Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 16

16. Seadust Island

Well, this is bad.

I completely made a mistake.

<Seadust Island>.

Also known as “Watery Grave Island”. [TN: in raw, ‘海の藻屑島’ which read as Umi no Mokuzu Shima, it means the island where you might being drowned at the sea or being swallowed by the sea… I can’t come up with a better tl-ion than this]

The monsters on the island had an odd breeding speed and it occurred in large numbers at regular intervals.

Since monsters didn’t leave the island, it seemed to be an island that was neither bad nor good, and so it was usually left unattended. However, recently, kidnapping had become popular, and it seemed that they have decided to form a search team saying, ‘Maybe the monsters on <Seadust Island> are the kidnapper?’

And, I got on the ship of the search team.

Anyway, I held a talisman with Ash sealed inside with my hand and went to the private room of the toilet.

The toilet was as simple as a wooden board with holes. It was type where it would go into the sea as it was.

Now, I had to tell Ash about the situation. 

I said ‘OPEN’ and turned my back.



White smoke came into view.

The presence that I feel behind me, it seems the unsealing have been successful.

“Have we arrived yet? ――Here is, toilet? “

“Oh, it’s a toilet on the ship… I’m sorry, something a little troublesome happens.”

I explained the situation to Ash.

Ash heard it without changing her expression.

“Well, I think it’s okay.”

“Sorry… I ended up making a detour… “

“It’s okay, also I can’t forgive kidnapping, so I agree with this ――I think my elder sister will get angry. “

Of course, right….

“For the time being, I’m riding for one person’s fare, so please stay inside the talisman until we arrive at the island.”

“All right”

“When we arrive at the island, I’ll unseal you in an unobtrusive place.”

“OK. I got it.”

I sealed Ash inside the talisman again.


“It was quite long… Ah, were you pooping?”

“Don’t be vulgar!… Asking about what you do in toilet is a violation of etiquette!”

The serious girls and Carrs were waiting on the deck.

Both of them are probably non-magicians. I don’t feel the pressure of Mana from them.

The same is true for the other guys. I can’t see a human being who seems to be a magician in here.

Can they really subdue monsters with a unit full of non-magicians like this? I’m a bit worried.

Ah, The monsters on the way from <Distall> to <Crow Port> were weak, if the monsters at the island also around that level, even a non-magician can defeat them, I guess?

“So, who are you?”

I looked at the blue-haired girl and asked her a question.

The blue-haired girl shook her gorgeous long hair and proudly introduced herself.

“I’m Ignacio Rosso! A proud knight of the Rosso family!” [TN: The girl use ‘ぼく’ when she says ‘I’, which usually used by young boy]

The name is like a man.

Since she said ‘Proud’… Is she from an aristocratic family?

“I’m Seal Zetta. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Carrs-Galcyon. Nice to meet you, Igna “

“Don’t shorten my name!”

“Then, Igna-chan”

“Don’t add weird endings! Just call me Ignacio!”

“Nah, I don’t like it. Too long.”

” But, ‘Igna-chan’ is just as long!”

Ignacio Rosso… Is it a rapier that’s on your waist?

It’s a sword suited for thrusting, I’ve seen it in a book, but I’ve never seen the real thing.

“Do both of you have experience in subduing monsters?”

“Oi, oi, how do you think I could come this far?”

“By the time I came to <Crow Port>, I had defeated some of them!”

“Did you really defeat the monster with such a delicate body?”

“Even if I look like this, I’m stronger than you. Carrs, the head of bullies.”

“Hey, don’t say it.”

Oh, they’re not on good terms.

But usually, this kind of guys will stick together after they spend time together.

“Seal, I have a suggestion.”


“Why don’t you team up with me and hunt monsters together? You see, my aim is the material you could get from the monsters. I plan to sell ​​it and use it to fund my trip. Two people are more efficient than one. “

Ah, so we sell monster materials to raise funds, huh?

It’s not bad in idea. But ――

“No… I’ve some circumstances.”

“Ah, really? That’s a shame.”

When I get off the island, I’ll get the help of Ash or Shura. The strength they have is more than enough.

If I team up with a non-magician, he’ll just be in the way… yeah, there’s no need to team up.

“Trying to form a faction from the start huh? As expected, the leader of bullies. Can’t do anything alone.”

“Hoho, you want a fight huh? Watch your back when you get off the island. I’ll commit if I show you a chance. “

“Huh…?! I’ve never seen anyone as vulgar as you!”

“If you can become stronger just by being elegant, you will be happy to be an elegant person. Courtesy and Manners are not useful for anything. It’s just sh*t. All humans need is Style and Pride, young lady. “

Huft, they start to fight again. By the way, I could see something green in the blue landscape.

Ah, it’s an island.

Bigger than I expected. It’s about a town in size.

An Island full of trees.

『”We’ve arrived! Now, Get ready to get off!』


We were dropped onto the sandy shore. The ship was floating behind.

The people lined up on the sandy shore looked excellent if you just looked at the appearance. Mostly they were bigger and taller than me. The male-female ratio was 9:1. I could see only 5 or 6 women. And in total it was around 50 people.

The captain was a man. He was also the leader of this search team. He looked down at us from the ship and made a loud voice.

“The search is divided into two parts, east and west! Search from both ends in order and meet in the center!”

Some people that’s in here want to find people, while others want to go to <Mother Punk>. And I guess there might some guy who is looking for a monster material like him?

Looking around, there were merchants with wilted bags. 

I guess, the monster will be dismantled and sold at <Mother Punk>.

The search team was divided into east and west so that the number of people would be equal. I would go to the east side.

“Seriously. It became something troublesome like this…”

―― 『”I’m sorry… If you find this child, please contact me.”』

Recalling the appearance of the old woman in the <Crow Port>, I tightened my expression.

Sure, it’s an unexpected development, but well, it can’t be helped.

“This Carrs, will bring the head of the monster the most.”

“In the name of Rosso, I will find the missing person!”

We waited for the start signal.

“Then, I will start the search on <Seadust Island>!!!”

The fierce men started to move all at once, but … everyone, including me, stopped all at once.

” ――What?!”


There was a roaring sound behind me.

Looking back, there was a figure of a ship that raised smoke and sank while being wrapped in flames.

At the very beginning, the path of retreat had gone.

―― 『”Don’t make a detour. Go straight to <Mother Punk>”』

For some reason, I remembered the words of the tone-deaf Bard, Sonata Campbell.

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