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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 39

I might speed up for this series, when I finally have more free time…
Maybe next month?…

From this ch, Lord Ragdo -> Sir Ragdo

39. In the meantime, Finally my burden being lifted

Pope Euparo had finally arrived. 

When someone came to Japan it called, ‘来日(Rainichi)’, but now if it would be something like, ‘来ターイズ(Raitiez)’, but since it was hard to say, I cancelled to use that word. [TN: Rainichi mean, arrival in japan or visit to japan]

Of course, the people involved in the book were forced to convene. That was because I had to prove that I could read the ‘book’. 

I don’t want to go, I don’t want those people to remember my face, but if I don’t go, it’ll just causes trouble to the other party, so it can’t be helped, I guess?

By the way, Lacra was not called. I had a general idea of ​​the situation. Both Marito and Sir Ragdo were waiting in the guest room with Illias as a guard, and although I couldn’t see it, Anbu-kun, a total of five people, including me. [TN: ‘Anbu-kun’ is the one who protecting Marito from the shadow, since knowing the name is bad, the MC call him, ‘Anbu-kun’, which Anbu could mean, the dark side]

After waiting for a while, three men and one woman came in. I could tell one from his personality. That person was definitely Pope Euparo himself.

Pope Euparo was said to be in his sixties, but more than that he looked like a kind person. The man next to him was wearing the archbishop’s necklace, just like Maya-san. He had a little beard that somehow felt charming and probably was Archbishop Ukka. The other two, I didn’t know anything about them, so I waited until they introduced themself.

And self-introduction began. The two people mentioned above were as what I expected. The last man was the Pope’s escort who was the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis, Yokusu. Although he seemed to be in his thirties, in addition of that youthful, the aura surrounding him was like Sir Ragdo’s.

The only woman was Lyrissa, a calm beauty and the caretaker of the Pope.

[TN: The name is written ‘リリサ’, which could be Lilyssa, Lilyza, Lilisa, Lilytha, Liliza, Lyrissa, but I think Lyrissa is the good one, so yeah…]

“Then since all of us already introduced our self. Let’s start talking.”

“First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the incident that happened because of my blunder.”

First of all, Pope Euparo apologized for the incident. He also made Archbishop Ukka bow his head and apologized for causing trouble to the country.

Marito had fully forgiving it. Archbishop Ukka was targeted by a malicious Larheit. Sure, Larheit was at fault. However, because Archbishop Ukka was used, he sent in an airhead like Lacra, and the result was that the existence of ‘it’ came to the surface.

Yokusu didn’t say a word from beginning to end, but Lyrissa added some supplementary explanations after Pope Euparo’s words.

After the apology, Marito took out the book and returned it to Pope Euparo.

“From my side, only I, Sir Ragdo, and he who can read the text are the ones who actually read and confirmed the contents of the book. The story about the contents was talked to two of Sir Ragdo’s knights, one of them is her. And from your side. Only that priest.”

“I heard that in the report. Also, I heard that you are a traveler from another world.”

Pope Euparo’s eyes turned to me. Maya also had eyes that seemed like she could look through people, but it was not comparable to now. When he looked at me, I get the illusion that my whole body was naked… It’s embarrassing, seriously.

“I’m sorry, could I hold your hand? I can feel how the person has lived by directly feeling the fluctuation of the Mana flowing in the person’s body. I want to directly confirm with this hand what kind of person you are, since you came from Another world.”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter. Please.”

Reached out my hand, Pope Euparo squeezed it gently. The hands were not only warm. Something like heat seemed to come around my whole body through my hands.

” ―― I see, now I understand. You’re a coward. You’re afraid of everything and trying to understand the existence around you to prepare for anything that may come. The place called ‘Earth’, at there, it’s so easy to encounter malicious people, right?”

“… Yes, you’re right.”

Apparently, the ability was real. Rather, it seemed that his title as the Pope was not just for show.

“But because of that cowardness, I was able to discover the ‘disease’ that lives in our country. I am deeply grateful for that. I will do whatever I can to thank you.”

“I just hope that you don’t blame me for reading the book. And, the fact that I didn’t return to it to Mejis right away. Also, if you could, please visit the grave of the one who died in this incident. Without his death, I wouldn’t make my move too.”

