Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 1

1. Chapter 1

The scent was spreading throughout Walm’s nasal passages. It was the smell of human manure and internal organs, a smell he was familiar with.

Although the full clash between the two armies hadn’t yet come, it was true that the battlefield had already started.

Crushing each other, the arrows and magic shot from a long distance kept attacking the poor soldiers, spreading their viscera into the air.

There, Walm’s heart was beating with tense, but still, his feet continued to kick the ground. The poor breastplate was shaking as if to assert itself, making a metallic sound.

Walm had already tried his best to put up with the smell for him to breathe efficiently but now, he was forced to put up with the sight in front of him. 

Couldn’t stand both of it anymore, he screamed.


Words without real meaning. If there was, it must be a primitive meaning of inspiring oneself while threatening the other party. 

On Walm’s hands, he was holding a 2.5-meter-long spear, while the dented armor was protecting his torso and head.

The same for the people around him. In ‘that place’, it was the formal attire. The red-black stains that couldn’t be removed seemed to be the fashion, but those substances were proof of the tragedy of its previous owner. It was as if the stains told Walm eloquently what had happened.

​​Takakura Raizou, or in this new life called, Walm. He was at war.

Walm was at war, but it wasn’t as modern as World War I and World War II that he knew from history, where iron, gunpowder, and science and technology were used abundantly.

It was a medieval war, where iron hit another iron, iron hit people’s bodies, and the body itself used to hit another body. Uniquely, there were 《Magic》, 《Skills》, magic tools or items, and mysterious creatures too. And Walm had tasted all of it.

The man who was once named, Takakura Raizou, received his second life as the third son of a farmer in a world different from the earth.

Walm, who was reborn with a new body and name, enjoyed his youth in the fields and soils. But what waiting for him was the war draft.

Walm and his family had been given money in advance. After one month of training, he then went to the front lines.

If the nation had the strength to spare, regular soldiers who had been trained for many years would be asked to join the war too.

But, to the empire which was in war all year, that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, Walm was one of the people in such a place.

It was determined that a month of training would be sufficient for a large number of infantries. So, the rest of the education was on-site education, something that Walm had experienced in his previous life.

According to Walm, the immediate introduction of OJT (On-the-Job-Training) was the best. After all, if you failed, you would lose your life.

Half a year after he was in military service, Walm survived the first battle, and now, it would be his 11th battle.

The ones who were once on the same military service group with Walm had mostly disappeared, completely. Some had their organs exposed, some had their head crushed, and some had their whole body burned by ‘Magic’. There were many variations in how to die, really… there were a wide variety of ways to die.

Thankfully, the enemy would be the one to perform the cremation and burial. You could say, it was like coming to a death amusement park. It might be not pleasant, but you wouldn’t get bored there.

Walm, who enjoyed a peaceful world, was barely able to stay alive in the first match. But ironically, only Walm remained alive. In a situation where ‘every second matters’, the fact that he could stay alive ―― He had no choice but to laugh at it.

The number killed by Walm was not just a few, it was over dozens. The enemy soldiers wouldn’t disappear even if he were crouching on the ground, even if his hands were shaking, even if his legs were to lose the strength to move. And even if he vomited after he took someone’s life for the first time, there was no one waiting for him.

If there was a chance, his comrades would kill the enemy soldiers from the side, but Walm, who had experienced the battlefield many times, already stopped expecting it.

It wasn’t the Highserk Empire, his homeland, or God’s guidance that saved him, but the 2.5m spear temporarily lent by the Empire and the 90cm longsword he picked up at the battlefield.

On a battlefield, everyone was equal. Walm believed so from the bottom of his heart. Death came fairly to men and women of all ages.

In that kind mess of thought, Walm had reached a distance where he could clearly see the other person’s face.

It was a light infantry of the Liberitoa Trade Federation that Walm had tired of seeing. Although he was a militia from the enemy’s country, he might be in the same situation as Walm. He speculated that everyone was pale because of anxiety due to the lack of experience.

