Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 105

105. Baseball game 2

Serina-san, who was a little tearful after being warned, seemed to have regained her mind and began to concentrate on pitching. 

For the first batter, the ball Serina-san threw, entered from a low outside angle. Seeing that the ball fitted in with almost no movement of the catcher mitt, it seemed that it was not a mistake to say that it was the accurate and unrivaled control that she wanted to say, and in addition there was speed, which made the ball not easy for the opponent to hit. 

Somehow, I felt that Serina-san, who threw the ball, made a smirking face…… After all, she had the personality to get carried away easily. 

However, when that kind of thing happened, I thought that there might be a possibility of an unexpected result like what happened in the basketball game I saw earlier. Well, the question of whether the girls from my class can hit the opponent’s pitcher remains. It was scary because I felt like Yuzuka-san, who I saw before, might hit it hard like what she did before.

The second ball… it was moving with the same course as the first ball, a lower internal angle…… But, it was a little out of the course. Unexpectedly, the batter’s bat touched the ball. There was a dull sound, and the ball became a ground ball and was picked up by Serina-san. 

I thought that would be a chance for the batter to run to the first base, but Serina-san, took the ball so quickly that the batter who saw it… her foot struck!

Well, Serina-san’s movement was terrifying! And so, she hurriedly threw the ball to the first base.

The opponent was barely in time for an ‘out’. Serina-san was wiping her sweat, probably because she had a cold sweat. But she took a deep breath and turned her face toward me… she had a smug face.

………… Oi, You looked panic just a while ago! I mean, how could you make that face right now?! 

However, Serina-san, who had a smug face, was still in good shape and did not show any chance to the next batter after that. She threw a sinker ball that falls to the knees, and it became a ‘ground ball’. And when it was time to change role, she didn’t forget to stick out her tongue and provoked the opponent when she returned to the bench. Apparently, it was because the opponent’s pitcher did it first.

What a small-minded person… No, no, I’m sure that’s not the reason. I’m sure she just hates to lose… I mean, in the middle of competition, you need to have this kind of spirit… yeah, right…

When I was thinking that the game would be going to be a pitcher battle, I could see the batter, Yuzuka Seikagu, in the batter’s box. At first glance, she looked like a neat and tidy lady, but in previous games she was a fraudulent girl who hit an overwhelming home run. ‘If you throw a sweet ball even a little, it’ll go far away you know’, I said so in my heart at the opponent pitcher.

The first ball was a straight with a high internal angle. The course was perfect with a ball that became even faster than when it was thrown….. Apparently, Yuzuka-san was not fooled by its appearance. Well, since she played a few times already, perhaps she knew that she couldn’t look down on the opponent. The next ball was thrown with a low internal angle, but it was too low and became a ‘ball’. The third ball was a ball that attacks the internal angle. I thought the ball was swung by a bat that has been silent until now, but… there was a dull sound and the ball hit the wire mesh behind, it was a foul ball.

I finally became nervous too… the sense of urgency that I felt was amazing… 

Isn’t everyone too desperate even though this is just a high school sports day? Sure, it’s a good thing, but…

For real, people are motivated when a reward hangs in front of them. So, with that in mind, the school’s management policy is not totally wrong.

Oops, let’s concentrate on the game without thinking about anything unnecessary. Up until now, the ball came straight to Yuzuka-san so far, so maybe next would be a changing ball…?

Then, the next ball was thrown, and the bat was swung in response.

BAM!… The ball made a great noise and settled in the mitt. 

The result was a strikeout. It was a brilliant play from No. 4, Yuzuka-san.

It was as if the pitcher showing off her strength. The 5th and 6th batter, were also ended with strikeout, and it was time to change role again. And at the time of this pitcher change, she gave me a good smile.

…is this that? Are you trying to show me the refreshing smile of a sports girl to make me fall over you? What a good intention you have there! However, since it’s okay since it’s me. You see, there is a high possibility that boys other than me will say ugly or disgusting… or maybe you do not care about such things? Well, your mental is like a steel huh….

…… No, wait, maybe it’s ‘that’? like when you do a shooting game, since you don’t know whether it will hit or not, for the time being just shot, and hope it hit the middle and even if it just hit the side, at least you leave a mark already.

If so, my views on her would change 180 degrees. From a refreshing sports girl to a sports girl who has a strong libido…


…………or, is she both?


The game went on while I was wondering which sports girl was better in my mind.

The pitcher girl came out in 4th place in the bottom of the second inning, and it was the first time for a team to hit a double. Even so, the turn was finished with no points, and it was a time to change role.

After that, the scholarship student team was also do their best to hold down the team from my class. In a blink of an eye, it was time to change role again. But both teams still had no points. 

As I had expected, the game was a pitcher battle, and soon it would enter the final stage at an amazing speed.

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