was collapsed disappointingly, but immediately stood up and suppressed her feeling. The attack after that ended with the runner giving no points, and the subsequent ended with no points, leaving only the scholarship student’s attack. 

However, it didn’t end easily, and the first batter was put out, and the next batter did a ‘sacrifice bunt’, until there was ‘two outs’… but a mistake occurred here. With that act, the girl who was in the first base was now in the third base. The batter had a goal in mind that was to make their team score at least one point.

And now, the last batter… it was the baseball girl who had made a good throw at of the game. The baseball girl silently enters the batter’s box. The audience that was watching over the situation, gulped. 

Serina-san seemed to have a tense expression on her face. It was so tense that it affected her. After all, if the opponent hit the ball that she was going to throw, it would be either a draw or a reversal.

Then, the first ball, a high-pitched metallic sound rang, and the ball flew to a deep place in the middle right.

The moment the ball was being hit, Serina screamed,


I heard a scream that was sounds like a cry. It was a secret that I wondered what kind of character she was at that moment.

Now, the situation of the game, one point was scored, and the score was tied, and then when runner who was in the first base came back, the score would be reversed. The first base runner passed the third base and dashed into the home, but it was just the right time the ball returned to the catcher, Yuzuka-san. They barely make it in time. It was a ‘close play’! And the judgment was…


… it was an ‘out’, and the match game without reversal. The result was a one-on-one tie. 

So, the baseball game ended with both teams in the first place. After that, there was a broadcast saying that all the competitions had ended, and the greetings for the end of the sports days would soon begin. All of students was told to gather at the designated place. But even at there, everyone was still nervous because the overall victory would be announced soon.

My class is the first in basketball and baseball, so it should be saf… hmm? How were the others?

Then, the greetings of the end of the tournament began, and finally the ranking was announced. The students, who were uninterested when the principal was giving the closing remarks, were quiet at this time with a look of interest.

And class-1’s girls was wrapped in a tense atmosphere. The boys said to them, so, ‘we are also the member of the class if our class lose, I’ll not forgive you’…… Did you guys even win the championship?

『”And the winner is…”』


At that moment, a loud cheer was heard from a distance, and all the girls of my class collapsed.

Class-130… It’s the sport scholarship student class. 

Following it, the ranking of each competition would also be announced.

“Basketball 2nd, Baseball 1st, Tennis 1st, Table Tennis 1st, Overall Points 1st”

The first would be monopolized if my class didn’t try their best.

“Second place…, Class-1. Basketball 1st, Baseball 1st, Overall Points 2nd.”

Apparently, for my class, tennis and table tennis didn’t even make it into the third place. ……

Then… isn’t it almost impossible to beat the sports scholarship student as a whole in the sports days?

I quietly thought so when the girls of my class who were collapsing.

And so, the sports days that was held once in a year, ended.


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