Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 29

29. The dreaming boy turns away

School uniforms had changed to summer uniforms, and the amount of the heat from the scorching sunlight outside had increased accordingly. 

Since I stopped keeping my pace with Natsukawa, I basically left home at my pace, but… it was already when the sun rose quite high, it was hot. However, getting up early was also a pain…

As expected, summer is not necessary at all.

“… Sh*t”

I went out from home late, so it was not unusual that the area around the school gate was crowded with students. However, due to the heat, all of them were walking like zombies. Even me, I was sure I had that kind of face too. If the world I was in, was ‘that’ kind of world, someone might misunderstand and headshot me.

“Oh…… Ah ~ ha”

When I went down the doorway, I could feel the cold air coming down from the air conditioning in the school building. 

It’s so refreshing…

I took a deep breath in front of the locker for shoes. Looking around, it was full of humans who got reborn by the refreshing air. 

Oi, you there… don’t start flirting the moment it gets cool.

When I reached the front of my classroom, it was at the level where I forgot about summer.

Feeling the turbulent (cold air) that came from air conditioning, I’d never been more pleased with Monday than that day. It was the first time in my life to have a comfortable summer at school. 

I remembered that there was no such facility when I was studying at that shabby Junior High School where the student who didn’t really care about their academic ability and about going to school properly would gather.

When I entered the classroom, I already felt refreshed. 

It’s so cool… what a comfortable space! Now, I’m pumped up for studying… What is the first period again?… Ah, Modern literature? Alright, let’s sleep.

The sweat that emerged from my skin was like a squirrel who woke up from hibernation a little earlier and if I were to wiped it, it wouldn’t appear anymore. [TN: The reason is, Squirrels will sweat from their paw just enough to cool themselves when they’re felling hot (This is just my limited knowledge about it, so it might be wrong)]

Sleep slowly, oh my sweat glands…

When I was being deeply moved by the fact that there was an air conditioner in the classroom, the bell rang… 

I just barely arrived in my class in time…

“Ah! Good morning, Sajo-chi!”

“……… oh ……”


Being called by Ashida, I was astonished… After all… the ‘Thick armor’ had been removed and replaced with ‘pure white equipment’ that was similar to what the boys wear… Yeah, she was wearing summer uniforms for girls.

Am I in Heaven…? Even Ashida looks super dazzling now… 

How strange… I mean, I don’t I feel like that to my sister, though?

“Good morning. It’s bad for my heart, please could you stop appearing in front of me suddenly with such thin clothes?”

“Please could you stop calling the girls’ uniforms as ‘thin clothes’ ? Pervert!”

Well, I mean… Suddenly your defense went down from 95 to 20. And, on the other hand, your attack power against boys has jumped about 17 times. Look, boys have no escape from seeing it except seeing outside the window.

“B, But… I could understand that you wanted to say that the clothes suit me…”

“Huh!? Where’s Natsukawa!?…  Natsukawa in summer uniforms!!!”

“Ha..ha.. You piece of sh*tー!”

Oi, stop it… it hurts… I know it’s my bad, but it’s Natsukawa we’re talking about, I can’t help it… right?

Natsukawa, she was talking with some girls in a friendly manner while sitting in her seat. 

….What a fairy!! It’s the first day of summer uniforms, but why she looks so stimulating?… Well, well, it can’t be help if I’m looking forward to it every year from now on.

Continuing from last week, it seemed that the power to attract people that came from Natsukawa was really effective. 

Now, people were standing in a position where Natsukawa could be barely seen from my angle.

Good, keep doing that.

“Even if you’re so desperately like that, why don’t you go to see her later?”

“Well, Ashida, let me tell you… If I do that, I will feel sorry to Natsukawa-sama if the young ladies leave her because of strange concerns.”

“For the time being, could you explain the difference in treatment between them?” [TN: the MC, call Natsukawa with sama, but the other the just call them ‘young ladies’]

“If two more people go near her, I won’t be able to see the ‘panorama’.”

“Listen to me! And By the way, what do you mean by ‘panorama’, huh?”

When you become an ‘expert’ like me, you’ll understand that it’s better to love it with your eyes and admire them for a far than to actually touch them.

It’s not because I’m afraid that Natsukawa will send me a line of sight saying, ‘If you get any closer, I’ll make you sure you know your place.’. It’s not a lie, after all…… I can go either way (Deep within his heart he feel so).

Oh right. Speaking of going to see someone…

“By the way, Ashida. Last week, Did you go to Natsukawa’s house? “

“Ah, fufu…hmm…”


When I asked about what happened the week before, Ashida’s face… somehow it annoyed me. It was like as if the face saying, ‘Do you want to hear? I know you want to hear, right?’, to me. 

