Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 19

19. A Boring Thoughts

“How is it?”


On the way to the enemy’s base, we met a monster. The same kind of what Ignacio fought earlier, {Fang}. 

“Look at me.”

Carrs stopped me and Ignacio, and fought it alone.

If Ignacio was “soft”, then Carrs was “hard”.

With a rough but powerful spear handling, he overwhelmed the monster, {Fang}.

…These guys will be extremely strong if they can handle Mana.

I hope they can handle it.

“I can tell from that face. It isn’t as good as you, right? “

Carrs seemed to know what I was thinking without me saying anything.

“As expected, you are the general of this team.”

“I have no objection. Seal is a person who can make accurate decisions.”

“If so, please follow my instructions, problem children.”

Following Carrs’ guidance, we walked through the forest, while squeezing through the bushes.

The island was hot and slippery. It couldn’t be helped that oily sweat came out…


There was a tree called <Hiding Robe>.

The back side of the leaves of this tree had sap that could be used as an adhesive.

We stuck the leaves of the tree to the whole body.

After that, we covered our whole body with soil to eliminate the smell of our body.

The information on the <Hiding Robe> and how to eliminate the odor of the body were both the wisdom of Carrs.

“What on earth did you use this knowledge for?”

“I think you shouldn’t know about it, Igna-chan”

We headed to the enemy’s base in secrecy.

On the way, we passed some monsters, but since we were assimilated into the vegetation, they didn’t notice us. And so, we could pass the guard easily.

While paying attention to our surroundings carefully, we arrived in the shade of a hill near the village.

Overlooking the monster nest and settlement from above.

“There is one lookout stand in each of the north, south, east, and west. Also, there is one big house in the middle and three rows of buildings behind it.”

“There is one hut on the side of the south lookout…”

But, well…

“They made a house normally like that, are they really monsters?”

“Scary, right~? It means there is a monster that has enough knowledge to build a house.”


“What to do now, Seal? Should we do a frontal attack?”

“No, we need to think about the number of monsters, but more than that there is one that seems to be dangerous.”

Central house… Stand in front of it like a gatekeeper was a {Troll}.

Its height surpassed the large trees that surrounded it. It had green hair all over its body, so I didn’t realize it was a giant until I approached it near enough.

Moreover, there was a horse monster that I fought at the foot of the eastern lookout.

…It’ll be difficult to deal with those two at the same time.

“Please look! That small demon with a bag in the south hut … “

“Bingo. There seems to be our luggage over there… “

The question now is how to get there…

As I was planning my strategy, the big door of the central house opened.

“What is it?”

“Shhh! Something is coming…”

A rattling sound echoed.

At that moment I understood the situation in an instant.


When I noticed, my legs were shaking.

――There is a thing which shouldn’t exist, here.

…Is this the intuition as a sealer?

Anyway, it feels unpleasant. I want to put this intense odor inside a container and cover it as soon as possible.

From the door of a gorgeous house, ‘It’ emerged on a throne constructed of something like human bones.

At the bottom of the throne was something like the bones of a human foot, which moved the throne in a rattling manner.

Purple long hair.

Red eyes.

The left half of the body was a bone.

It had two hands and two feet. 

Quite tall, about the same as Carrs.

However, when I looked at the left half of its body, I knew that it was definitely not a human, and if I were to say, it was close to the bone demon, {Skeleton}.

The upper body was covered with a cloak that was usually worn by a king, and the lower body was torn long trousers.

“What is it?”

“Monster… isn’t it?”

When the {Fake Skeleton} appeared, the supposedly irrational monsters began to line up around him.

A strange feeling of air.

Much bigger than him, the {Troll} even put on its knees and bowed its head.

The {Fake Skeleton} clapped his hands like a human, calmed the monsters, and snorted.

“The time has finally come!!!!”

And make the voice that echoed in the air.

“That damn sealer, Barha Zetta and Saurus Rosso…! I was sealed by them, and after ten years, I was finally released from their seal!”

Each word echoes in my soul…!

