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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 100

Yea… Can’t believe it’s ch 100 now…
Well, I’m sure the TL-tion of the earlier ch was bad, But well, I’m starting Tl-ing mainly to improve my writing skill. I’m still trying to made my Tl-tion easier to understand with not many grammatical error.
I hope that since I changed the way I’m TL-ing it’s been more enjoyable for you all… and thanks for keep reading this…

100. Basketball’s final game

It was the day when the final game would be held. I thought that the team from my class would make it to the final in basketball and baseball, but that was the case. And that was the only sport that the team from my class managed to advance to final. Unfortunately, the team from my class was eliminated in tennis and table tennis. In terms of time, I could see both games, so I decided to do so.

In any case, the opponents in both, basketball and baseball, were of course the team of sport scholarship students. It could be said that the name of ‘sport scholarship’ was not just for show.

Since it was the basketball that would be started first, I headed to the gymnasium where the game would be played and secure a position where I could saw the game well.

Then girls gradually gathered around me…. they came, but for some reason they were not within a range that could be called near me. Perhaps they thought that they would be disliked if they got too close. However, somehow the girls around me were looking at me and not the court, perhaps because the game was not started yet…

…They kept staring at me.

I wondered why, but I was pretending I was not aware of their gaze or else it would make the air became so awkward.

Could you stop staring at me like that?

And, the players came into the court.

Everyone had a motivated expression with Shino-san as the lead.

Then, when she looked around the gymnasium and found me, she waved.

…… They look so relax even before the match.

I was impressed by Shino-san’s boldness, and when I waved back, Shino and the other members smiled very nicely.

However, at that moment, the spectators in the gymnasium booed… all at once…. Probably, just probably, they were struck by the fact that the player was flirting with the opposite sex even before the game.

Well, even I would feel the same way if I were to see my opponent flirting with a woman before the game! And it’s proofed by the girls around me, so I’m not wrong…

I felt like I was closer to them than before, but… Those girls were also sending a curse to Shino-san.

“Lose, lose, lose, Class-1 must lose.”

“I can’t forgive them for being the one who are happy! Lose, lose …”

“I’m jealous with themー”

“If I get a little closer, I can feel as if I’m watching a game with my lover…”

“God, please. Give the girls from class-1 despair… If You make it come true, I’ll offer You my snack today. “

Does God will hear your pray with only snacks as offering? 

For some reason, when I was wondering about the words of the girls around me who were somehow approaching me little by little, Shino-san’s opponent team, the sport scholarship students, came in. It was my first time to see the sport scholarship student team, so I was looking forward to seeing their entrance. Then they came into the court.

…… So tall!

There were three players who were all bigger than I expected, they were over 180 cm. And the other two were about 170 cm to 180 cm.

They’re even taller than an adult! I don’t think a normal high school girl can win this.

Even if Yachigusa-san said that she had a fast leg or that she had a good sense. Honestly, they couldn’t be compared to the team from my class even just by their appearance that was so tall.

I think that Shino-san, who is confident even in front of that kind of opponent, is strange…

When I was looking at the scholarship student’s team seriously, perhaps the girl noticed my line of sight, one of the teams turned to me and looked surprised. Then, the girl was saying something to the other members. After hearing what the girl said, the other members turned to me.

…… Maybe they’re getting uncomfortable because I’m staring at them so much?

So, I waved my hand as I did to Shino-san.

When the girls noticed it, they turned around, formed a circle, and made a yell.

“Defeat class-1 until ‘Gittan Gittan’!” [TN: I’ll leave the onomatopoeia, as it sounds more like a yell, if it’s Tl-ed to English it’ll mean something like, ‘completely destroyed’]

「”Defeat class-1 until ‘Gittan Gittan’!”」

The shout from one player was followed by the other members.

“Hold a boy in this hand!”

「”In this hand!”」

“Let’s win and go to a paradise!”

After that voice, ‘Oooo!’, all of the other members shouted out in a loud voice.

Now, the faces of the scholarship students changed as if they were ready for the battle.

Shino-san, who was watching it, also formed a circle and regained the spirit of the team.

And Shino spoke quietly, but in a firm voice.

“If we lose, the boys in our class will be destroyed by those muscle-brain.”

‘Imagine……’, ‘Imagine it……’. Shino-san kept saying so.

After a while, everyone’s complexion became pale, probably because they imagined that.

“It’s them we’re talking about. Of course. Kohaku will also fall to their hand those poisonous snake …”

Hearing those words, everyone’s complexion got worse.

“Did you understand? We have no choice but to… win!”


In this way, the team from my class also moved to a battle position.

I want to tell you that… Class-1 is not a paradise! Because the boys aren’t really girl-friendly! Rather, I think they’re difficult to handle because of their high pride. So, be careful when handling them! 

And to Shino-san… I’m not going to get destroyed! This isn’t the end of the century you know… Seriously, what on earth did they imagine that they became pale?

The girls around me were also talking about both teams who made a circle.

……Somehow, I feel that the distance is getting closer again than before, Well, never mind, it’s a good thing.

“Both teams are so enthusiastic.”

“Yeah. I’m really looking forward to the game.”

Yeah, after all everyone wants to see a good game. 

I honestly thought so, but the following words tell me that it was a mistake.

「”The disappointment and despair when they lose!」

“Aaahー, I want to see it nowー”

“I’m sure they can’t win! I don’t want to see them celebrating!”

…It’s not a correct way to watch sports!!


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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I’d like to see kohaku trying to deal with 6 foot tall amazons but at the same time it might be better for the authour to fully introduce the girls in his class first.

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