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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 101

101. The game starts

At the start of the game, both teams gather in the center of the court. After greeting each other side by side, the game began. 

…… I could see that there is a great difference in height. As far as I know, Minori-san, who has a tremendous amount of combat power, is the only one who seems to be able to compete with the sport scholarship student team.

The other members are Yachigusa-san, a loli girl who is in the drama club, and Shino-san, who is in a go-home club. I don’t know anything about the other two members…

[TN: go-home club is, where you don’t join any club, so you mostly straight back home after school.]

Well, I wonder how the game will end? 

While I was doing an analysis about the players, the players who would play the jump ball came out. The tallest player from the sport scholarship student came out. And the player from my class…

Is that Sugiura-san? 

…. also came out. 

The ball was released from the referee’s hands and the game finally began.

The first to pick up the ball was the team of scholarship students. She picked up the ball and bring it into the goal… alone.

“I’ll be the one to score first!”

The player who went to the goal shouted and jumped…… But, it didn’t go as what the player said.

“Well, aren’t you underestimating us too much?!”

When the player tried to do a layup, and the moment the ball was released from the hand, the ball was blown off. The one who blocked was Minori Saegusa, who I thought in my heart had one of the best fighting powers in the school…….

However, no matter how high the fighting power she had, I thought that the jumping power when she was blocking, was probably too high. 

How tall did she jump? 

The other spectators who saw the scene were screaming ‘Ooooh!’

And, it was the player from my team who took the ball that was blocked. It was Yachigusa-san who quickly secured the ball before crossing the line. The appearance of her holding a basketball with that small body made me smile somehow.

……But! when Yachigusa-san got the ball, she dribbled as it was and went toward the opponent’s goal.


Yachigusa-san dribbled very quickly and cut into the opponent’s court, but the opponent was sport scholarship students, and the moment they found out that the ball had passed to player form the enemy team, they quickly returned to their own court.

I couldn’t help but to compare the physique of the other party with Yachigusa-san, who has a small body. I thought that it wouldn’t go as expected, but she rushed in as if it had nothing to do with the difference in physique……. Seeing that, I couldn’t help but to smile.

“This time, you’re the one who underestimating us too much!”

Yachigusa-san went to the layup with the momentum of dribbling. However, in front of the petite Yachigusa-san, there was a well-built scholarship student firmly standing in front of her, trying to block, and no matter how I thought about it, I could only see the future where the ball would be blocked.

“I’m not underestimating you…”

However, my expectation did not come true. Yachigusa-san lowered the ball she was raising and gave a pass with without changing her line of sight… yeah, it was a No-Look Pass.

“Nice pass!”


It was Shino who received the pass, and Shino who received the pass was free and had already entered the shoot stance. Moreover, it was a shot from the three-point line. Normally, it was a hard thing to do if you were not a basketball member, but the ball released by Shino-san was sucked into the basket without hitting the ring… it was a beautiful shot.

The moment the goal was scored, the spectator in the gymnasium got excited. Perhaps the spectators who were watching thought that the sport scholarship student could blocked the ball easily. 

Moereover, the player from my class blocked the scholarship student’s shot, and conversely scored the first goal. 

Minori-san’s block, Yachigusa-san’s No-Look Pass, and Shino-san’s three-point. And above all, there was only one of these three members who was in the athletic club, so perhaps the spectators thought that it was a little strange, after all the other two weren’t noticeable so far and so, it could be said that both of them were the ‘Secret Weapon’.

Now, the game was continued with the ball in the sport scholarship student’s hand.

“We don’t have to panic, we still have a lot of time, we can get it back soon.”

With that said, the players of the scholarship team who had the ball were calling out to everyone and made a pass. Unlike the previous development, now they were slowly attacking. 

In fact, as the player said, since there was a difference in height the pass easily passes over the players from my class. Then, when the ball returned to the player who called out, she quickly shot and entered the basket beautifully. And, although not flashy, she returned points with a solid play. Perhaps it also meant to calming down the members who seemed to be shocked with how good the player from my class played.

After that, the first quarter ended with the sport scholarship student’s- team lead of 12-9, with the sport scholarship student’s team scoring points centered on the player who calmed the others as the center of the group.

Isn’t it a good game? 

Perhaps the only student who got a sport scholarship in basketball was the one who scored the score, and the other players are players are good in different sports. It may be difficult to do because if they’re good at different sports means they have their own techniques.

Well, even without that, the level of the team of my class is a little strange!

…… But, The game between men and the one between women…Why is it so different?

Somehow, I’m getting a little sad.


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