“Sure, I promise. Ah, I’m sorry for suddenly calling you a coward, I was rude.”

“It’s a fact, so don’t worry.”

The Pope was an upright man more than I expected. I even felt guilty about being more vigilant than necessary. And I felt bad about the facts that I need to tell him about ‘that’.

“Oh, right. Archbishop Ukka was also active in the battle with Larheit. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Don’t thank me. I just got rid of my blunder and end it.”

Archbishop Ukka looked away with a nasty look. Even so, on the Mejis side, the action he took led him to be called as the MVP in battle with Larheit.

“Ukka-sama was always worried when we were on the way to Tiez.”

“Lyrisisa! Don’t say anything unnecessary!”

“Ara, I’m sorry.”

After bowing with a gesture that she hadn’t reflected on, Lyrissa smiled at me…..Hmm?

“You said your name is Lyrissa-san, right? Did I meet you somewhere before?”

“No, this is the first time I’ve come to Tiez, so this is the first time I’ve met you.”

“That’s right. I’m sorry to ask you a strange question.”

…… Is it necessary to try ‘that’ for the time being? 

I picked up the book and Pope Euparo resumed the story.

“By the way, you told me about the contents of this book when we talked through the crystal. You also said that there are facts that can only be told directly. Could you tell me more about that?”

“Yes, just before that… can I do something to let my grudge of what you said to me earlier?”

“Hmm? That’s okay, but … do you have that kind of ability too?”

“It’s a similar thing. It’s one of the few special skills … Well, it’s not something special, but since we’re going to do this, could the others join us too?”

Archbishop Ukka leaning his head. Lyrissa laughed. Yokusu with no particular reaction.

“It’s a way to measure how confident you are. First, continue to repeat what I say, start from the Pope. Please say <I am Pope Euparo> ” [TN: Why I put <>? Just to make it easier to read.]

” <I am Pope Euparo>, like this?”

“Yes, thank you. I think it’s hard to understand what it means… Next is Archbishop Ukka’ turn. Please say <I am Pope Euparo.> “

” <’I, I am Pope Euparo> “

“Next, <I am Archbishop Ukka.> “

” <I am Archbishop of Ukka> …… the first words confused me for a moment.”

“That’s true, but I think somehow I can see that you could say your name and your position smoothly even with an immediate command. I could measure your confidence in the truth by interweaving truth and falsehood. Something like that.”

“I see. It’s not that I don’t understand what you mean completely.”

“Next is Yokusu-san. Please say <I am Pope Euparo> “

” <I am Pope Euparo> “

“Next is <I am Archbishop Ukka> “

” <I am Archbishop of Ukka> “

“Finally, <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

” <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

Yokusu almost said all of the words in the same tone. Well, since I explained the procedures, he didn’t feel the need to rush.

“As expected of the leader of the Knights, it’s hard to read you…well, lastly is Lyrissa-san.”

“Alright, I’m ready.”

” <I am Pope Euparo> “

” <I am Pope Euparo> “

“Next is, <I am Archbishop Ukka> “

” <I am Archbishop Ukka> “

“Next, <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

” <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

“Finally, <I am Larheit> “


The surrounding air becomes tense in an instant. It was Illias and Yokusu who immediately pulled out the sword. Pope Euparo and Archbishop Ukka were also at a distance from Lyrissa.

The person in question did not break her smile, but her mouth was not moving.

“Can’t you say that? Of course, right? Pope Euparo and Archbishop Ukka could see through lies, which means they can see through the truth.”

“… When did you notice it?”

Lyrissa… no, Larheit’s smile turned into something more spooky, more artificial.

“I wasn’t sure. I was just careful when I heard that Archbishop Ukka had hunted you down and heard that you committed suicide, just in case, I thought that someone like you wouldn’t give up my life so easily like that. You knew the contents of the book, but you didn’t know the details. When you heard that there was a further secret in it, I thought that you might come in contact with me because you wanted to know it. I’m always more careful to the person I meet for the first time, at least to a certain level amount of carefulness.”

“That alone is a weak reason to realize that I’m lurking as Lyrissa. Certainly, as long as you talk about the details of the book at this meeting, there is a possibility that I might appear. Just a possibility… but you, without hesitation, doubted Lyrissa… me. I want to know the reason for that. “

“Oh, I said I have a few special skills, right? You see, I’m good at measuring the sense of distance between people. I was measuring the sense of distance within us in advance while listening to the conversation and I found a sense of discomfort in you.”

