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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 15

15. Unwanted Route

After leaving the restaurant, I and Shura split up and searched for a ship bound for <Mother Punk>.

One hour later, we met in the back of the restaurant. I couldn’t find a ship that would carry me for no more than how much I had. 

Now, the rest depends on Shura…

When I was waiting for Shura in the back alley… it was Ash who came. 

Well, she might have switched on the way.

“Thanks for waiting… A man with a scary face will let us in his ship at the 7th port for 7000 ouro.”

“I can’t find any, so thanks… As planned, I will seal you inside the talisman and carry it as luggage. That way, we’ll only have to pay for one person.”

“…To seal me, you have to hit my skin directly… right?”

Ash squinted her eyebrows, rolled up her clothes, and showed her navel.

“Please, be kind…  I don’t like, to be in pain.”

What is this feeling of guilt?

If someone doesn’t know about the situation seeing this, they’ll definitely misunderstand this situation.

“It’s certainly faster to hit directly, but I can take the time to write the character stamp, and… The place to put the mark doesn’t have to be the belly!… Put your arm out and I’ll write on your arm.”

Ash was relieved to hear my words.


“Hmmm, it’s the 7th port… right?” 

After sealing Ash, I headed to the 7th port that she told me to go. There was also a bag that she usually carried on my back.

I followed the signs in order from 1, and when I went to 4, 5, and 6, I saw the number 7.

It was a fairly large ship that was parked at Port 7th, and the interior was also reasonable.

Seeing the ship, I wondered whether it was really the ship Ash said or not.

Obviously, it didn’t look like a 7000 ouro class ship.

However, when I saw the strict-looking man waiting at the ship’s landing, I was convinced that the ship was the one that Ash told me about.

“Is this a ship bound for <Mother Punk>?”


An unfriendly man observed my body and nodded.

And he said, ‘It’s… okay.’

Somehow, I felt like he had just decided my value.

“How many?”

“I’m alone.”

“It’s 3000 ouro.”

“Really? Is that all right?”

“Because it’s such a contract”

It was less than half the amount I’d heard from Ash… lucky.

I took the coin out of my purse and gave it to the sailor with a bandana.

Never did I think that it would only cost me 3000 ouro.

If I knew this beforehand, I wouldn’t seal Ash inside the talisman naked… 

No harm in saving money… yeah, this choice was better.

Then, I crossed a sloppy wooden bridge and entered the ship.

The ship had a large room for a dance party, but it was almost full, so I moved to the deck.

The sea breeze felt so comfortable.

What I could see from the bow of the ship was pure blue and the reflection of the sun.

Hmmm… a trip by ship, huh? I wonder if I’ll get seasick.

“Well, well, you look a little nervous.”

A male voice could be heard from behind.

Looking back, a burning bright red long-haired man in a kimono stood.

“Is this your first trip by ship?”

About the same age, overall, his physique was one size larger than me.

He was carrying a spear warped in cloth.

The man’s face… There was no doubt about it.

I knew him.

The man who liked to beat down the people in the back alley at <Distall>. 

If I’m not mistaken, his name is…

” ―― Carrs …”

“Hmm? Did I say my name?”

I’d never talked with the man, Carrs. But I’d seen him before.

I was once in a place where this guy was fighting.

There were 20 opponents, but he annihilated them unharmed.

The opponents were beaten or kicked until they didn’t twitch. I was really scared when I saw him knock down the opponent.

“Because you’re a celebrity of <Distall>”

“Well, well, you’re also famous though?… A big idiot who hit the lord’s son.”

Ah, that story… so it’s quite widespread without my knowledge, huh?

“Since then, that spoiled son seems to have become quiet… To tell the truth, I would have punished him if he were to make a little more ruckus.”

“Well, so I did something unneces ――what?!”


…The spear pressure squeezed the tip of my nose and my breathing tempo was disturbed.

In the middle of talking, suddenly the red-haired man took out the spear on his back.

I managed to lean back and dodged the spear.

“As expected, you could dodge that, huh…”

“Oi, oi, what on earth are you going to do!?”

I took out the talisman with ‘祓’ written on it from my pocket. [TN: ‘祓’ in romaji is, ‘harae’ or ‘harau’ which means, purify]

“I have a dream… I want to see if I can use you to achieve that dream.” [TN: the way he says ‘I’ in here is 俺様, which is usually used by someone who’s bossy, or selfish]

“Doesn’t people often say that you are selfish?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, my bad. I’ve always been bad at holding myself… Anyway, You, the other day ―― did you fight the brown-haired kid?”

This guy,

Did he see my fight with Shura?

“I was surprised… Your fight was beyond my understanding. “

“So?… you can’t forgive someone stronger than you? “

“I told you, I want to see if I can use you to achieve my dreams or not. I didn’t have time at that time so I couldn’t try it, but now I have time. I’d like to ask for it.”

Carrs that I saw a long time ago boasted extraordinary strength.

But that was my impression of him two years ago.

The blow that he did just now couldn’t be compared to Shura’s attack.

“You, can you handle Mana?”

“No, I can’t use it.”

If we’re to fight, I’m certain that it’ll be my win.

Well, seems I’ve no choice. It’s not bad for killing time…

“Alright. Come.”

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!”

At the same time, he kicked the ground… But, at that moment,

“Ooooi! Stop it!!”

An angry female voice.

I and Carrs stopped moving and looked toward the voice.

A long skirt and a shirt on top.

A girl with long blue hair who seemed to be a serious type stood there.

“You guys! What would you do if you fight in a place like this and fall into the sea!”

The girl put out her index finger.

I and Carrs looked at each other with the gaze saying, ‘Do you know her?’ And immediately realized that neither of us knew her.

“Hey, young lady, don’t you get on the wrong boat? This ship is bound for <Seadust Island>.”

“<Seadust Island>?”

What? <Seadust Island> …?

“I’m not! I’m also participating in the search for missing persons!”


I put the talisman back in my pocket and looked around.

All the people on the ship were armed. And the atmosphere… it was somewhat filled with anxiety.

“Wait, wait!… This is a ship bound for <Mother Punk>, isn’t it?!”

“That’s the reward, isn’t it? If you cooperate with the search, the fare that originally costs 10,000 ouro to <Mother Punk> should be 3000 ouro. “

What the…

So, that was the truth as to why the fare was cheap.

“I made a mistake …? But, for sure, Ash said the ship will depart from Port 7th…”

“Maybe, did you make a mistake in reading the ‘Diagram’? I’m sure there will be a regular flight to <Mother Punk> in an hour. “

Di, di-di-di-diagram!

Sh*t! Why the harmful effect of the fact that I’ve never come out of <Distall> must be now?

What a painful mistake! This is because of my first time!

Still…  Ash, why she didn’t tell me the time too!!

“Sh*t! I need to get of ―― “

『”Depart~~!!』[TN: in Japanese it’s, Shukkō!!!]

The ship started to move at the signal of the captain.

I ended up throwing myself into an unwanted route.


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