Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 99

99. Watching others 2

It was still a long time before Shino-san play again, so I decided to go see another competition. At first, I thought maybe I should watch the scholarship students’ game with Shino-san, but I decided to save the fun until the game where Shino-san and the others started.

The next sport I planned to go to see was baseball.

In my previous life, I had a stronger impression that girls were playing softball rather than baseball, but in the world where I was now, women played baseball more. By the way, it seemed that the qualifying will be held only up to 5 innings, and after that it will be held up to 9 innings.

Well, no matter how many grounds there are, it can’t be helped because there are many classes. But still, isn’t it strange to play baseball at school up to nine innings? I mean, sure it’s not something impossible to do.

On the way to the ground where my class had their game, I passed by the tennis court. It was just in the middle of a match, so when I looked a little, one of the players playing the match was wearing a tennis uniform for some reason.

The girl was wearing white clothes and a short skirt, and she just made sharp shots.

I thought that the girl was probably one of the scholarship students from how the ways she played looked different from the amateur. It seemed that there was no intention to hold back from the way she played that overwhelmed the opponent player. On the contrary, even though the surroundings were ordinary gym clothes, the attitude she had where she was the only one to wear the tennis uniform showed her feeling that she would definitely win.

…But yeah… The hem of the fluttering skirt has an irresistible charm, I can’t take my eye away from it… No, no, it’s not that I’m a pervert. It just that it can’t be helped… I’m just fascinated by the game, that’s all… yeah… I’m sure of it… 

I decided to watch a tennis game for a moment, while making excuses about what I thought in my heart.

…… Huft, alright. I should get going now.

The baseball game, it’s not over yet… right? I guess I need to be hurry…

I hurried to the ground where the baseball game was held. 

It’s not because I spent my time watching the game until the tennis match was over… yeah definitely not.

Fortunately, when I arrived at the baseball ground, the match wasn’t over yet. Looking at the scoreboard, it was a 4-0 lead, and it seemed to be the teams from my class who scored in the bottom of the fourth inning, and now, one of the four Nobles, Yuzuka Seikagu, was at bat.

…… But yeah…. It’s surprisingly weird to see Yuzuka-san wearing a helmet with a bat. Yuzuka-san seems to look better in tennis. Ah, of course, please wear a tennis uniform instead of gym clothes…

『”Strike!” 』

It seemed that it started while I was immersed in delusions.

In a hurry, I focused my consciousness on the game.

The pitcher swung her hand high and releases the ball while bending her arm.


…… It’s pretty fast… is the opponent pitcher an experienced baseball player?

I guess there’s someone at this level at this school, huh. But, how high is the ability of Yuzuka-san and the others who have already scored four points from such a pitcher?

The third ball, the ball thrown by the pitcher, fell in front of the batter.


……Vertical slider. Are you throwing a breaking ball!

I thought it was straight, so for a moment I thought, ‘It’s an easy ball! Hit it Yuzuka-san!’ 

Return my innocent heart please!

However, up until now Yuzuka-san, didn’t react to the pitch…

is she okay? She’s not just a decoration, right?

My anxious feelings would soon be blown away.

The ball after the changing its direction was went to a lower internal angle. Yuzuka-san responded to the ball and swung the bat.

The bat made a pleasant sound, and the ball went out of the ground.

Yuzuka-san got a home run even though it wasn’t a small ground…… More than that Yuzuka-san’s swing speed was ridiculously fast,

She isn’t always swinging a bat in her free time, right?

My eyes met Yuzuka-san’ eyes, who was walking leisurely.

Then Yuzuka-san smiled, held both hands around her chest and made a victory pose. I could understand that she wanted to say, ‘I did my best’, but I could only laugh bitterly because of the gap between the ridiculous swing she just did and the usual gentle Yuzuka-san… I could feel that my cheeks were a little tingling while seeing her.

So, with this, the game is decided? I mean, it’s hard to think that there will be reversal from here. 

And as what I expected, the next pitchers, Serina Maisumi, made the next round a game set with a solid 1-2-3 inning.

After the match was over, everyone gathered around me, so I could say the words I wanted.

“Ohoho, how was my pitching?”

“Yeah, it was good.”

Well, I only seen the last round though…

“I! How was my double? It was a good hit, right?!”

“Yeah, it was good.”

……may be.

“What is my infield hit !?”

“Yeah, it was good.”

………… Probably.

“I hit a home run!”

“… the gap was amazing.”

I accidentally answered Yuzuka-san’s question with an honest answer.

In my words, Yuzuka-san was wondering, ‘Gap?’

Anyway, when I told them that I was cheering for them, everyone was happy and said, ‘We will be the victory!’, with an enthusiastic voice.

I was surprised that Serina was a pitcher, but Yuzuka-san as a catcher was also shook me……. But, Serina-san aside, Yuzuka-san didn’t look good with the outfits… at all. 

Seriously… today, it’s really a day with a big gap. Well, there was no ‘gap moe’ though! [TN:’Gap moe’ is when a character who usually serious, suddenly act cute]


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