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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 95

95. Premonition of fierce fight

The match had begun.

It was a confrontation of fate, a battle of the boys from class-1 and class-2. As a matter of course, there were many female students who watch the game because the players were boys from the upper class. Moreover, the two teams were hostile to the other, so it was expected to be a very exciting match …

“Now, let’s teach the boys from class-1 the reality…”

The match started with two sets of serves. The server was a boy with glasses, and he looked very confident.

By the way, it was a one-set match with a rally point system in a six-person volleyball, which was a rule decided by school. From the semi-finals, it seemed that it would be a long-running three-set match.


The boy with glasses screamed with enthusiasm, waving his hand and swinging vigorously.

…… From the bottom.

The boy hit the ball it went from bottom to up and slowly headed toward our place. There was nothing special about the serve, and the place where the ball fell was exactly the position where there was the player from Class-1. It was just on the opposite side of where I was, so I was looking at the slowly approaching ball and thought that the students from Class-2 who were so confident, the serve he did was not so strong.

And a boy from my team received the serve. At that moment, the student who received the ball, screamed in agony!


The received ball went out of the court without rising.

………… Hmm?

When I saw the scene, I can’t help but wondering it in my heart.

Well, I know that receiving ball is unexpectedly difficult, and if you aren’t in volleyball club, that kind of thing would be normal.

Alright, I need to play carefully too! 

Then, I could hear the voice of my teammates.

“Are you okay?”

“… Well, well, it’s dangerous. Look, the arm you used to receive the ball is so red. It must be ridiculously powerful.”

“Oh, you’re right, it’s red. Oi, are you okay?”

“Yeah, somehow …”

“I beg you, if you keep going like this, the guys from class-2 will be arrogant.”

“I know. We have to tell them their place…”

……………… Huh?!

I was stunned. 

If what they’re talking is true, then that serve is incredibly powerful, regardless of how it looks. I didn’t saw it have a fast speed, but did it become a stronger serve because it fell from up?…… No, but it didn’t go up so much… But, isn’t it normal that your hand turned slightly red after received the ball?

Then, the ball returned to the boy with glasses and the match continued.

“Hah…, so the boys in class-1 just this much?”

The boy with glasses on the server seemed to provoke us. 

There mustn’t be a guy who fall for such a visible provocati…

“What did you say?! That was just a fluke!”

Yeah, there is. After all, boys have high pride, and they have no resistance to provocation. Please, calm down.

“Hey, calm down, he’s provoking you on purpose.”

I tried to call out to the boy who got on the provocation.

“I know without being told! I, I’m not falling for any provocation!”

Lie! You are! You had completely fallen for it!

「”Boys who became serious over something is cute, right?”」


「”Is his arm okay? It looks like it’s getting red…”」

「”I’m worried.”」

「”I want to cool it down…”」

I could hear the audience’s voice in my ears. Apparently, the audience was looking positively.

Well, I’m not surprised, after all, this girls in here like to pamper boys! But I don’t think it’s cute if they purposely say it. 

That said, I think we’ll lose if it keeps going like this …?


And another serves from the glassed boy. It flied slowly like before. The ball went to the same place as before.

How about this time?

“Don’t think you can get through twice!”

Oooh! This time the ball got up on the court properly.

“Good, nice! Let’s go!”

“I’ll decide to come!”

And the toss went up and became a chance to do a spike.


And a spike was released!…. But, unfortunately, the jumping power was not enough, and he could only hit with his fingertips.

The ball returned to the opponent’s court. However, it fell to a place where there was no opponent player and became a set of points.

Oh, we got point. Nice play? I guess…

Then, boy from my team who was provoked earlier was provoking back.

“Haha, as you can see, if I do it a little seriously, we’ll win immediately, so at first I just gave you a service.”

“Urgh! Even though it’s just a fluke…”

The boy with glasses curse without trying to hide their regrets. Apparently, he didn’t have any resistance to provocation.

They’re the same…

Oops, I need to move…

The right to serve came to my team, so we rotated our position clockwise. Now, I was in the position of an attacker, and my eyes met the boy from class-2 over the net.

“Hmmph! Kohaku Hatano…”

I didn’t reply anything and just saw him with my eyes telling, ‘What?’.

“It seems like you’re pretending to be the King, but I’ll let you know your place!”

“Wait a secoー”

“Even if you are a King, it must be just a joke, you’re just..the Shameless King!”

“I said, wait a minute.”

“Hmmph! The serve has come. Even if you try to confuse me with words, it won’t go well.”

The boy in front of me began to concentrate on the ball.

As I said, wait a minute! I’m not pretending to be the King! 

What’s that…? Please tell me why you’re saying like that to me!


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  1. Come on mc show these weakass children your power, show them the result of your daily exercise, SHOW THEM WHO’S THE KING!!!

  2. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    the boys in that world degenerated asides from looks it seems.
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