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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 30

30. The younger sister is willing to take a risk

“I want to eat Haagen…” [TN: Haagen-Dazs]

“Oh, if you shorten the name like that, it sounds cool …”

When you’re feeling not good, aren’t you happy enough even if it’s something cheap? Why do you bother to say something that’s two ranks higher than usual… Cheap ice cream is a no? 

But, wait… why are Hagen’s cup was thrown away in the trash can in my home kitchen in a periodic span? I haven’t eaten any though…

As expected, Hagen is a sin.

It’s better to eat Watermelon ice cream bar. It is an ice cream filled with memories of childhood and have a nostalgic taste. It makes you feel warm. Yeah, I mean, even though it’s ice cream. I haven’t eaten it for years.

It was Ashida who said so while putting her head down on the desk. Even though we were in the middle of class, she kicked the back of my chair and sometime indirectly my butt, and she kept saying ‘it is hot’ or ‘so hot’. Even though the one that getting hot was my butt. 

Still, rather than your feet, I hope that you use your hand and cares me like what the other normie do…

Teacher, there is a bullying in this school… SOB, SOB…

Then after the class end, I went to buy a cup ice cream for myself and brought it back to the class. When I came back to the class, I threw the ice bag that came with my ice cream into Ashida’s back. And, I got a strong spike on my head. 

Ugh, as expected, the member of volleyball club, her spike sunk me to the floor.

Until the next lesson started, I played my smartphone alone. Then I could see a shadow at the edge of my field of vision. When I turned my consciousness to the edge of my field of vision, I immediately realized who it was.

“─── Hey”

Hoho.. Goddess… Are You descending just to meet me? 

Oh, right, this’ll be the first time I’ve come close with her up to this distance since our uniforms changed into the summer uniforms.

Damn, I want to turn around and stare at it right now. But I can’t look straight at it, because my eyes will get crushed! (No, it’s not)

“Hey you!”

“Crushe──Huh, me?”

“… Y, yeah you.”

I noticed that Natsukawa’s hand was placed on the desk. But since it was about Natsukawa, I thought she didn’t call me but Ashida, who sat behind me. 

I left aside the joke that came in my head and turned my body toward Natsukawa. 

Even so, the stimulus is quite strong, huh… ugh!

Natsukawa’s hand on the table

“Ummm… what?”

“Sajo-chi, your behavior is suspicious.”

“Natsukawa, tell me what you want quickly. My body can’t handle it that long.”

“I’m not an insecticide.”

“I’m not a bug …”

I thought it was a common sense ‘tsukkomi’, but it was not. Moreover, the words were quite sharp. [TN: ‘Tsukkomi’ is when you played the straight man role in comedic duo]

Her words are so sharp that I almost laugh. I mean How can she treat people as insects calmly like that?

But, even though it’s just a joke, why it sounds like she purposely said that…. hmm? So, you aren’t pretending? Well, never mind, more than that, I will stare at you...

“… 560 points”

“Then you got 49 points.”

“That… one more point, please …”

Why it is sounds like she’s on the verge of killing me… Usually, aren’t you like to make the most of it? 

Just now… It’s like there’s a cliff in front of me, I applied the brakes so suddenly, and it seemed that I stop at the edge of the cliff, but after all I still fell off. 

Hey, why are you giggling like that? Sh*t, you’re so cute… alright, 600 points.

“Well, never mind. So, what it is, Natsukawa?”



The smile of the Goddess changed completely. And Natsukawa became a little panicked. 

Um…? I wonder if I made a timing mistake… If I kept silent, Natsukawa would keep giggling. 

If I know it beforehand, I would’ve kept silent… Sh*t.

“Well, Natsukawa …?”

“Um, that… Y, you, that, hmm …”


Natsukawa seem to be restless. Such Natsukawa, her behavior was more suspicious than me, who saw her with impure heart. 

What on earth ── Hmm?!! Natsukawa’s face… isn’t it getting red?!! What happened?! Seriously, what happened?!

“After this ─── that… I, uh, hmm …….”


“I, I, hmm……………”

“… ???”

I finally getting really confused. When I noticed, I was trying to tilt my head and try to guess. 

Wait, wait, think more. My brain, work harder!

What Natsukawa is trying to tell me… If it’s me I’m sure I can guess it.

Remember how many years I have been with Natsukawa…! There’s nothing I don’t understand about her! The truth… I’ll reveal it!

“─── Dis, disgusting.”



“Ah, no, it’s not th──”

“Sajo-chi?! Are you still breathing?! You’re not dead yet right?!”

I can see that my consciousness goes away. Aahh, it was a short life… If I had any regrets, it would be the computer in my room. I wonder if it will explode in conjunction with my body. If so, I can go on a trip to hell or anything without worrying about it… Huh, heaven? Am I allowed to go there? God?!

