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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 103

103. The result of the game

A beep sounded to signal the end of the game.

The scoreboard shows 38-40, which was a brilliant win for the team from my class. In the final quarter of the game, the team from my class send the other two players, who were not stood out up to that point, to attacked and scored in the early stages Apparently, those two were good at playing basketball in Junior High School. The two of them widened the lead that the team from my class had in the early stages, then tried their best to defend and managed to win in the end.

That attack in the final quarter of these two people seemed to be a strategy that was decided from the beginning and the opponent caught in that trap. When the game was over and the victory was confirmed, everyone came to me without wasting any time.

I could see that, except for Minori-san, their legs and other parts trembled and was at the limit of their physical strength. Even so, I would say that I was so happy to say that they came to me immediately. Shino-san and others approached me while calling my name.

“Kohaku-kun〜! We win…… Geho! Gogghoho!”

Minori-san was rubbing my back, so I said to her to calm down for the time being. However, everyone was talking at the same time, probably because they were very happy with the victory. 

Well, it can’t be helped, they won that fierce battle after all. 

With that in mind, I felt like I wanted to do something for everyone. 

Oh right, there is a word, ‘reward’… Alright let’s give them one.

I went closer to everyone, and first of all I got closer to Yachigusa-san. Yachigusa-san, who noticed my approach, smiled and at the same time made a strange face. It was as if saying, ‘What’s wrong?’. Without saying anything, I put my hands on Yachigusa-san’ armpits and lifted it as it was.

“It’s a reward for victory. Ready~ we’re going round and roundー”

And I spun around with Yachigusa-san who I lifted. And when I was rotating, I wondered why I thought that spinning her would be a reward, but since I had done it already, I decided to do the same for the others too.

“Wow! Ahahaha! Amazing~”

At least Yachigusa is pleased, so there should be no problem, right?… But that’s right, I just realized what I’m doing now is using a lot of physical strength. I need to lift and rotate… and it’s just one person… 

Considering that there were four more girls, it was a secret that I thought I did something careless. However, I didn’t know if the number of people would decrease because other people might decline because they were embarrassed. 

And, after a while, I dropped Yachigusa-san.

“Wow~, Somehow I feel dizzyー”

Yachigusa-san, who I just put down, said to me with a smile. From the facial expression, it seemed she liked it quite a bit.

Dizzy… yeah, of course! we spun after all! I am slightly dizzy too…

Then I said, ‘I would do the same to other person’, and I saw them did rock-paper-scissors. Apparently, the order was decided, and now they were lined up neatly……. I thought that maybe one or two would decline because they would feel embarrassed, but no one declined. 

When I lifted Yachigusa-san and spun her around, it was a lot of hard work, so I just hope that one or two would decline, but… 

Yup! I knew it would end like this!

And so, I involuntarily rotated my classmates who lined up with a big smile.

……Alright, One more person. 

I put my hand aside to turn the next person, but this time she seemed to be taller and heavier than the others.

I cannot stop now, it a reward for her after all. 

I put my hands on the girl’s armpits. And when I touched the girl’s skin, I heard a cute voice.


………… Let’s try one more time.


Perhaps, this girl’s armpit is sensitive? I mean, she made such a voice after all… somehow, I feel like I did something ‘bad’ to her…....

But, I shouldn’t have done anything particularly strange, though? so why?! Really, I wonder why!! 

But… is there such a tall girl in my class? 

I wondered so and looked up at the girl’s face. The girl, her face was red and looked so embarrassed that she brought her hand to her mouth. And the girl who was so embarrassed… She… she was the basketball scholarship student who had been playing a game a while ago… and she told me,

“I, I’m sorry…, my armpits are a little sensitive …”

“…..Ah, me too, I’m sorry.”

It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who wondered why the girl was here, and Shino-san called out to her.

“Why are you here? You didn’t come to complain, right?”

“Hmm? Ah, yeah, I didn’t come to complain.”

The girl turned to Shino-san and said so with a refreshing smile.

“I lost today, but I won’t lose the next time we play again… I came to say that, but I saw that you were busy, so I waited until it was over, but…..”

The girl said so. And she was muttering in a low voice, ‘but, I never thought he will do such a naughty thing to me…’ 

Of course, I didn’t hear the words that she said in a low voice.

After that, the girl shook hands with everyone, and she went back. 

What an amazing sportsmanship. By all means, I hope that you can get good results in your club activities.


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