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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 97

97. Conclusion of the game






“What theー! Arghh!”

…… The same kind of scene had been repeated since I served.

I was seriously doing serve, I even thought I would make a mistake eventually, but the serve had been steadily entering the opponent court.

And finally, it became a match point.

I thought that such a game would not be exciting, but the venue was lively more than I thought.

The exciting part was where the boys were ruthlessly defeated and where he stood up again without giving up, but the most exciting part was the scene where I jumped to hit the serve.

This was because when I jumped and hit the ball, the gym clothes were lightly rolled up and my navel could be slightly seen. Luckily, I noticed that, so I put my tops in my trousers, but once I did that, I heard a voice of disappointment from all over the venue. Since I couldn’t help it, I put my tops out again.

……These girls, the way they enjoy volleyball is absolutely wrong…

But, the guys form class-2 every time they receive a serve, they would yell exaggeratedly and then roll on the ground.

My serve was by no means a terrific thing that could penetrate human body.

It was just a good serve for an amateur. 

Seriously, what wrong with them!? Seeing their reaction… other people would think that I’m the one who is strange! Seriously, they’re out of their mind.

Even now, some of them still put their hand on the court and looked so frustrated.

“F**k! Why can’t I receive it!”

Right, I wonder why too…

“Don’t give up! We haven’t lost yet!”

“That’s right! It’s still a long way to go, this time I’ll take the Tyrant’s serve and reverse the situation!”

Perhaps they were encouraged by the words, and the other boys from class-2 screamed, ‘Oooo!’.

Stop calling me a tyrant…!

And I could hear someone sneering at the boys from class-2 who were just regained their spirit.

Needless to say, it was the boys from my team.

“They’re really stupid, look at the gap of our point please…”

“Seriously, they can’t understand something that simple, as expected of the boys from class-2.”

“Can’t they realize the difference between our group in this match? Why don’t they just give up already?!”

……The words and actions of these guys are like villains in shounen manga. What’s more, these guys probably forgot that they were fighting evenly until my serve started. I don’t know how could say something so bullish like this even though they barely did anything.

Anyway, let’s continue the game …

I served again as usual. The ball just went to where the player was.

“I don’t think it will always be in!”

The player who received the ball swung his hands together.

At the moment the ball hit, probably to keep up with the momentum of the ball…


A loud noise was heard, and the face of the receiving player was distorted in pain, but the ball went up greatly and crossed the net.

“No way! He sent back the ball?!”


The players from my team who saw the scene raised a voice of upset.

…… No comment

I gave up on commenting their action anymore in my heart and checked the whereabouts of the returned ball.

……This is…

The ball that went up high seemed to have gained more distance than I expected and came to my place, where I did the serve.

Well… it can’t it be helped, right?

I hit the ball directly in time.

The ball went into the opponent courts without touching anyone.

After a moment of silence, the whistle at the end of the match rang. 

And loud applause raised.

「”Hatano-kun is the strongestー!”」

「”The boys from class-2 did their best, didn’t they?”」

「”If you get hurt, I’ll treat you, so come to meー! I, I’m not going to do anything nasty! I mean, I’m a health committee member, so…”」 

「”I was impressed that both teams worked hard!”」

As usual, the audiences were talking about something that didn’t make sense …

Well, as long as they enjoyed it….

However, there were some people who were not satisfied with just having a good match.

I looked at those people… the boys from Class-2. Amongst the boys from class-2 who lost and frustrated by the result, there stood boys from class-1. They were praising each other for the good fights… No, they were hurting the losers even more.

“Did you understand now? The difference between our group…”

“Stop your cheeky mouth, You’re the losing dogs here.”

“F**k! you just win once, and you already became so arrogant…”

As what the boys from class-2 said, they didn’t really have the right to be that arrogant.

“Even if it’s only once, a win is still a win, isn’t it? If you honestly apologize for what you’ve done so far, I’ll forgive you.”

“Hmmph! We are not defeated by you!”

“What’s nonse…”

“Look at that!”

That said, the boys from Class-2 pointed their fingers somewhere.

Beyond that, there was a scoreboard showing that the winner was Class-1.

So, the boys from Class-1 shook their heads and looked at the boys.

“Did your eyes go blind? Isn’t it showing our victory?”

Upon hearing the words, the boys from class-2 laughed.

“Don’t you notice it yet? As expected, the boys in class-1 are not a big deal.”

“What did you say?!”

“Of course, that shows our loss, but we didn’t lose to class-1 teams! We lost to the Tyrant, Kohaky Hatano! Most of the points are due to Hatano! Other than that, we’re equal… No, it’s no exaggeration to say that we were better than you guys!”

And, the other boys from class-2 added,

“That’s right! Even if you say win as a team, you’re actually only relied on Hatano!”

“If you fight without Hatano, you’ll definitely lose… You know it too, so stop making excuses.”

Of course, the boys from my class, who had a high pride, easily provoked.

“… Apparently, I think we need to be thoroughly let them know their place.”

“Yeah, let’s play another game and let them know! Hatano! You don’t have to play this time!”

Well, do you guys plan to do it again?… But, isn’t it impossible because it’s a tournament? I mean, there a need to follow the schedule, right?

I turned to the teacher who was the referee, and the teacher returned a thumbs-up with a nice smile.

…… Apparently, it was okay to do a rematch.

Still, a rematch huh… Well, it sounds pretty interesting …

But,.. good luck!… I’m going to cheer for girls of our class!


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