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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 98

98. Watching others


My turn was over and now in the third gymnasium, another boy from my class played instead of me.

I’d only seen it for a while, but the match itself was fierce… If I were to say something about it… the battles between them were even.

I didn’t want to admit it but, it was a pretty interesting match. 

Which one will win…? I’m looking forward to it. 

……Now, where should I go?

I took out the timetable, looked where the women’s match was taking place, and leave the court where the fierce battle was still ongoing.

The closest place from here is basketball in the 4th gymnasium… If I’m not mistaken, Shino-san and Minori-san are on the one who participating in basketball… Ah, also, for some reason Yachigusa-san, the loli girl, is also participating in basketball. Is the height difference going to be okay? I guess they decided that because she is a girl who always in high spirit.

But are they still playing? From the schedule, it seems that their match is also early… 

Well, let’s go there first...

If their game is finished… from the 4th gymnasium… I guess the nearest one is the 3rd ground… which mean it’s where the baseball game is…

In addition to Mishima-san, Yuzuka-san is also participating in baseball since she said that she is good at it.

To be honest, I couldn’t imagine how Yuzuka-san, who has an aura of angels, would look like when she’s playing baseball, but, well, it is one of many things that I looked forward in this sports day.

After that, I guess…tennis and table tennis?…

Still, why it takes a lot of time to go to another venue, even though it’s still inside the school!

I’m tired…

Well, not really, but…

I moved my body and headed for the support of the girls of my class.

As I approached the 4th Gymnasium, I gradually felt the heat. As I got closer, the number of girls increased compared to where the men’s match was, and when the girls saw my face, they changed their attitude and with a determined face, they headed for the match venue.

While being impressed that everyone was so enthusiastic, I entered the gymnasium where the basketball game was held. When I stepped into the gymnasium, the gymnasium was surrounded by heat that was several steps higher than the heat I felt outside.

“It’s a fast break!”

“I know!”

It seemed that the opponent took the rebound and was going to fast break….

The girls from my class tried their best to return, but the player of the opponent team cut in alone and made a shoot. It went in, but… The game continued immediately without saying anything after they scored. 

It’s so different with the boys!……

Unlike the match between boys, every time a point was decided, it took a lot of time before the match continued, because they made a lot of noise.

Ah, the team of my class scored. They’re rather good huh… Yeah, everyone is good, but not everyone is a basketball club member, right?

……Well, As expected of girls who were born from excellent women that were selected by the few men, I guess?

…….Only excellent genes survived but, isn’t their level is too high?!

…… It’s so much different, it might be not wrong to say that men are just a small fry compared to them… Well, they’re interesting though…

While thinking about the wonders of humankind that live in the world, I was looking for Shino-san’s team, but… they found me first.


It was Yachigusa-san who called me with such a cheerful voice. She said so while running cheerfully over here. Behind her was Shino-san, who was also running. 

Yachigusa-san happily talked to me when she came to me.

“Huh, did you come to support meー? I’m happyー!”

“Yeah, that’s right, but… it looks like the match is over?”

“The first match is overー.”

“And you won, right?”

When I asked for the result of the match, it was not Yachigusa who answered the question, but Shino-san who finally caught.

“Of course, we win overwhelmingly!”

Shino-san also smiled as if she was satisfied with the result.

“Oooh, congratulations.”

“Eheheー, please praise me moreー.”

“Is there still a match today?”

“Yeah, we have another match, but there’s a little time to spare.”

It was a pity that I couldn’t see the match from start, but I glad that they won. 

Since they’re on break, should I go and see other competitions first?

“By the way, what about the others?”

“Because the game where the students from sport scholarship class started, they’re staying there to see it… And, both of us are getting everyone’s drinks now.”

Speaking of which, they both had plastic bottles in their hands.

…… Shino-san is so friendly, huh, it’s hard to believe that she’s the daughter of the big four nobles.

“Is the scholarship student strong?”

“Wellー, they’re just tall, fast, can jump high, and have a good sense.”

Oi, isn’t that means they’re so strong?!

“Well, we will definitely win!”

Shino-san looked at me with a smug face.

Then, both of them said, ‘Of course!’, and smiled.

…… Where does these people’s confidence come from?


6 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 98”

  1. This entire match seems odd men are rare so the school itself should have only a few total. And it sounds like his class has more then enough to field a team and then some. Same with the other team. This just seems counter to the basic concept for the world. They dont seem to be doing 2 on 2 so I’m seeing 3 or 4 per side.

    1. Hnmm, Just my opinion,…
      Since the author didn’t really write the details like how many student in one class…
      So, Maybe 1 class consist of 3-4 boys, and so maybe they play 2 vs 2 ? (Who knows, since the Author didn’t mention about how many people each teams have) If so, 1 or 2 more boys is in bench…

      Also, As the basic concept of the world, let’s say in one class the girls student are 40? Since the author didn’t really write how many student in one class, So the ratio between male and female, 1 : 10 or 1 : 12 for his class… maybe the lower class has less males in one class?….
      and that’s his school which said, no school fee for male… maybe other normal school, only have 1 or 2 males student per class… or maybe 0?

      *Up to this ch, the author didn’t really mention about this kind of details… so yeah, let’s see how the future ch will be…
      (In my opinion, just don’t think too much since this’s not a really serious story…)

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