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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 102

This chapter is from Shino Toukain POV

102. The battle I can’t lose (Shino Toukain)

Now, the game was…

The first and second quarters were over, and we were in the third quarter. The score currently displayed on the scoreboard was 23-15. Shino glanced at the scoreboard and made a bitter face at the point difference.

If we keep going like this, we won’t be able to reverse the situation… 

The original strategy is to reverse the score in the final quarter, but if the point difference continues to widen, there is a possibility that no matter how hard I try in the final quarter, it will be impossible to reverse. The difference are eight points already, it will be dangerous if it keeps increasing. After all the opponents are superior in ability.

Shino thought about the situation and looked at Miu who was holding the ball.


Miu, who received the gaze from Shino, instantly understood the idea.

In fact, it was the same with Miu that thought it would be difficult to reverse in the final quarter if the difference in score were keep increasing.

After confirming that Miu had read her intentions correctly, Shino exhaled. 

Then, let’s take a look at the opponents who we are fighting now. As expected, she’s tall and big… I can’t help but think so about the size of the scholarship student’s body again and again. Also, the name of the sports scholarship student is not just for show.

But, I can’t afford to lose.

…… Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate

Shino resolved herself to scoring a goal.

And, the ball passed by Miu. At that moment, Shino quickly marked… by the basketball scholarship student. She had been paying the utmost attention to Shino since the first three points. Thanks to that, Shino’s chance to score had decreased and the point difference became wider and wider than originally expected.

Shino with the ball was a little relieved when she observed the opponent and confirmed that she was focused on her. Because the opponent was such a girl, Shino believed that she will be motivated to play. The next moment Shino thought so, she tried to overtake the opponent faster than before.

…… But the opponent was a sport scholarship student, and it was a sport she was good at. The girl matched Shino’s movement without difficulty.

Well, as expected…, Shino murmured in her heart and turned back one feint. Then she did a feint in the opponent’s line of sight my eyes, and she did another feint.

Although the opponent was a sport scholarship student, she responded to all of the feint Shino did, and it made her lost a little balance. Without missing the chance, Shino shot the ball. The scholarship student also jumped in a hurry but could not block it. The ball released from Shino’s hand entered the basket smoothly.

Alright! It went well. First, 3 points.

The moment Shino thought so, the opponent made a fast break.

Shino quickly went back to her to mark the opponent with the remaining physical strength she had. Since it would be bad if the basketball scholarship student made a shot, the three players marking her.

The strategy is to mark the basketball scholarship student with three people, and if Minori is under the goal, it will inevitable but for Miu to mark the person with the ball. If so, she would easily make a shoot. 

But, this is also part of the strategy. Even if she is a sport scholarship student, this is a sport that she is not really good at, so even if she shoots from the tree point, it has a low chance to go in, if so…

“I got it!”

The one who took a rebound was Minori.

If there was a miscalculation that the sport scholarship student made, it would be Minori.

The physical strength that didn’t decline even in the third quarter, the jumping power that filled the height difference, plus the strength that kept her motivated even if she knew the difference in physique. Whichever it was… it was a first-class quality.

Minori who secured the ball immediately threw it forward.

Shino was running ahead, and when she received the ball, she shot again from the three-point line…… And the venue became noisy again.

2 points left …

The game resumed, but the team of sport scholarship students made a mistake, perhaps because they felt pressure from the class-1 teams that caught up to them, the one who held the ball inadvertently passed the ball. Miu easily cut the pass and immediately passed the ball to Shino. When the ball passed to Shino, the venue became even more noisy.

If Shino shot and it were to go into the basket, it would be three consecutive three points and it would also be a reversal. There was no reason for the spectators not to get excited. 

As soon as Shino received the ball, she moved into a shooting position.

“Don’t give up!”

The basketball scholarship student shouted so and immediately went to block it. She jumped high, and so the ball would be stopped if Shino were to shoot like usual.

it’ll be blocked… If only, I really shoot it.

When Shino confirmed that the opponent had jumped to block, she lowered the ball she had raised and dribbled past the opponent.

There were still a few opponents who tried to defense, but the rank was lower than that of the basketball scholarship student. Shino evaded the rest of the defense with a sharp move and scored a shot.

It’s a tie now.

After the ball went in, the buzzer sounded and so the third quarter was over. The venue became even more noisy since the teams from class-1 caught up. They were in rage seeing it.

The scholarship students were staring at Shino with a frustrated face, but Shino was staring back at them.

I don’t know whether it’s okay for you all to lose or not, but I can’t lose.

Shino looked at Kohaku who was watching from the audience seat.

Kohaku who looked cute could be seen in Shino’s eyes. 

I feel like he’s looking here with a worried look. Yeah, it’s the usual, gentle Kohaku, so he probably want me not to overdo it…..But, if I don’t overdo it here, I’m not a real woman!

Finally, it’s a tie. Let’s have them do their best in the final quarter as planned. 

We will definitely win!


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