Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 13

13. Sonata Campbell

“I’m―― hungry……”

The man crawled a few steps in a prone position and then laid his face down on the ground.

I and Shura… Our faces met.

“He… fainted?”

“It seems so…”

I approached the man with a wooden plate in my hand.

When I put the wooden plate with the bean sprout on it in front of him, the man ate the bean sprout on the wooden plate without using his hands.

It flattened in a matter of minutes.

“You sure? Your share is gone now…”

“It’s all right… I’m used to being hungry. I’m okay without eating anything for about a day.”

As she said so, Shura stabbed a piece of wild boar meat with a fork and presented it in front of me.

“Well, it’s only one bite left…”

Shura raised her chin, saying, ‘Open your mouth.’, so I opened my mouth and ate the wild boar meat.

This will be an indirect kiss, right? Maybe she isn’t the type who cares so much about that kind of…

And… Shura’s face turned red. 

Well, if you’re going to get embarrassed, you don’t have to force yourself to do it, you know…?

Somehow the boar meat was a little sweet and sour. 

I don’t remember seasoning it this way…

There was a part where Shura thought of herself as an ‘adult woman who can do anything’. But to be honest, that kind of thing made her look more like a kid. If I were to say that to her, I was sure that she would be furious, so I kept it to myself.

“Well, wellー! I’m alive, I’m resurrected!… Really, you saved me. boy!”

The man ate the stir-fried bean sprouts and stood up vigorously.

Rough beard, unkempt gray hair. I couldn’t see his eyes because it was covered with a green fedora. The clothes were a green long coat that didn’t look fashionable. He was a man with a mysterious atmosphere.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Sonata Campbell… As you can see, I’ve run out of food! I was almost reaching out to the monsters you know!… Hahaha!”

“If you do something like that, you’ll become a demon…――I’m Seal. “

“I’m Shura.”

“Seal-kun and Shura-chan… You guys are lucky!… Because you met a superstar in such a place! “

Sonata removed the fedora and bowed.

Now that I could see his face after he removed his fedora, I could see that he was quite good-looking.

“You see, I’m a singer!… A wandering musician, or you could say, a Bard!”


“I see, you like to go around, right?”

I turned to Shura, who sat with a stone as a chair.

“Do you know about it?”

“Bard, is someone who sings while traveling, as he said… I’ve seen them several times in my hometown, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it since I traveled.”

“Thanks for the stir-fried bean sprouts… Well, maybe I need to sing one song as a gift?!”

At night when the bonfire burns.

Surrounding it with friends while listening to a song…

――What a wonderful idea.

Well, I hate singing, but I don’t hate listening to someone singing.

…Alright, let’s ask him to sing.

“I want to listen.”

“I also want to hear… Well, I also quite like singing too!”

“Really?!… Alright, then I’ll sing with the lake there as the stage. “

“Lake as the stage?”

Sonata walked towards the lake calmly.

“Oo, Oi! You’ll fall!”

“It’s okay! Even though I look like this, I’m a magician ――――Walking on the water is very easy!

When I was thinking, ‘There is such Magic?’… Sonata put out his tongue. 

Something like a Magic Circle was drawn on Sonata’s tongue, and the tongue shined with the Magic Circle as the starting point.

The light flowed toward Sonata’s feet,

Sonata… he really walked on the water.

“Wow …!”

“Not yet!… After all, I’m a great Magician! ――――On this lake, Even something like flame pillars are easy to make!

He could walk on the water, so I was sure he could do something like that too.

Sure enough, Sonata spawned a pillar of fire from within the lake, illuminating the surface of the water.

“So strange… what he just did?… I couldn’t read the flow of Mana at all … “

After illuminating the area with flame pillars and taking a breath once or twice, Sonata opened his mouth wide.

“Then ladies and gentlemen!… It’s time for Night Music Festival by Sonata Campbell!”


I and Shura applauded…

Sonata spread his arms and began to sing.

――I didn’t remember much from that point onward.

What I remembered were…

That, the childish lyrics that adolescent boys made in the room were lined up.

That, there was an unpleasant treble sounding like ores were being rubbed together.

That, Shura was holding the sleeve of my clothes with teary eyes.

And that, I was sweating my whole body.

When the seemingly endless time was over, and right after the Music Festival was over, I and Shura had collapsed on the spot.

“Thank you so much for listening!”

In short,

――Sonata-Campbell was unimaginably tone-deaf.


“Well―, I sang a song~!… I’m very satisfied!!!”

I and Shura stared at Sonata while covering our ears.

Somehow, Sonata’s skin looked shiny.

“Y-you … are you really a Bard?”

“Ah, as expected you didn’t like it?… Well, my sense is rather uniqueー, so of course, my music can’t be understood by ordinary people~.”

Sonata laughed.

What should I do…? I really want to hit him at least once…

“Ah, that’s right! I’ll give this to you guys!”

Sonata gave me and Shura, a piece of paper.

“What is this?”

“It’s a membership card! of my fan club!”

Membership card…?

Then, I read the letters written on a piece of paper.

” ‘Sonata-Campbell Fan Club Membership Card ――No. 0001, President: Seal’ “

“I have a vice president written on it …”

“That’s right! I’ll appoint you guys as president and vice president of my fan club!… Well, well, you guys are really luc―― please don’t tear it without saying a word like that!”

After that, Sonata tried to sing so many times, And that Every Time, I and Shura stopped him with all our might.

Sonata gave up his shoulders, saying, ‘Aren’t you guys so mean to me?’, And then turned his back on us with his luggage.

“Wait… Where are you going?”

“<Distall>… I want to meet someone there ――I wish that person is still alive…”

Who is it, huh?

So, your friend there is on the verge of death?

“Now? Stop it… It’s dangerous to walk in the forest at night.”

“It’s okay! I’m pretty strong!”

Hmmm, that’s true… I think any magician can easily defeat the monsters around here… but his words are unconvincing, I mean he almost fainted when we saw him. Sure, based on his performance, he seems like a strong Magician, but it’s not only monsters that are scary while you’re traveling.

Sonata waved lightly while saying, ‘See you ~’, then right before he entered the forest, he stopped.

“Ah, I forgot to ask… Are you guys planning to go to Port Town?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Is your final destination <Mother Punk>?”

“That’s right.”

“If so, don’t make a detour… Go straight to <Mother Punk> “

Even without you telling me, I’m going to do that …

… Or perhaps there are some implications behind those words?… well…

“Then, let’s meet somewhere again! President and Vice President!… I’ll let you guys hear a new song when we meet next time! “

“ “No Thanks!!!“ “

I and Shura said so at the same time.

Then, a man named Sonata Campbell, disappeared into the darkness of the forest.

Since it was late at night, Shura and I took turns sleeping.

――”Don’t make a detour”.

‘I wish that I had heard this advice more properly’, In the future, I would think so.

With the old man gone, I soon realized that the world was steadily heading in the wrong direction.


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