Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 94

94. Sports day, starts

It had been a while since the girls in my class had a conflict with the group of scholarship students, and finally the sports day was held, and it was the day for the first grade.

The preparations that had been made at the Student Council were successfully handed over to the teachers, and the tournament began without delay.

There was also a greeting at the start of the event. It was the principal who gave a greeting, but it was uselessly long. Perhaps the greeting for those kinds of event were always stylized to be long.

However, the students who were supposed to hear such a greeting did not listen to the principal’s speech at all and were enthusiastic about the battle that was about to begin. Somehow, I could electric sparks coming out from all of them, it was tingling atmosphere.

I’m amazed by how a school events could be so tense like this….. there won’t be injured person, right?

When I was thinking about the events, the long talk of the principal was over, and instead the PE teacher started talking about precautions.

“All of the students! It’s great to be so enthusiastic about the tournament, but please be sure to follow rules and play fairly! Refrain from unreasonable play! I really ask you not to get injured! This is a request from my heart. Please! “

………… It should have been a precaution, but somehow it sound like a plea. I wonder what happened in the past tournaments… I’d like to know about it a little, but… is this school really okay?

After the PE teachers told us about the precautions, the event finally started, and the students went to each sport venue.

Well, should I also go to the volleyball venue now?

I took the timetable with the map for each venue out of my pocket and see where I should go. 

Where the volleyball will be hold is… it’s a volleyball boy, so it is the third gymnasium… 

I checked only where the venue for my match will be held and headed for it as soon as possible. 

On the way to the venue, I checked where the girls of my class would have their match. 

Well, the girls are asking me to come and support them if I have time, so I’ll go see it as long as time permits……. They’re so motivated, it’s definitely worth seeing.

Oops, the basketball venue where Shino-san participate in is near, maybe I’ll go to her place first when my game is over……. Who her first opponent? 

I took a look at the tournament table on the paper. The tournament table for the girl division is big.

Well, the number of girls is a lot…

For the basketball, the teams were divided into four blocks. It seemed that the teams that rank 1st and 2nd in the same block will form a new block and compete for the championship again.

It’s a long way, huh… There is no team of scholarship students that she was arguing in her block for now. Is everyone from my class count this as lucky?

…Well, for the time being, I should think about my match….

I entered the venue where my volleyball game was going to be held.

………… Is it okay to say that it is the highlight of today? I mean, a good number of boys were gathering in this place. But, looking at it again, this school has many boys, huh.

Still unlike girls, there is a calm air flowing through here. Well, there aren’t any reward to motivate us. 

I went to a place where the boys from my class were gathering and waited for the start of the match.

But then, I heard an enthusiastic voice.

「”Everyone, let’s crush the guys from class-1!”」

「”It’s a good opportunity to prove that we are better.”」

「”Really…, even though we are more suitable to be in class-1 … the staff of this school who put us into class-2 really can’t see our worth…”」

When I turned my face to the voice, there was a group of boys staring at me for some reason…….  

Well, I guess they’re the guys from class-2,…

“Them again huh…, as usual, their pride is still high.”

And, one of the boys from my class muttered so.

“Do you know about them?”

“What? Hatano, you didn’t you know them? They’re guys from class-2. Always jealous of the boys in class-1.”


“Well, that’s because they’re delusional that they’re better than us without knowing their own place. You knew too right? that this school recognized the one in the upper class as superior. Yet, they’re dissatisfied with that.”

“Ah, I see…”

“Yeah. The guys who have a high pride. They’re really annoying right?”



“No, nothing.”

…… Sh*t, I’m almost said, ‘Boomerang… do you ever hear about that word?’…. Calm down, I need to calm down and restrain myself…

“Is that so? Well. Let’s show them where~ they belong. Let’s win in the first match.”

“Oi, so they’re our opponent in the first round?!”

“Hmm? I mean you should at least check the opponent in the first round, right? Aren’t you too carefree…?”

If this is a manga, they would be the opponent of the final match!

Damn! If I had confirmed the opponent when I saw the paper a while ago, I wouldn’t have had to be commented like this!

But, hey! Maybe they could hear us talking too, now their eyes stared at us more menacingly than before!

“Wellー, Hatano is sometime like that.”

“Right? It’s like he thinks that he’s the coolest.”

“Too bad that he’s only so nice to girls~”

Another boy from my class also joined… came to dissing me.

How could this happen! I have to regain my honor…!

“It’s not that I’m too nice, just that you guys are too mean to them!”

When I said that, the boys of my class looked at me with an eye that said,

‘Hmm? As expected, I don’t understand this guy.’

Don’t look at me with that kind of eye!

In the meantime, the number of girls who came to see the match has increased at the venue.

The game was about to start.


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