Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 104

104. Baseball game

The basketball game ended with the team from my class as the winner, but the sports day was not over yet. After I separated with the basketball members, I moved to the ground where the next game, which was baseball game, that I plan to support would be held. 

But what is it? It’s the sports day, but I can only support others… 

I mean, to call this sports day, isn’t it a bit… but, I don’t think that the competition will proceed properly if the school were to hold a mixed-gender match… no matter how I think, the girls will hold themself if the opponents are boys… no, no. if that happens, it’s no longer sports day for real. It’ll be a ‘festival to see boys exercising at close range’. Somehow, I could imagine a girl watching over a boy rather than doing sports.

…… What a bad world

………… No, no, I can’t say for sure that it will happen for real.

Then, when I arrived at the ground where the baseball final was held, both the team from my class and the scholarship student team were greeting in line at the beginning of the game. Both teams greeted and parted, the team of scholarship students was on defense, and the team from my class was moving into the offense role. 

The scholarship student pitcher was a tall and supple beautiful girl, she was warming up by making a pitching stance. When I was staring at the girl, while wondering what kind of ball the girl would throw, perhaps she noticed my gaze, the girl turned to me, and her eyes met perfectly with me.

Both I and the girl were staring at each other without looking away…..

What is it?

It was very awkward, but if I looked away, I felt like I lost to the girl, so I kept staring at her without looking away. But, there was no sign of her looking away. We kept staring at each other until the voice of someone saying ‘play ball’ was heard. 

Finally, the pitcher girl’s gaze went away from me. She saw the player from my class in the batter’s box. But then, she turned her face toward me again and take a deep breath…

“First grade of the baseball club, Mieri Tokugawa! I could do a fastball that is close to 150 kilometers and a sharp slider! In addition, I’m a fast-growing pitcher with a forkball as my special weapon! I will definitely go to the pros and earn a lot of money in the future! My attractive feature is my tight ass! Kohaku Hatano who is sitting there! I’m Tokugawa! Mieri Tokugawa! Nice to meet you!”

Well, well, this is another loud self-introduction… more than that, she said her appeal rather than just a normal self-introduction.

After the girl said it, she made a satisfied face, and then she took a deep breath, and turned to the batter. 

In addition to the referees and batters, the audience was stunned by the sudden appeal. However, after a moment, a loud angry voice came from the bench of class-1 team.

“What are you saying before the game! Aren’t you getting carried away too much?!”

“Do you even know who you’re talking to?! Know yourself, your muscle-brain!”

“Even me, I’m confident in my ass too!”

“I have big breasts!”

“Heyyy, see this way!”

Tokugawa-san who stood in the mound not only listened to it as if the wind blowing, but also put her tongue out toward the bench direction.

However, if the fact she said earlier is true, I think that she might be a first-class pitcher…… Can the girls from my class hit the ball she going to throw? Well, considering the basketball game that I saw earlier, I feel like they going to hit it… 

In the meantime, the turmoil calmed down and the play finally started.

The batter was standing in the batter’s box with a look that was full of motivation. 

And the guy who attracted them until like this, which is me, is scary! They make me scared of my own charm!

…… Nah, I’m joking.


The first batter was out while I was thinking about something silly. 

That fast?!

When I saw the second batter entered, I concentrated on the game to see it properly.

When the pitcher swung her arm, the ball was straight to the batter’s internal angle and was decided to be a strike. The second ball has a low outside angle and a straight was decided again, and the second ball was also a strike, and when the ball was thrown on the same course, the batter swung the bat as if the batter wanted to say, ‘Don’t underestimate me!’, but the ball changed its course. It was a slider, and so it was a strikeout. 

Perhaps Tokugawa-san wanted to show me where her confidence came from, All the ball she threw was strikes. And the cleanup hitter also got a strikeout.

Tokugawa-san made a v-sign toward me when she was going down from the mound at the change of role and went to her bench. She was person who never forgot to appeal if she got the chance.

And as what I saw before, the team from my class started the defense role started with a combination of pitcher Serina Maizumi and catcher Yuzuka Seikagu. 

When I was watching while thinking that how much these two people could suppress the opponent was the key to victory, Serina-san, who was the pitcher, turned to me. 

Ah, that… don’t say she plan to…

“First grade of class-1, Serina Maizumi! I could throw with accurate and have an unrivaled control from side―――― “

“Hey, Pitcher! Throw now!”

“Ah …”

It seemed that Serina-san tried to appeal in the same way as Tokugawa-san, but this time the referee who was expecting it, paid attention and so she could not say until the end, and her eyes became teary.

…..I mean, We are in the same class! I know about you, so you don’t need to appeal like that!

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