“Hey, hey Ai-chi …! Sajo-chi is more or less also a human being, you know?!”

“Well, He is a full-fledged human being. Why did you say, ‘more or less’, hey?”

When I heard the words that I couldn’t forget, I breathed back. 

What is this girl? Is she a genius at making people make a straight face? And, what is with that ‘I gave you a support there!’ face? Don’t ‘Fufufu’ me! Stop, stop that smug face!

“Natsukawa, please forgive me… I won’t bother you anymore.”

“N, no one says you’re annoying …”

What?! is it different? I thought that you come all the way to repay what I had done to you… Ah? Perhaps the word ‘Disgusting’ that you just said, you intended it to be a reward to me? 

If so, I don’t feel like I can live anymore… I can’t stand it …

“T, that …”


I held back the feelings where I wanted to say, ‘Then, what it is?’, and waited for Natsukawa’s words without saying anything. I thought that if I were to listen without joking, I would be able to hear it someday. Being struck by the beautiful in front of me my face became silly. I tried to hold it but… Natsukawa looked at me and stepped back a step or two with an ‘ugh’ face.

“… Should I just let him die?”

“What are you muttering in a whisper! Heyー! Ai-chi?!”

“Ah, Aah?! Wait! Hey, Kei …!”

Ashida who stood up vigorously. She grabbed Natsukawa’s shoulders from the front and pushed her out into the corridor. I could hear Ashida saying something in a loud voice and Natsukawa sounded like she was in a hurry. 

What on earth is happening?

“What’s going on?”

“… Ah, Sasaki …? Ooo, isn’t it Sasaki!”

“What the hell is that? Why you said something like when you met an old classmate for the first time in a long time…”

Not limited only to Sasaki, but I’d been trying to keep it inconspicuous lately, so it was less common for men to do stupid things. Especially Yamazaki, I felt like I was smarter than I was back then just because I hadn’t talked with him for a while. The influence of him on other people was so great …

“It seems like the soccer club is having a hard time lately in the summer. Are you and Yamazaki doing something stupid?”

“Don’t put me together with him. I’m different.”

“Poor Yamazaki …”

Poor Yamazaki. Even Sasaki, who was a good friend of him, said something like that. I thought he was really pathetic, but when I thought about the recent things that happened between me, my sister, Natsukawa and Ashida. I was the one who overwhelmingly pathetic. 

I humbly take pride in being normal, but why am I being treated as less than a human being? Maybe I’m a primate? Yeah, I’m the same as a gorilla.



“Airi-chan, she was cute.”

“Wha, what did you say……?”

I thought, ‘who he is talking about’ for a moment, but it was about Natsukawa’s younger sister.

……… Ah, Natsukawa’s younger sister?

Well, Sasaki like to show off, so I thought that he said something about his girlfriend. Wait, he has a Girlfriend, right?… No? But, I thought he’s a good-looking sports guy. If I were to have the same face as him, I wouldn’t restraining myself like this anymore!

When I had an overreaction, a message arrived on my smartphone. 

What the hell is that… Sasaki?

Sasaki sent me a photo with Natsukawa’s sister. 

Oooh, she’s attached to him! I guess the fact that he’s a real elder brother aren’t for just show. Moreover, Airi-chan looks cute. I’m sure she’ll be as beautiful as Natsukawa when she grows.

Buh, I see…you want to play it that way, huh…

“I’ll send this to Yuki-chan.”

“Ah! Don’t be stupid! Please Don’t do that! Hey, don’t save the picture!”

“You misunderstood your sister’s brother complex huh, Sasaki! Yuki-chan is a genuine person who will exchanges messages with me and Yamazak, if it’s has anything to do with you!”

“Ah… aaaah …!”

W-well, even if he’s just playing along with me, does he need to react so much like that? I mean, I’m not telling just to bully you.

You see, she’s cute, isn’t it? having a brother complex.

I also wanted a cute little sister like Yuki-chan, I want her to sneak into my bed at night… Oh, I got a reply.

  [Thank you for the photo. I will become a little girl too]

Hoho, I, I see. Become a little girl ─── Hmm?

What does she mean? Does she manage to swallow apotoxin? [TN: Detective Conan Reference.]

Didn’t he say she’s a junior high school student? If she take a risk to swallow it, she’ll likely to return to a baby rather than a little girl…!

And, if she ever talks with such a body, their parents will run away barefoot.

I’m not sure, but something is likely to happen in Sasaki at the level of a family meeting. Moreover, it’ll the one that doesn’t seem to have a good topic. Did he notice it will end like this? Well, what can I say other than, his sister is such a girl…?

Yuki : “Fufufu. Onii-chan…” [TN: Sound scary… lol]

Author’s note: The Protagonist is not Sasaki.


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