The two were approaching the deadly distance. The tip of their spear crossed without any signal. The enemy’s spear approached Walm’s body, but it hit the breastplate. Scratching it, he parred the attack with his half body, and the spear deviated.

Walm was exempted from collapsing together. The spear he held at the waist was then aimed at the enemy soldier’s throat, and he thrust it. The enemy soldier tried to deflect it with the spearhead of the spear he just pulled back, but the real aim was the lower body without armor.

The enemy soldier distorted his face when he felt the spear stuck in his thigh. The wound that might have reached the bone caused severe pain to the body and instantly robbed a large amount of blood.

An enemy soldier, who barely held the spear and couldn’t resist the spear thrust by Walm again and again, sank to the ground. There was a sign of him breathing, albeit it was only a slight, but since he fell to the ground in the front line, what was waiting for him was, crushed to death by the footsteps of the army.

Too bad…

Walm turned away from the soldiers who were trampled by both armies.

Another soldier switches to the vacant spot. But even though the soldier had a pale face like the last one, Walm felt the soldier that just came was better than before.

The battle with the tip of a spear happened, but the battle couldn’t be settled by just that. Walm thought the soldier might be a disposable one since he was in the front line, but unfortunately, the soldier didn’t seem to be a virgin in combat.

The tip of their spear was hitting each other violently. The Liberitoa soldier flicked the tip of the spear from below, stepped in, and smiled as he was convinced of his victory. But, Walm bowed and accepted the attack using his head.

Walm was wearing a cervelliere on his head. From the frontal bone to the parietal bone, it was protected by a circular bowl made of iron. The neck was protected by the chain, and the temporal region was protected by a flat plate extending from the bowl to the cheeks.

The spear hit the temple of Walm’s left side but, it slipped and deflected upwards.

Clenching his teeth, Walm held the dull pain. He then thrust his spear into the face of the Liberitoa soldier, who was not smiling anymore, twice.

The first thrust was on the cheek, and the second one was to the eye. The spear tip went through the eyeball, causing fatal damage to the brain. By the time Walm repositioned his spear, the enemy soldier who lost his life was like a doll with a broken thread, falling on his feet.


Walm gave off curse words in a small voice. He had killed two people, but of course, the battle wouldn’t end with just that. Another enemy soldier jumped into Walm while growling.

Walm thrust his spear to intercept the soldier as if he refused to associate with the soldier, who suddenly came like a bloodthirsty hungry wolf, but the spear was repelled by the armor.

Armored from the feet to the headstands in front of Walm. Considering the equipment, it was a difficult enemy perhaps the commander of ten soldiers or the commander of a small platoon.

The two-handed sword that was unleashed with momentum approached Walm’s throat.

Abandoned the spear and caught the sword with the round shield that Walm took from his back. Unlike the attack he received up until now, the blow was really heavy. From that blow, he felt the high skill of the enemy.

The round shield was scratched diagonally, and the impact left behind caused Walm’s palm to become numb.

Walm learned from experience that it was a bad idea to rest your hands and give control of the combat to the other party. So, he pulled out the longsword and slashed it from the bottom toward the throat, but it was repelled by the back of the soldier’s hand.

Tilted the round shield to the left to parry the two-handed sword swung down from the top. 

Walm parried with shield Illustration

The shield was scratched again and an intersect of the slash with the previous slash could be seen on it.

Walm felt nervous thought that he couldn’t stand the third slash. There were also differences in armor, and if he tried to slash each other, he would inevitably lose.

Walm was ready to step on, folded his shoulders, put his weight on it, and pushed it in with a round shield. It would be a momentary push, but there was also the fact that it was immediately after the big swing, so the enemy soldiers lose their posture slightly behind.

Use the situation where the view was blocked by the round shield to push the longsword into the soldier’s feet from the back of the shield.

The chains hung down from the waist to thighs, so only the cutting edge pierces the skin, but the enemy soldier who received the sharp longsword leaked his voice.

The soldier flew back while swinging down the two-handed sword but seeing that he was not standing on the ground properly, Walm didn’t miss the opportunity.