“Discomfort, huh? I believed that these three were completely recognize me as Lyrissa.”

“When you made fun of Archbishop Ukka, you smiled over here, right? That made me feel the distance was closer than what was seen.”

“Aren’t that mean I’m just a good person?”

“The sense of distance chosen by the Pope was not too familiar and not hostile. I also took actions to measure this. Archbishop Ukka also had some tension with me. It’s not uncommon for subordinates to follow the boss, right? But the caretaker, who should understand the boss, even though the boss is treating the other person carefully, act so friendly to that person… Isn’t it unnatural?”

“… I see, it seems that I had a kind of satisfaction that I’m able to meet you in person, without knowing it I made an aggressive attitude toward you… is it?”

“And I asked you, right? Did we meet somewhere before? But, the way you reply to that, it was a phrase where someone trying to deceive the other person without telling a lie. So, I decided to confirm it.”

Needless to say, this was the method I used when I was talking with Maya and Lacra. For the priests who could see through the lie, I felt a sense of familiarity just by using the enumeration of truths by choosing the words to sway.

“No, it’s wonderful. The stone is a Chikyu person.”

“You Bas***d! What happened to Lyrissa?!”

“Oh, Ukka-sama, don’t you understand? This body is definitely Lyrissa’s body. The knife that scraped my neck at that time was a one times use, but it had the Mana to tear off the body and soul. That’s why I was allowed to escape only with the soul. However, this ritual requires preparing the destination of the soul in advance, and it can’t be used many times, such as not being able to place multiple souls in a same body. But, let me tell you, I have already prepared the next destination, so there is no need to forcibly hurt this body. “

What a useful magic, if you can’t escape physically, you can escape with your soul alone. Certainly, it would be possible to escape after death without being ruled by necromancy.

However, it needs a lot of courage to be able to throw away your body without hesitation like that.

“The magic that interferes with the soul is Forbidden. How could you do it?”

“I wanted to hear a little more if possible, but it seems impossible anymore. But I could see you with my own eyes. Should I be satisfied with the harvest this time?”

Larheit’s amusing eyes were staring at us. 

Could you please stop that eyes? Your eyes, it’s like saying, ‘I’ve found my riva’… I’m just an ordinary person, you know.

“I’m sorry to say this, but let’s meet again.”

Then Larheit spilled blood from his mouth and collapsed. Archbishop Ukka immediately rushed to see what’s going on.

“It seems that he put a blade-shaped magic stone in her mouth. We have to take care of her in a hurry!”

Then Archbishop Ukka left the room to contact the Yugura’s people who were waiting outside. Soon after, other priests rushed into the room and took Lyrissa’s body.

“I’m sorry to be conspired not only once but twice… I’m sorry, King of Tiez!”

Pope Euparo bowed deeply to Marito. He brought the thieves to the king of the diplomatic kingdom. So, of course he had to apologize.

“I’m just saying that Larheit was cunning. Now I’m more worried about her body and mind.”

“Thank you for your concern, I appreciate your kindness very much.”

After that, just in case, we checked those who were there and those who were waiting outside. It was only a few hours later that the door was seated again.

“I don’t think he evacuated to a nearby place. Just in case, I told the one who guarding the place where the corpse was sealed in Mejis about this.”

Well, if he can get his body back, of course he would do that. That said, I wouldn’t imitate it so briefly. However, the possibility of impersonating someone in Yugura church again cannot be denied. For the time being, it seemed that they would be busy with measures against Larheit.

What an annoying guy. It was as if he’s the boss of a crime syndicate. Well, I don’t want to meet someone like that.

Marito cleaned the place for the meeting and now we returned to the main topic, the book.

“Then I’d like to resume the talk… If possible, Pope Euparo, I’d like to tell to only you first and let you examine it. And from my side, Only the people who know about this will stay. Lady Ratzel, I’ll ask you to leave.”


Marito first kicked Illias out of the room. Seeing the situation, Pope Euparo also sent Archbishop Ukka, Yokusu, out of the room.

“From here on, he will be the one who explain. Please.”