“Barha Zetta …”

“Saurus Rosso …”

I and Ignacio looked at each other.

Barha Zetta, I knew the old man, but I didn’t know the one called “Saurus”. But Ignacio was reacting to that name. 

Come to think of it, the family name is the same… Are you perhaps a relative?

“I’ll take revenge on them, sealers! Nowadays, there are almost no pawns or Mana due to being sealed for a long time… but from here! From here, my supremacy will take steps again! First of all, I will eat 1000 humans and accumulates Mana… Then I’ll cross the sea! Invade a seaside town!!! In the name of ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’, I the {Corpse Emperor}, will rule over humans!!!”

{Corpse Emepror} ――

‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’ … Is he, the one that was sealed in the coffin?

He speaks normally and is probably a human being.

All the irrational monsters scattered around seem to be in fear.

Is he, the king of this island?

“Okay, let’s start the memorable 500th meal…!”

A house in the center, from which a sack was brought in front of the corpse by a flock of small demons.

The sack was wriggling. 

Something inside was rampaging.

I, Carrs, and Ignacio were terrified when we saw the thing coming out of the bag.

“Hmmー! Hmmー!!!”

” ――what?! Are you serious……?!”

The string of the sack was untied by a small demon, and a girl with her mouth, hands, and feet tied came out from inside.

A girl with light green hair…

I don’t remember seeing such a cute girl on the ship…

The girl’s mouth strap was untied by a demon.

” ―― No, help me …!”

While shedding tears, the girl was pleading for her own life with a runny nose.

The corpse raised his index finger. Then a yellow wind blew into the ground, and a humanoid skeleton emerged from the ground.

“That feeling just now…”

I felt like I could see a yellow aura for a moment.

―― The Mana of Domination.

The skeleton lifted the girl’s body.

“……Let’s go.”

“I know”

Carrs and Ignacio tried to jump out at the same time.

I grabbed their shoulders and stopped them.

” ―― Tchi! What is it, Seal?!”

“What are you thinking! Try to jump out in the middle of such an enemy base, and you’ll die instantly!”

“Then, will you let that girl get killed? That bone man said he would start eating. He’s going to eat that girl from now on!”

“I know. It can’t be helped… In this situation, the life that can be saved is limited.”

Yes, we aren’t strong enough to fit everything in a circle.

The force available now is too low.


Contrary to the rebellious Ignacio, Carrs fell quietly.

“Now, you are the strongest in this team. I’ll follow your decision, Seal.”

With eyes that seemed to test me, Carrs said so.

” ―― This is fine. That bastard feels unpleasant. We shouldn’t attack him without any strategy.”

Yeah, this is good… this should be a good decision.

“Help…! No!! I don’t want to die !!!”

The pretty face was gradually distorted.

The {Corpse Emperor} held a bone sword that grew from the ground.


Ignacio said with a pleading face.

“Someone… Someone help meee!!!!”

Ignore it. Ignore it. Don’t listen to it. 

My judgment is not wrong.

I’m not wrong, I’m sure we will be wiped out if we come out now.

A muddy feeling of guilt was born in my chest.

I haven’t made the wrong decision. I’m sure 99 out of 100 people will support my decision.

” ――?!!”


It happened by chance.

The girl’s eyes happened to meet my eyes by chance.

My eyes met her eyes, the eyes of someone who was desperately asking for help.


It was not a voice directed to ‘someone out there’.

It was a voice directed to ‘me’.


I’m sure 99 out of 100 will support my judgment… but the last 1 will look at me accusingly.

If it is ‘that person’――

For now, ignoring her is the safe and secure strategy.

Hold your breath here, let the girl be killed, and wait for the next opportunity.

―― is it?

Hah, Seriously…

“Seriously, What a boring idea …”

I hate boredom.

A boring story in my story (life note) is Not Needed.

――Yeah, I should jump out, and go in the direction that will make my life more interesting, even if it’s just by a little…!

” ―― ‘OPEN’, Lion Spear!!”

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