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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 28

This ch is also from Aika Natsukawa POV
Next will be back to MC…

And for the one who’re interested, the manga for this just came out recently… I’m not sure if it’s translated yet.

28. Goddess’ conflict

My classmate was in my house. Airi was delighted that it suddenly became lively, and when she hugged each one, she suddenly smiled. Seeing such a younger sister made me smile too. And I thought that it was good to let them come.

“Airi-chan, I’m Takaaki. Ta-ka-a-ki”


“Ahaha! She said Takaki! It’s Takaki-kun〜!”

“It’s Takaaki!”

Everyone was trying to hold Airi and made her remember their name. 

Since they rarely meet… they would be very happy if they happened to meet her outside and know that she remembered their name.

“So cute〜, I’ll take her home!”

“Huh? N, no!”

“Then what about Ai-chi?!”

“What are you talking about…!”

Kei was approaching me while twisting the body and I tried to stop her with both hands. I pressed her cheeks she tried to approach me. Her mouth sticked out a little and her cute face looked like an octopus. Seeing that, I can’t help but to laugh a little.


“Ta, ta, Takaaki!”

“Yes! Takaaki!”


“Oh! Finally, she remembered everyone!”

“Wow wow!”

At the end Airi remembered everyone’s name including Sakaki-kun’s name. She was praised and rubbed by everyone. While looking at the place where she was happy, Airi saw the face of Okamoto-san, who was on good terms with Shirai-san, and smiled. 

Oh, that… I’m sure she forgot her name.


“Airi, come here.”


When I called her name, Airi ran up to me. I hold her and stroke her head. Then, she squinted as if she felt comfortable. 

Yeah, she’s cute. This child, I’ll will protect her no matter what.

“Now, now, everyone said their names at once, so of course Airi-chan got confused!”

“Let’s stop it nowー.”

“The anxious face is also cute …”


I guess, she can’t remember anymore… Even excluding Kei, there are four people. I mean, even myself, when such a number of people suddenly told me their name, I can’t remember all of them. When Kei and I met, at that time, I was talked to by a group of girls who’re in volleyball club, but I was able to remember her name immediately because she was the first one who gave me her name. It was the same when she first came to my house… Kei may be good at that kind of thing.

“You remember a lot. you tried your best already. Airi.”



Okamoto-san collapsed when she saw Airi laughing. She cried while saying, ‘Airi is a good girl’ or ‘You did your best’. But she was laughed bitterly by Shirai-san. The truth was that I also had a similar experience when I saw the smile of Airi that looked like an angel.


The weight on my arm increased. Kei saw Airi and spilled a small voice. 

Oh, you’re getting sleepy?… Well, you play a lot today so I can understand that you get tired earlier than usual.

I laid Airi in a safe place and closed the visit. Then I went to the front door with everyone and saw them off.

“Thank you for today, Natsukawa.”

“Airi-chan was cuter than the photo!”

“Fufufu, right?”

“Ai-chi is cute too!”

“I’m tired of hearing it.”

Everyone gave their impressions. Obviously, they couldn’t help but to love Airi after seeing her in person. 

If there is someone who tried resist their feeling when seeing Airi, that person is without a doubt a fool…

Well, I’ll continue to look at Airi’s sleeping face…!

“Ah, but it may be difficult to bring other person to your place for a while.”


“I mean, we filled her up just by remembering our name.”

“For now, it’s four peopleー. Well, even if Natsukawa-san said it’s okay to come to her house, Airi-chan might not be able to handle it.”

That’s true… I mean even Shirai-san tried so hard to make Airi remember her name after she first introduced herself. If I bring another people to my house in this way, Airi’s head may exploded. It seems everyone is thinking about Airi properly…



“… Tha, thank you ………”

“A〜〜! Ai-chi〜!!”

“Kyaa… He-Hey!”

When was the last time I could express gratitude to someone who is not a family member like this…? 

While feeling shy, I managed to put it into words, and Kei with a big smile hugged me from the front.

“Cute…! Ai-chi, you’re so cute…!”

“Ke, Kei …?!”


“Hey, no! Sasaki-kun, don’t look! Don’t look at anything!”

“What do you mean by anything?!”

Okamoto and the others were trying to hide Sasaki’s eyes as I was about to released myself from Kei. Apparently, when viewed from the side, we looked a little ‘strange’. Knowing that, I forcibly released myself from Kei.

“H,hey…! What you suddenly doing that!”

“I,I’m sorry… I can’t control it anymore …”



“What’s that …”

I’m grateful, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything to me! Seriously…Wh-where did you try to put your face just now!

When I was talking at the front door, the sky was dyed red. It was the beginning of summer. So, based on the position of the sun… it seemed like it was already a good time to go back.

“Airi like the surroundings to be lively. Maybe Airi wants to meet everyone again, so until that time.”

“Yeay…! I can see her again!”

“So, this mean, we’re booked for the next time, right?”


