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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 31

31. Yamazaki’s mistake

Sasaki got a death flag, and when it was lunch break, an event flag of my elder sister was raised (unconditionally). 

Natsukawa and Ashida went somewhere, and just when I got up for work today, a message arrived on my smartphone.

  [Today is good]

Really? Is it okay? I wonder if what she means is that I don’t have to go to the student organization room, or if she’s happy with this day….. Absolutely the former, yeah.

But, Now that I think about it, I haven’t talked to my sister much from the weekend to today. 

Honestly, we don’t interfere with each other’s private life… Well, it seems she’s going to a cram school? Anyway, it’s a fact that she rarely stays at home. It’s not really so rare for us not to talk so much li…

“Yo, Sajou! We haven’t talked much since the seats changed, isn’t it!”


A wild Yamazaki has appeared! [TN: Pokemon game refence here]

Well, Yamazaki was still very energetic as usual. Before I became quiet, my personality and his personality were the same and somehow, he heated up in a mysterious rivalry with me.

The thing that I didn’t understand was for some reason he kept heating up that rivalry. But, I had noticed for some time that it was probably just because he hated losing.

Sasaki was a good-looking guy, and in fact Yamazaki was also a good-looking guy if it was just his face. 

However, Yamazaki proved that being popular had a lot to do with your usual attitude. But, mysteriously, I felt that my IQ was being gradually reduced just by talking to him.

“Well, you sit on the cornerー. As expected, if you don’t have a good friend nearby, you have no choice but to shut up, rightー?”

“Who is the one who is on good terms with you?”

“Oi, don’t underestimate me?! When it come to me, the girls around me will come near me. Recently, I’ve talked with Koga about a lot of things…”

“Hah? You, with Koga…”

Koga… She was a girl who couldn’t you go against in this class. She was a petite girl, but with brown skin and she was in the tennis club. She was a type of girl who intimidates the surroundings with her outrageous behavior as a weapon. She couldn’t read the surroundings air. 

Maybe Yamazaki started talking with her after he got introduced by Murata who was in women’s basketball club.

It was not limited to my class, but at any preparatory school, there were always not only bad boys, but also bad girls. A girl who spoke out loud, ‘I’m going to do ‘it’ with a boy from XX school this time.’. I didn’t think that kind of girl could stop talking loudly about what she usually did when she was doing ‘it’ to the one who sat near her.

Even high school boys who were always think about perverted things in their brains tend to avoid that kind of girl. To get close to that kind of girl, you have to be the same type as her or a sports expert. And Yamazaki, other than a sports guy, he was always energetic, so it was no wonder he could get close to that kind of girls. 

If I think about it, aren’t his appearance and physical specs are much higher than I am… What should I do?

“─── Hmm? I see Murata there. What if you also come to eats together with us, Sajou?”


Yamazaki put his hand on my shoulder while I was holding a plastic bag with sweet bread that I bought in the morning. Then he turned to the opposite direction while laughing and saying, ‘This way’. He brought me to the window direction which was the opposite of my seat.

I was pulled towards Koga and her friend who were sitting together. 

Wow, she is sitting cross-legged. Moreover, her legs are wide open to the point anyone can see it… But, I don’t feel that what she do is erotic for some reason.

“Yoー, this guy will join us.”

“Hohoー?! It’s Sajou, isn’t it! What? Do you want to join us?”

“Recently, you’re quietー. What? are you perhaps aiming to be a sub character?”

Oi, oi, aren’t you just skipping the talk from the beginning?!

Just looking at these girls blows away the ideals for girls than I have in mind. And if I think that Natsukawa and Ashida also have this kind of part, I don’t what it is, but something cools down from the bottom of my heart. 

Well, reality is such a thing, I guess?? ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’? What is that? something you can eat? [TN: ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ is a Japanese term for an ideal Japanese woman, which is, The epitome of pure, feminine beauty]

“Yeah, yeah, I’m just a sub character, look at my seat.”

“Hahaha! On the very front! Some more on the edge! It’s hilarious!”

And so, what am I who returns such a diss words that came from bad girl’s mouth? 

Have you ever thought that mysteriously, you got a certain amount of right to say what you want to the one who was in the same class as you? And that alone could make you got carried away so easily. 

Really, I don’t understand, they’re really ridiculous. 

Well, Yamazaki has Yamazaki’s way, and I have my own way when dealing with this kind of people.

“But seriously, aren’t you really quiet these days? What about Natsukawa-chan?”

“I haven’t seen you being together recentlyー, a couple quarrel?!”

“Yamazaki, how dare you take her away.”

“Oi, I didn’t take her?!”

The content of the conversation was corrected to a safe line with a moderate joke. 

But, well when I can change the air with a few words like this, I can’t help but to think that I’m a good talker.

Perhaps, it just that the base line that could make them laugh is simply low, I mean, these guys could laugh at almost about anything.

“So, how far have you gone?”

“Oh right, didn’t you have that kind of relationship since Junior High School?

It’s not even a minute! 

What the hell are these guys? Aren’t they too fond of dirty jokes? 

Even a man can’t keep thinking about such a thing in a short span, you know… This is bad, I can’t even see them as girls anymore.

“Are you stupid? I don’t even know her house.”

“What? You don’t know Natsukawa’s house?! Aren’t you disqualified as a husband?!”

“Hey, aren’t you guys not progressing at all? what’s the matter? Maybe you’re not attractive at all?”