Oh, she’s taking out her smartphone…

Oi! Listen to mー…D-did you take a picture? 

Wait a minute…  is- is it the picture of Airi-chan? Is so, show me please, I know that you’re a good girl… Right? Right?

“You want to see it–?”

“Tch, This girl…!”

Never mind then! I still have my sister’s sleeping face where she was sleeping in living room that I took in secret…  I’ll put up with it for now…

But, I wonder why I took it… I mean, it was a suicide act… I’m not going to die if I get caught.

And ‘4K’ … I mean ‘K4’ ─── Since the image quality is good, if I sell it to those people, I can trade at a high price… Ah, but I think if it’s Yuuki-senpai, who is the cool type amongst them, he will come to hit and beat me up silently.

“Sis… I’m sorry.”

“I don’t really understand, but somehow I feel like, shouldn’t you better erase it?”

“I use it when I want to lie to someone that I’ve girlfriend, so, no way.”

“Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy…”

I’m sure my strict quintuple lock can’t be broken! What? Do you want to know why I go that far for my sister’s photo… Oi! Well, well, you idiot, that’s not all!

“Good morning, Ara-, it’s cool.”

“Good morning.”

In the end, the morning assembly began without hearing the story of Natsukawa. I was not sure, but Ashida, who seemed to be dissatisfied, kicked the back of the chair I was sitting on. 

Ignore, I need to ignore her, after all I’m a serious student (?)… Sensei, there is a bully in this school…


Isn’t summer… quite comfortable?

I noticed around the third period. It was not like I could understand the class, ‘Mathematic-A’, but at least it was so cool enough that I didn’t feel like I was in midsummer. 

As expected, the school is different from others, the investment in the students on here is great. 

Summer is the best! thank you Natsukawa. A toast to Natsukawa… hmm? What was I thinking about?

“Ah, that’s all for today ~”

The lesson ended with a relaxed voice from the teacher who came from Kansai Region. 

Good, even though I don’t understand the class at all, I can feel something is good in this class! After all, I don’t feel bored, and the class feels like in end fast… That’s why I like this ‘Mathematic-A’ class (Not good at it).

“H-Hey, wa- wait a little bit… Sajo-chi!”

“Hm? What?”

Immediately after the class was over, Ashida struck me on the shoulder as if she was in a hurry, when I was preparing for the next class. 

Why are you so impatient?

“What’s wrong with you! You haven’t spoken a word with Ai-chi yet today, aren’t you?!”

“Ah, yeah… Well, the distance is just…”

I mean, I’m at the corner of the classroom near the corridor side, and she is almost at the back of the classroom. So, unless I go out all the way there, I feel that it’s normal for the day to end without us talking a word to each other, right? 

But I’m not planning to go there, you know? After all, I have already burned the image of Natsukawa in summer uniforms… 67 times in my head…

But, as what I expected, Natsukawa was able to talk to people around her. You see, even Sasaki is ther─── Oi, Sasaki! Dare touch Natsukawa even with one finger and I’ll make a hole in all the balls of the soccer club.

Natsukawa was talked to and laughed normally. She looked so cute. 

A natural smiled that she never shown to me. 

Seeing that, somehow, I felt special in a bad way, so trying to talk like that might be difficult.

“… Yeah, I think that’s normal.”

If the environment surrounding Natsukawa keep growing as it is, the annoyance she has to me would definitely disappear someday, and at that time I could get the position near her… well, maybe barely? behind Shirai-san or Yamazaki. 

So now, it’s not the time yet.

“It’s bad to get in the way… well, it doesn’t really matter.”

“In the way… what do you mean by that…”

Ashida blinked in astonishment and I felt a little disturbing air from her.

But if I keep approaching her like ‘Natsukawa’ ‘Natsukawa’ ‘Natsukawa’ (Purposely said 3 times), I might destroy that environment that she built. At least until the rumor, ‘Sajou …? Ah, Natsukawa-san’s this (thumb)?’, that spread in the first grade isn’t gone, I think it’s a bad idea to go near her excessively. [TN: So usually, Japanese use sign for saying they have BF/GF, for GF -> ‘Little Finger’ and for BF -> ‘Thumb’]

“I don’t think… that’s the case…?”

Ashida went to where Natsukawa and Sasaki were.

…… But, I think that’s the case?

….. Ashida. Look around properly… It’s not just about me and Natsukawa… if you think about what the surroundings think about us properly, you’ll know what I mean…

At least for now I shouldn’t disturb that environment around Natsukawa…

Isn’t that better for Natsukawa?


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