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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 96

96. Amazing Attack

The boy on the other side of the net was following the whereabouts of the ball with a serious face. 

But please, answer my question first, Oi!… It shouldn’t be wrong for me to say that … but, maybe!… he is the only one who thinks that I’m the King! Yeah, other people wouldn’t think that…… maybe…

“Hatano! Get ready!”

A voice of caution from my teammates came to my ears while I was thinking something that had nothing to do with the match.

When I checked the position of the ball in a hurry, the ball was flying to a good place.

When I glanced at the boy, he was looking at me with an eye that was saying, ‘Come! I’ll stop the ball no matter what.’

…… Somehow, it looks like a face that is prepared to be dented by the ball.

No, No… It’s not like that my personality is bad or something, it just that…. 

While I was thinking something unnecessary, in a good timing, I jumped and hit the falling ball to get the point. I swung my arm that I raised at the highest point. There was a feeling of touching the ball properly in my hand that I swung, and the ball was slammed into the opponent’s court. 


The ball rolled on the court after bouncing a few times, leaving a loud noise. At that moment, the third gymnasium, which was the venue for the match, was quiet for a moment and then shrouded in cheers!

「”Wow! Amazing!”」

「”Yeah! Amazing! So, he’s the king! Truly, He’s the king!”」

「”The King of Kenran High who follows subdued everything…, Kohaku Hatano from class-1…. Amazing…”」

It seemed my action caught the heart of the female student who was the audience.

Very good…

“Nice Hatano! As expected of the King!”

“Look! The guys from class-2 are stunned!”

“Nice Homicide Spike!”

“<Gulping sound>… are you planning to send the boys from class-2 to the hospital?”

“No, I’m not! Wait, more importantly, what’s with Ki…”

“Kohaku Hatano!”

My teammates were also excited and call out one after another. 

Is ‘King’, a common perception of me in this school? 

When I tried to hear about ‘King’ that they kept mentioning, the boy from class-2 who talked to me until just a moment ago, called out my name so as to block it.

“… what is it?”

This guy… You’re not aiming in purpose for blocking my question since a while ago, right?

“It was a pretty spike! I’ll admit it, but! I don’t think it will work next time! Remember, I’ll definitely block it next time!”

“O, okay… well, do your best.”

“Ugh, don’t look down on me! Hmmph!”

I returned a provocative word involuntary, but the truth was, I didn’t particularly provoke him. 

…let me be honest here… you can’t block unless you jump….. if you jump after the ball hits the court, it’s too late…

「”So, that’s the rivalry between men… It’s wonderful!”」

「”Aaaah! If only it’s allowed to take photo…!”」

………… Well, whatever…

However, after that, the ball did not fly to me, and the match between class-1 and class-2 became hot. It was almost the climax.

“… Maybe I should say, as expected of Class-1…”

“Yeah, very hard to deal. And some more the next one to serve is that guy…”


“Right, as far as I can see… same as the spikes he did earlier, the serve will be strong.”

“He, he alone is going to crush us, sh*t!”

” ’I don’t forgive those who rebel…’, is that what he wants to say?”


“Yeah, but we’ll definitely beat him! Isn’t that right?!”

“That’s right! Let’s all do our best!”

………… They keep saying as much as they want, but the truth is… all of that just an excuse. All of these guys, I want to sue them for the damage they did to me by spreading bad rumor!

… Still, the female students in the audience are excited and keep saying, ‘The friendship of men is wonderful.’… I mean, is this really something to be excited about?

But a serve, huh…what to do……? Well, all I have to do is hit it normally, but then my serve alone is likely to end the match, and I feel like it might add another unpleasant rumor about me. 

Should I do a serve from below like everyone else? But, if I do that, what about the spirit of sportsmanship…? Well, I want to teach the guys who keep saying bad about me, a lesson… Especially, I want to hit that leader-like boy.

…… Nah, I’m not going to do that… I’m a man who follows sportsmanship! So, of course… something like that, I won’t…

“Hatano! You did a Homicide Spike, please do something simliar again, the Homicide Serve!”

The words that my teammates said, pushed me……. Alright! As expected, it is not good to hold back.

I went down to the back and threw the ball I had in front a little and hit it at the right time.

The ball I hit made a good sound and headed for the opponent’s court.

It went to the place where the opponent was.

Oh, I hit it better than I expected…

When I was wondering if it would be received, the opponent player was so enthusiastic that he headed for the ball and received the ball on his face.

“Mi, Mizushimaー!”

The boys from class-2 screamed.

“Are you okay, Mizushima?!”

“Urgh … Oh, somehow. But as expected of a tyrant. I’m sure Hatano is aiming for us… he wants to crush us …”

“Sh*t! What a Coward!”

The allegations are terrible! I mean, it’s you guys who keep calling me the tyrant in the first place! 

What’s more, my teammates are looking at me with an indescribable face that is seem like saying, ‘brutal!’

I mean, what do you want me to do! Oi!…. Seriously… But it’s a secret that I’m a little refreshed now.

“Aaaah, Cool! The King who cooooolly kills the enemy is beautiful…”


“Why taking photos are not allowed!”

………… I felt this since a while ago, but those girls, they’re fine with anything as long as it is something that has to with a man.


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