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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 32

32. Something different

As expected, the angry face of a girl was really scary. I might had talked about it, but I hadn’t actually seen it since I was young when I angered my mom.

… No, that couldn’t be called as a girl.

I thought what would happen if my elder sister were to be angry like that too before, but now I realized that my elder sister is the type of girl who would get rid of her anger as soon as she got a little angry… mainly towards me. That was why I hadn’t seen my elder sister being truly angry.

Wait… If that was the case…without me, my sister would be in a dangerous……



No, it was me who was in a dangerous situation. 

In front of the music room where no one else was present, my ass was on the floor of the corridor and I just stared up at the best beautiful girl in my class who was so angry for some reason. I didn’t know what to say anymore.


E, excuse me… why you don’t say anything? I mean, I don’t really understand my situation right now… Why are you so angry? why am I alone with such a beautiful girl like you? It’s about time you sa── Hmm? why are you look so surpris─── What? Why are you looking around? Such a pain face … Obviously, it’s a face that says ‘Sh*t, I’ve done it now’, right?

Anyway, my back is pain. But, somehow I’ve calmed down now.

“Umm, Natsukawa …?”

“Hm!… W-what?!”

“You understand right? What I want to say.”

“Urgh …!”

No, no, I’m not angry. I’m happy that you only pay attention to me, but I definitely didn’t do anything that offend you, I’m sure this is just a false charge. If I can prove that it’s not my fault, is it possible for me to get out from this situation?….. So, anyway, can you tell me why you did this? Oh, My idol.

Oi, oi, why your shoulders trembling? What’s wrong?… hmm? Isn’t this dangerous? I mean, she’s glaring at me for some reason…. eep!




Hmmm? What? Natsukawa, what did you say?… Did I suddenly go deaf… No, wait, If I’ve gone deaf, I will not desperately try to listen to what she said… I mean, even if I make an effort to listen, since I’m deaf, I can’t hear it, isn’t it? and, if that was the case, isn’t it better to go to ENT as soon as possible, right?

Natsukawa was frightened for a moment and stared at me again, perhaps noticing that I was trying to listen. 

Stop staring at me, please…

“Natsukawa, I’m sorry but, could you say it on───”

“You! Because you were talking with those girls!!”

“e mor── ……Huh?”

Eh, ah, eh, eh……… Hmm ── Hmm?!!

Okay, wait a minute… To all of ‘me’, asemble. It’s a meeting time.

What did Natsukawa said just now? She said, ‘You’ ── isn’t it? Oi, ‘me’, it’s not the time to fooling around! ‘me’, You understand?

『”Because you were talking with those girls.”』…Well, from the situation earlier, Koga and Murata, in addition Yamazaki, we’re like a corps which came from different dimension. Me and those girls really live in a different world, and Yamazaki is in that gap.

Wait, the real problem is the word itself… I mean, no matter how you listen to it, isn’t her words just like what a girl says to her boyfriend because she’s jealous? This is bad, I can’t keep calm unless I decrease this part of me inside me…

No, no, calm down…don’t take that word literally. I’m sure Natsukawa didn’t mean that. Then, if that’s the case…? What does she mean by saying such a word so loud like that? She’s so cute, I want to hug her.

“a …! A, Ah, Wa-wait! Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t mean it that way!”

“I, I know it’s okay! I’m thinking about it now!”

Because I talked with Koga and Murata, that made Natsukawa angry….. but, why? Why did Natsukawa get angry when I talked to them? Is there something that will cause a trouble to her?… D*mn, I don’t understand, I can’t understand it with what I am now.

“………I do not understand.”

“See, you don’t understand after all!”

“Do you think I could understand?! If those words weren’t meant that you’re jealous, what is it then?! Well, aren’t you cute?!”

“It, it’s not! It’s not like that, stupid!”

“I know! That’s why I don’t understand even more!”

“B-because…! Aaa,ah, Nevermind!!!”

“Oo,Oi Natsukawa!”

Natsukawa was rubbing her head to ease her frustration and left to escape. Apparently, she gave up on what she planned to do with me. 