The slash was slower than the previous speed, and Walm was able to look ahead. He stepped more than the enemy to close the distance and thrust the blade from below as if he was rubbing it up with armor.

“Uhhhhh, Aarggh?!”

When the blade entered through the lower jaw of the enemy soldier, it broke open the palate and reached the brain. The enemy soldier who lost his strength momentarily stuck further to the tip of the sword under his own weight. Walm didn’t even have to confirm.

To divert the load on the sword, Walm threw it sideways. Everyone was focused on the opponent in front of them, but one of the enemy soldiers noticed Walm.

“The Platoon Commander?!”

Walm saw the soldiers around him upset. A scream-like shout was heard as the offensive moves accelerated accordingly.

“He’s a Magic User!!!”

When the magical power swirled from the group of enemies, a fireball was released from the soldier’s hand. Walm reflexively raised his shield and bent to the ground. The fatal destruction that he was afraid of did not come, and it landed a few meters away.

The blast caused the hair to thicken and the skin to become hot. Walm bitterly smiled as he managed to avoid a direct hit with his shield and fellow body. The two who got hit directly were miserable.

Walm’s eyes, which had become accustomed to the battlefield, reflected the misery of his friends. One had his arms burned to the middle and was torn apart, and the other’s head had completely disappeared. Fresh pieces of meat stuck to the helmet he wore, leaving burnt blood.

Some people threw spears at the abominable Magic User, but while being protected by the soldiers around them, they slipped into the formation. The enemy Magic User soldier was cherished like their own first son, and Walm spitted out, saying he was really envious.

Walm learned that even in a world where one in ten has some magic aptitude, the one who could use Magic was treated as rare and was more valuable than ordinary soldiers.

‘Most of the time, they support from the side or back of the infantry, but probably the Liberitoa Trade Federation feel the unfavorable situation, now they mix them inside the infantry’, Walm thought so.

Mixing with the hustle and bustle of people, Walm could hear the roaring sound of explosions and the wind noise of wind Magic. Seeing an ice spear extending from the back of a friendly army piercing the enemy’s shoulder with a shield, Walm slammed his longsword horizontally so as not to miss an opportunity.

The longsword broke through the defenses of the soldier’s arms and slashed his throat.

Blood spilled out like a broken water pipe, and the enemy soldiers squeezed their throats in distress, but as Walm expected, they only extended their lifespan by tens of seconds.

Furthermore, when the third person that Walm killed on that day, a voice that determined the war situation that he had been waiting for roared from a distance.

“Friendly troops have pushed the sides!”

While the infantries were holding up in front, the light infantry overtook the enemy’s side forces and assaulted the main force from the side.

In the unfavorable situation, whatever the commander of the Liberitoa army did, couldn’t turn over the situation anymore, he did a bad job as a commander.

“Don’t stop!! Keep pressing!! The enemy formation has collapsed!!!”

While raising the blood-soaked sword to heaven, the Squad Commander’s voice echoed. The soldiers responded with as much roar as possible.

The enemies who stood up in the onslaught from the front and sides tried hard to rebuild their formation, but the collapsed unit began to run, and the formation was torn into pieces.

The semi-siege from the one-wing breakthrough that Walm experienced many times was being completed. It was a tactic that the Highserk Empire was good at.

The left side of the enemy which was left on the battlefield was a soldier whose command system did not work properly, a soldier who continued to fight despite the situation, and a soldier who prioritized escape.

And so, the soldier of the Highserk empire started to attack the Liberitoa army which lost its function as an army, lost half of the soldiers, and was running all over the place to save their own life.

Arrows and spears attacked soldiers who threw away their weapons and shields and the ones who tried to escape. The soldiers who caught up on their run were thrust with a war hammer into the back of their heads.

Some of the old strong men could hold a few numbers of the Highserk troops, but now they were beaten and slaughtered from the top of their armor, or they attacked with five or six spears together, and so their last resistance was just a vain manner.

In a two-hour battle, the Liberitoa Trade Federation lost 60% of its troops, and the conflicting borders were greatly inclined to the Highserk Empire.

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