These guys… they really talk whatever they want huh…  what? do you think that you are attractive…?

You see, when a girl looks good walking bowlegged, she’s done as a woman. It would be impossible for these girls to go out with a decent man as long as the man know what they truly are. 

Let me tell you something ‘juicy’, do you think there’s a man who will like someone who is ‘darkened in many ways’ like you?… Sorry, really, I’m sorry if I hurt your feeling. [TN: it’s a kind of dirty talk… for the one who understand this… well, it’s a bit sounds like a gossip or myth, so yeah, it’s not all true]

“Sure, Sajou’s face is a bit… well…”

“That’s rightー, Even me… I can’tー”

Hah? Yamazaki, you… what did you say? We haven’t talked for a while, but you’ve started to get carried away huh! 

Please do it after you are confessed by someone ─── …… wait, it seems that it might already happened, just that he never saying it to me. 

I mean, he is in the basketball club, some more with a good face, just that alone is enough to be a status to attract girls. regardless of whether the boys are popular or not, aren’t it normal for girls to want to go out with that kind of boys?

“Then what about you, Yamazaki?”

“Of course〜 I’m popular! I got confessed quite a few times already!”

“Well, by the way… for example, who? Say it now, oi!”

“Sajou is angry! Lol, it’s funny!”

“But, Who really is it? I’m really want to know.”

Oi, do you hear that? Come on, spit it out. 

You’re talking with this kind of girls, you know? Don’t think you can leave here in silence!

Oi, Yamazaki! Depending on your answer, Koga and her friends will treat you as someone who is ‘small and short’ from today. They will really do that you know? Me? I would just get my pillow wet with tears…

“Don’t be surprised when you hear it. Okumura of Class-A.”

“Okumura….. hey Murata, what kind of girl is that girl?”

“What? 〇〇〇〇” [TN: In japan, they usually use 〇 to sensor, so it’s the same as XXXX]

“Well, I’m sure it’s just a jokeー right?”

Even for me, I will refrain from saying it out loud like that, but… seriously, aren’t you guys really a bunch of bad people?! It’s a preparatory school here, you know?? 

Hey, Shinomiya-senpai?! Are you really keeping the school’s morals properly? You see, even the chairman of my class just ignoring this… Iihoshi-san, don’t give up! do you best!


Hey you guys, see? Yamazaki is silence. Oi, Yamazaki, please talk. I really don’t like the fact that I need to keep dealing with these two people. 

I mean, I can’t anything other than about Natsukawa… Ah wait, there’s other else… But, I don’t want to spread it to these guys…

“Well, I guess so. Anyway, what about you (Sajou)? What happen with that last one?”


“That last one. You know who I mean, that brown hair.”

……Ah, you mean Aizawa? If you think normally… of course you will know that nothing happened! She has nothing to do with me. Rather, at first, I thought Aizawa was like Koga. 

But now it’s different, in my heart now, she’s a comrade…! By the way, it was a nice cream puff, Aizawa! Even Natsukawa was happy!

Anyway, I cannot betray my comrade. As far as I can see from the faces of these guys, they must think that Aizawa is someone like them. But in reality, she is a good girl who listened about my ‘faith’ (religious meaning) in Natsukawa seriously.

“You see, Aizawa is ───”


Hey, wait, I haven’t finished my talk about Aizawa…! Oi, what to do now?! I tried to say something nice about her, but I couldn’t do it now! 

You see, Aizawa has been with Arimura-senpai since they entered this school! Walking down the corridor while clinging to each other (based on what Ashida’s say)… I wonder why, but I feel that Aizawa’s reputation will worsen from today.

But, who is the one who interrupted my talk? What if bad rumors about Aizawa spread because of this? I mean, it’s not good to interrupt that couple.

“Hey, Wataru … !!”

“What is… ───e?”

I’ll punish you!… Looking back with enthusiasm, a demon-like Natsukawa stood there. I never thought that there was someone who was angrier than me standing there… And so, a cracked voice came out from the back of my throat. It was a voice that hard to believe came out from a man.

Hmm, hey, why are you so angry like that…?

“Come here !!!”

“Ah, Hey?! Hey, wait, why are you pulling me so sudde…!”

The scenery in front of me and the inside of my head were messed up by the forceful force. I was pulled strongly, and my hips lightly hit the table, but I felt that it wasn’t the time to care about that. Natsukawa’s loud voice was still echoing in my head. 

What the hell happened …?

“Wa───it, Arghhh?!”

I was taken to the hallway, and when I thought I had passed in front of the stairs leading upstairs, I was thrown in front of the closed music room. 

I was freaking out at the approaching door in my felid of view, so I tried to get my balance back, but I couldn’t make it in time, and with a violent shock, I heard a cartoon-like sound… ‘BANG!’. 

What…? What exactly happened?

Slowly fall from your waist to the floor with a sturdy soundproof door on my back. Natsukawa who stood in front of me looked very angry for some reason. 

Ah?! What?!! Why?! Why why??!!

“Haaahhh … huuuuft………”

She was out of breath and her shoulders was shaking… 

What?? Am I going to die here? From now on, will something ridiculous going to happen to me? Seriously? Please do it slowl─── No, no it’s not the time for that, I’m really in a dangerous situation right now.

Ca, calm down…! Right now, I need to think about what I did! The reason why Natsukawa is angry…. I’m sure it’s in my actions I did so far…!

─── Excuse me! I’ve done a lot of things in the past few months, so… I don’t know which one it is!


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