Everyone who talked about Airi. But that was not a bad thing… Even me, who was easy to get upset, I was able to look at the scene with a gentle feeling.

However, my feelings were blown away in an instant by Airi who suddenly got up.

“───Mmm〜… Takaaki ………”


“Huh…? Airi-chan?”

Airi, who came out of the open door, clung to Sasaki’s leg, who was about to go back home. It was like a younger sister who loved her elder brother…

“Ahaha … Speaking of which, Sasaki-kun, you’re a real elder brother, right?”

“Isn’t your younger sister jealous if she ever to see this?”

“Yuki also had such a cute time…”

“Ah! You’re the worst! You’re supposed to say, ‘She is still cute even now’! I feel sorry for your younger sister!”

Sasaki-kun gently stroked Airi’s head as if he was her elder brother. Airi accepted it with a pleasant face and was about to go to sleep as it was.

“………… Heyー, Airi.”

“Hmm …? Onee-chan …?” [TN: Onee-chan mean, elder sister, it’s cuter to leave it in Japanese, so yeah…]

When I called Airi, she walked to me with a sleepy face. I picked her up as it was. Then, Airi entrusted her body to me and back to slept again. 

Well, Children sleep early… 

This strange feeling has eased a little when I saw that Airi was absolutely entrusted herself to me.

“………… Ai-chi?”

“… She falls a slept huh. Sasaki-kun, I’m sorry for Airi.”

“No, it’s okay. It reminded me of my sister’s childhood too… How nostalgic…”

“I see……”

With that the visit of my classmate to my house was finally ended. Everyone smiled, waved their hands, and went back home. After I waved back to them a little, I turned my white eyes to the side.

“… Won’t you go home?”

“Ehehe … Ai-chi, can I stayed at you place tod──”

“Go home”


She’s still shrewd as usual. Never miss the chance.

She’s still in uniform and she don’t bring any clothes to change into. It’s not impossible to lend her, but the size….. If a tall athletic girl tells me that my clothes is too big or baggy, I’ll start fasting! In the first place, she doesn’t plan to stay over, right?

After seeing off Kei, I returned inside. It was still before dinner, so I couldn’t just keep Airi asleep.

When I gently put her down on the sofa in the living room, Airi opened her eyes.


“Hey, Airi.”

“Ara, did your friends go home already?”


My mother who was cooking in the kitchen looked at me with a smile. She looked very happy because I didn’t bring my friends to home that often. Those warm eyes were more directed to me than Airi. 

Uh, somehow, I’m embarrassed…

While I was feeling strangely uncomfortable, Airi mysteriously asked me,

“… What about Takaaki………?”



For some reason, I said in a little cold tone. I didn’t even know why. Perhaps it sounded like I was angry to Airi, so she looked at me with an uneasy expression. 

In a hurry, I sat next to her and hugged Airi tightly as if nothing happened.

Perhaps Airi thought that I wasn’t angry, she looked up at me with a smile and entrusted her body to me.

“Airi, did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yeah, it was fun…!”

“Is that so? That’s good.”

Perhaps Airi was completely awakened by me who kept putting her on my lap and putting her down, and her voice sounded energetic again. 

As expected, children get tired quickly and recover quickly, huh. Could she sleep properly tonight?

“Airi. Did you remember all of their name?”

“Yeah! I remember!”

“Is that so?… Who do you remember the most?”


“Yeah, you see…?”

You see..? What? What am I trying to say just now?

Isn’t it fine? Sasaki is really an older brother who has a younger sister. He was very kind to Airi. That’s why she missed him so much that she hugged his leg like that. There’s nothing strange about it…

『”You remember a lot. you tried your best already. Airi.”』

『”For now, it’s four peopleー“』

『”I mean, we filled her up just by remembering our name───”』


Airi enjoyed herself and did her best to remember everyone. I think it’s a fresh experience for her… and will be an important memory that will last for years to come… To be loved by a kind elder sister and elder brother… I think it’ll be a very happy memories and will only a positive effect on Airi.

And yet ……… why?

Why am I feeling uneasy… and somewhat annoyed… deep down in my heart like this?



“Nothing… just don’t hug other people.”


I think I said it with a gentle smile and a gentle voice. To be honest, I don’t think I needed to say it. But if I didn’t say it, somehow, I can’t feel satisfied.

“Airi, you see…”


What am I thinking?? This is strange… it’s not like the usual me. I mean, I always hated it. Absolutely I’ll never allow bad influence to come near Airi. That’s why I decided not to let any of them meet her. And I should have intended to do that too in the future, but───

“─── Another one… Can you remember another one?”


Yuki : “Onii-chan….?” [TN: Seems like Sasaki’ younger sister got some premonition?…Btw, Onii-chan mean elder brother]


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  1. I don’t understand Natsukawa at all (other than that she’s a sis-con).
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    1. Yeah, I completely agree. You could skip this POV and it wouldn’t matter 1 bit in the story. It didn’t clarify anything about FMC’s feelings for MC.

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