Ah… What a beautiful hair

“Huft…. well…”

The sound disappeared. Different from just a moment ago, the area around me was becoming quiet. From the end of the corridor, only the hustle and bustle overflowing from the classrooms was transmitted.

I got up and brushed off my pants from dirt. 

Aah, it became dirty.

…I was yelled, slammed, even my back got hurt, and still didn’t know anything. But why I don’t get angry at her? I’m sure it’s not just because I like Natsukawa.

But, the fact that she did all of that, means that she has something to tell me. But she couldn’t put it into words well, so she decided to get away from this place, huh… well, this behavior of her is always consistent. In the end, I know only a little about what she wanted to say, but that’s enough.


『”You! Because you were talking with those girls!!” 』

Why can’t I understand the true meaning of that words even though I’m always thinking so much about her? If that isn’t jealousy, what else could it be…?

No, wait… do I need to understand it in the first place? Natsukawa gave up saying “it’s okay” even though she was disappointed. If she is fine with that, I don’t need to try to understand it more than this, right?

“… Ouch”

Still, this is not normal after all…. I’m not angry, but if I knew I had to go through such a pain, I rather go to help the work of the student council while being cursed by my elder sister there. Well, I don’t really like that too, but still…

When I returned to the classroom while trying to suppress my presence, Natsukawa wasn’t there. 

My HP was 0. I didn’t have any spare energy left, so in the 5th class, Classic literature, I fell asleep without deciphering any ancient writing. Needless to say, I received a ‘special’ homework.



Seriously, I wonder what wrong with today… I just want a normal day…. get up in the morning, go to school like usual, spend time normally, go home and take a bath, and then sleep… I wonder why something like this happens to me….. Alright, Let’s give up, perhaps this is what my normal is after all.

“What do you need? Student Council Preside──”

“Please stop calling me like that… I hope you call me normally as usual.”

“… Is that so?”

Yuuki-senpai, a cool handsome guy came all the way to my classroom after school. Naturally, the surroundings were noisy, and they were looking here with eyes saying, ‘What the heck is that guy doing here?’. The girls screamed in joy, but Koga and Murata’s bloodshot eyes were looking at us from the corridor. 

So scary…

“That, it won’t be long. So, can you spare me a little bit of your free time?”

“Well, yes… I don’t have anything to do other than just going back home. So, it’s okay to take it slow.”

“… Is the girl behind, what about her?”

“Huh … What?”

I wondered what did Yuuki-senpai mean and looked behind. 

I blinked many times confirming if what I see was not wrong. Yeah, I saw Natsukawa’s hand reached out to me, but… she looked up at Yuuki-senpai in a stunned and astonished manner. Judging from the situation, perhaps the timing was bad for everything.

No, more than the timing, seeing Natsukawa who was trying to reach out to me, I felt like I was running around in the garden with joy… Perhaps I’m a dog?

“What’s wrong Natsukawa? Is it about what happened earlier?”


Natsukawa had enough time from noon to after school. So, I thought she had put together enough to put into words what she was trying to say to me. She was so angry after all, so it would be a lie if I said I didn’t care about it.

However, her eyes were not seeing me. She was seeing the extremely handsome guy, Yuuki-senpai who stood in front of my desk. She was looking straight at him and couldn’t answer my question.

It can’t be helped then.

“… Well, see you next time. Let’s go, senpai.”


I repeated again and again that Yuuki-senpai was without a doubt, a ‘vulgar handsome man’ (compliment). A face of his level might be more than enough to made Natsukawa forget her resentment… But, in fact her eyes seemed to be fixed on him… D*mn it…

As I said before, ordinary boys were ugly creatures in the first place. I couldn’t stand the fact that my loved one was attracted to another man… right in front of my eyes. As soon as I noticed that… there was a part of me who couldn’t help but to pull Yuuki-senpai away from Natsukawa.

After we went out from my class, When I saw Yuuki-senpai, with 180cm height, walking in front of me, I thought, ‘You might as well grow about 30cm more!’ [TN : I guess the reason why the MC said this is because the size common size for the mattress of a futon, aka, the bed that Japanese usually use, is 210cm tall height]

Author’s note : 210 cm…


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