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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 17

17. A Pervert

“Oi, oi, are you kidding me…”

The burning ship was submerged in seawater and became useless junk.

Is it the work of a monster?

Is it a monster that manipulates flames, or something else?

Whatever it is, without a doubt, there is a foreign enemy that can sink that big ship in an instant.

『”O-our ship…”』

『”How are we going to go home?!!”』

『”Damn! Don’t fuck with me――!”』

People were upset by the incident.

It was when everyone was fascinated by the ship.


A few shadows passed by my side.

And, the weight disappeared from my pocket.


I chased the shadow, and I saw ‘it’.


A small purple demon. And its thorny tail was moving around as if it was dancing happily.

In the hands of the small demon, the wallet I had in my pocket and ―― the talisman.


Most of the stolen talismans were empty pieces of paper with the magic circle written on them, but there was a talisman with ‘命’ written on it. [TN: ‘命’ read as ‘inochi’ which means life]

The ‘命’ talisman was the one that I used to seal Ash. The letter was the marks I put on so that I knew what was sealed inside.

The small demons were waving the talisman that I used to seal Ash and scattered toward the forest while laughing so hard.

“F*cking b*stard!! Inside that talisman, Ash is――”

Roughly countless small demons entered my field of view.

Each demon had luggage.

『”F*cking A*shole, give it back!』

『”Hey, there is also my wallet in that! F*cking demons!!』

I wasn’t the only one. It seemed that the other guys also had their luggage stolen.

Seeing people chasing the demon…

I suddenly stopped, because I realized something.

Each of the demons entered the forest by a different route. They were scattering.

I couldn’t see the small demon that stole my talisman anymore.

Now the others were dispersed to chase the demons.

Bombing a ship, while being fascinated by the sinking ship, they proceed to steal.

And the small demons dispersed with the stolen things――

“――This is bad.”

Their aim isn’t just our luggage.

But, our―― the search team’s strength! They plan to split us!

“Stop! Don’t chase! This is a trap! “

――There was a person who had brains.

But, the screaming voice didn’t reach everyone.

This is bad.

“Geez, seriously this became something really troublesome.”

I’m worried about Ash, but I’ll put off my luggage for the time being.

Well, if she came out, I’m sure she’ll kill the monsters as much as she wants.

The ones I need to worry about right now are the non-magicians.

I don’t think they can compete with a monster that can cause this much of a ruckus without any preparation.

“I guess, there’s no other choice than to collect one by one?”

I followed the big footprints that were in my field of view.


The footprints were cut off by a blood clot. When I traced the blood, I saw a red-black mass.

To be exact, a corpse full of bite marks.

It was horrifying to see. 

The corpse of a muscular man.

“Did you do it?”

A horse with bright red eyes was standing beside the corpse.

Human hands extended from the horse’s body, and human mouths were attached to the left and right sides of the horse’s mouth on the cheeks.

So ugly.

To put it simply, overall, it was creepy.

The horse with bright red eyes was moving its three mouths.

“[a, ai, aiu―― aiue, o]”

A hoarse voice of a man could be heard as saliva was coming out of its mouth.

“You’re kidding me…right?”

Just now ―― a human’s word?

―― 『”After they eat hundred people, the monsters can learn the human’s words and have the same thoughts as humans. And that kind of monster, I called it <JINMA>』

I remembered the old man’s words.

The monster in front of me, was eating people. And, it shouldn’t be the first time.

If it eats more humans, eventually ―― Damn it.

“I have to kill it here.”

I took out the talisman that says ‘祓’ from the right pocket of my pants and put it between my fingers. [TN: ‘祓’, read as Harae or harau, which means purify]

” ’OPEN’ ――<Lutta> “

I picked up a dagger that came out from the talisman and pointed the tip of the sword at the horse monster.

“[W-Wh-Who? W-H-O!]”

The horse kicked up the ground and approached me.

As expected, the horse was quick. However, it still couldn’t be compared to Shura.

I accumulated some Red Mana on my feet, jumped, used the tree at the right of me as a foothold, and I went toward the side of the horse.

I tried to kick the horse’s belly, but it was protected by the human arm that grew out of its body.

“[T,To,Too bad …]”

“Damn, it ――!”

The arm that grew from the horse’s body broke.

I kicked the horse without worrying about the arm. I switched the dagger to the other hand and chase down the fallen horse.

Carefully, I cut each arm that grew out of its body and now I focused on the horse’s neck.

” ――What?!”

A green ball emerged from the ground ――No, it was from the horse’s body.

The size was about… like snow. And it transformed into a gust.

“This damn monster, He could use the Mana of Creation ――!”

I was late to realize that.

A Magic attack that I received for the first time. it was wind magic.

I abandon my defense and, while being blown away, I hit the horse’s neck with a dagger, but it was shallow. My attack didn’t cut its life.

My back hit the tree. The damage was small, so I got up quickly, but ――


The horse monster was gone.

―― Should I chase it?

Its footprints remained.

I feel that it will be something dangerous if left unchecked.



I could hear small footsteps from behind.

It was the small demon. It had a plain backpack. 

Is it someone’s luggage?

I couldn’t ignore it, so I tore the three small demons with a dagger. 

Just shaken lightly and it died. 

Weak, I guess it only has a fast leg…?

” ―― It’s difficult to chase that monster from now on.”

It was only a few seconds, but a big loss of time to chase the horse that could run fast.

…It can’t be helped then. But it’s not all bad. I don’t know whose luggage it is, but I got it.

Let’s check it out… If it has food inside, then good. If there’re drinks inside too, then great.

I opened the baggage brought by the small demons and put my hand inside.


I felt a soft cloth in my hands.

I took out the cloth and carefully opened it with both hands.

“T-t-this, this is――?!”

It was a black underwear.

Women’s underwear, but just strings with almost no fabric. To put it simply, it was something quite extreme.

“Wow… the girl who wears this… isn’t she a pervert?”

“Ah, aah …!”

Footsteps behind again.

I heard a girl’s trembling voice.

Hmm? This voice, no way ――

“I went to chase after a demon, but why do you have my underwear…? Moreover, to spread it like that … “

The girl was, Ignacio Rosso.

A serious girl I met on the ship.

“Huh? This extreme underwear, it’s yours…?”

” ――!!!!!?”

“Ah, no, no! I said the wrong words! Well, hmm, this is a nice underwear. I don’t think it’s bad to wear something like…this…?”

Ignacio’s shoulders trembled.

But, with such a serious face, wearing such an extreme underwear which is likely worn by a pervert… Hmm, well? After all, only those who seem to be quiet at first glance, their ‘you know’(libido) is strong.

As I was observing the underwear, Ignacio’s face turned crimson red, and stared at me.


It was the sound of iron rubbing.

Ignacio pulled out the rapier and turned it towards me.

“Be, beast…!”

“Wa,wait a minute… Why are you pointing the rapier at me?”

The wind of the rapier’s thrust squeezed my cheeks.

“Listen to me――wait?! Stop thrusting it!!”

“There’s… no doubt about it!”

After 10 minutes of persuading Ignacio while dodging her attack, finally, she put the rapier back in.

TN: The talisman the MC used where ‘祓’, which read as Harae or Harau (purify), written on it. I just realized that this is just a mark to know what he sealed inside, and why he put this word? Because it said that the sword could send people to the realm of the dead and not become monsters. That’s why he uses this word as a mark.


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