“Okay―― I’ll explain while opening this book first.”

I opened the book so that Pope Euparo could see it and explain roughly what I had deciphered. Pope Euparo reaffirmed that I was really reading the book.

“That’s the content of the book. This is as what I have already said when you contacted me before.”

“There seems to be no doubt about the contents of the book. Certainly, if someone were to follow your decipherment, that person will be able to use more advanced necromancy. The story that the Demon Lord will be resurrected has become more credible. Isn’t it? “

“Yes, the problem is the last page.”

I opened the last page. There was written something that had nothing to do about the title of the book. It was just a brief scribble.

“It doesn’t look very important, though.”

“What is written here is a sentence that says, ‘The above is the summary of the survey results.’ And the last word, here is the name of the author of the book.”

“Is… is it the one who created the Resuscitation Magic and also The Demon Lords…?!”

“The author’s name is, ‘Nariya Yugura’, and Nariya Yugura… is the name of the Hero who destroyed the Demon Lords and became the foundation of Yugura religion.”

Pope Euparo had no words. 

Well of course everyone who hear it will lose their words.

The name of the hero who destroyed the Demon Lords and saved the world matched the name of the existence who devised the Resuscitation Magic that created the Demon Lord.

Pope Euparo remained silent for a while and then opened his mouth heavily.

“You, what do you think? About Yugura, the Hero, is said to create the Demon Lord?”

“I think the possibility is about 30%.”

“… Could you tell me the basis for it?”

“First of all, the person who wrote this book is an earthling. There is an earthling here, but what about my Mana?”

“――Your Mana is very low. It will be equal to or less than a child.”

“Yes. There is no concept of Magic on the ‘Earth’. Even Mana has not been discovered. The characters in this book are about 100 years old, even if there is a difference in the flow of time between the worlds. It came only 100 years ago. Even on the ‘Earth’ there was no Magic at that time too. However, there may be a possibility of individual differences in Mana, but even so, this person named Nariya Yugura, I don’t think he had a lot of Mana. If such a person is asked if he can defeat the Demon Lord, he will definitely tilt his head. “

Even if Nariya Yugura is from a temple or shrine-raised occult who seemed to possess Mana. Could his mana be compared to the talented people in this world? If there is such a person in the history of the past, it is not strange that such a person is found in the present age too.

“Sure, you’re not suitable for combat, but maybe the author of this book is difference, don’t you think so?”

“No, the people in this world are very strong. They are accustomed to strengthening their bodies with Mana and fighting. Even that alone, the difference is like between heaven and earth. I don’t think He’d grown enough to be called a Hero.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yugura, The Hero who defeated the Demon Lords, was not the real name of the Hero. I think that the inhabitants of this world who had a relationship with the author of this book, Nariya Yugura, just using name to hide the real name.”

That is the best theory. Nariya Yugura, an Earthling, devised Resuscitation Magic and created the Demon Lords. And his acquaintance used his name, Yugura, and defeated the Demon Lords. That is more likely what really happened.

I can imagine many details that might happening, but somehow, I feel some ‘regret’…

“But it is very likely that the real Hero has some kind of ‘causality’ with the one who created the Demon Lords, so I thought that I should only talk to the Pope about this situation and let him make a judgment.”

“What a ridiculous fact I just heard… what should I do…”

Pope Euparo worried. Of course, after all it was pointed out that Yugura, who saved the world and left behind the teachings, or his acquaintance, was the one who created the greatest contraindications.

It was a troublesome fact for the top of religions that advocate the teachings of Yugura.

Marito put his hand on the shoulder of Pope Euparo.

“I, as the King of Tiez will not spread this. Rather, I can’t. Yugura has the highest proportion of believers in Tiez. I can’t cause any extra confusion. So, discuss it with someone you can trust, carefully.”

“… Yeah, Maybe I should take it home and talk to others.”

In this way, a difficult problem that seemed to make a hole in the stomach of Pope Euparo, who was a hard worker, was forcefully poured on him. On the other hand, I was relieved to be able to tell the secret.

However, after he said that he would bring the case back to Mejis, he might say, ‘I should keep it secret. Those who know about this, I must properly deal with them!’ when he reached there. That kind of development was not impossible, after all, no matter how Pope Euparo was a man of virtue, the people around him might not be the same.


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