Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 93

93. Preparation

Now, the Student Council was busy. Everywhere in the school was also busy in preparation for the upcoming sports days.

As a member of the Student Council, I was also doing some works too. By the way, I was sorting the sheets filled with the contestants collected from each class by the type of participation after confirming that there were no mistakes. It was a simple task, but it was a lot, so it was a hassle.

Others were heading to check the tools and venues that would be used at the competition, and some were typing something on their computer.

“Huft, let’s all stop and take a break.”

The Student Council President called out to encourage the other to take a break.

I also heard the voice, so I stopped the work, and rested my arm. As expected, there were so many which need to be checked that my shoulders were starting to get tired. When I turned my shoulders around to loosen them, a cup of tea was placed in front of me. Looking at it, it seemed that a senior, who was a secretary, made it for me.

“Thank you”

When I thanked her, she said, ‘Don’t mind’. After all she made everyone’s share, and after a little chat, she returned to her seat. The Student Council President spoke as she was drinking the tea.

“It’s been a long time since the Student Council was busy, but are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s okay. I just need to sort the documents…”

“Well, it’s a tedious job.”

Yeah, it’s not wrong at all…….

“Well, it’s a bit easy because the days of the event, the teachers will be the one to manage it. But, for that, we have to prepare well.”

“That’s right, but the days of the events are different depending on the grade, right?”

“Well, the schedule is set for three days in each grade. Even though there are many fields and gymnasiums, it is impossible to do it all at once in all grades.”

“But the ranking is decided by the points, isn’t it? How do you exactly decide?”

“Hmm? Didn’t you hear the rules?”

“Well, girls are pretty excited for sure, but boys don’t know in detail because it doesn’t matter what the ranking is.”

“Aaaa, I see……”

The Student Council President muttered, ‘Surely boys have nothing to do with it.’

“Well, the boys part needs to be improved in the future. Well, what is it again… how to decide the ranking, right? It’s simple, it’ll be using an elimination tournament system for each sport and the ranking will decided by that.”

Elimination tournament huh? I guess if it’s using Round-robin system it will takes too much time….

“Of course, the ranking of boys doesn’t matter. And, from the start, the number of girls is different between the upper class and the lower class, so the lower class can enter more and the chances for them are expanded.”

“Oh, the lower classes seem to work hard … Hmm? But in a tournament, the teams that lost in the beginning, won’t they be free?”

“Yea, but in that case, you either watch another game or take a special supplementary class in the large lecture room.”

“Supplementary class… Is there anyone who takes it?”

“Yeah, it’s very popular every year because everyone is trying to get better and go to the upper class.”

…… Ah, so they really thinking that they must make an effort to get a good man?

I want to praise that attitude, even though the source of that is only ‘lust’!

“By the way, what will Hatano-kun participate in? Men’s rankings don’t matter, but they have to participate, right?”

“Oh, I will participate in volleyball.”

“Volleyball huh? It seems that there might be many spectators in volleyball court when Hatano-kun comes out…”

Ah, As expected there will be many, huh? Alright, Let’s do my best not to be ashamed…

A few days after the day I helped Student Council’ works, when I went to school, it was kind of noisy in front of the classroom.

A large number of students gathered in front of the classroom. Someone seemed to be arguing at the center of the crowd. 

They’re so energetic from the morning, huh…

In any case, I had to enter the classroom, so I approached the place where the students were gathering. Then, as a matter of course, I could hear the voices of the gathering students, who were arguing.

“If you don’t go back to your classroom early, you’ll be late for class.”

The voice I heard was the voice of Shino-san, who I knew very well.

I thought it was unusual for Shino-san to argue with people, but when I looked at the center from the crowd, there was a group centered around Shino-san…

… tall?

There were groups of people who seemed to be about 180 cm, and they were in tune with each other. And the girl at the front of the group answered Shino’s words.

“I still have time, so it’s okay. You don’t have to be so intrusive like that. We just came to see the classroom that we will use for a week or so.”

Hmm? Use for a week …?

“Do you feel like you have already won? I think you’re too quick to jump into conclusion.”

“You don’t have to worry. I’ll definitely win the championship …”

Shino-san and the girl glared at each other.

Ah! I see… Are these people the students from class with mostly the sports scholarship students… so… they come to declare war?

However, the motivation of the students was getting even more high, which seemed that the event was anticipated by the students more than I expected.

“I see~, You’re so full of confidence huh… if you’re not careful enough, you might fail.”

“I’m not going to fail, though? I’m just not going to a smartass.”

“… Muscle-brain.”

“… Nerd.”

“Big muscle-brain!”


“I’m not fat! I’m well-balanced ?!”

“But, that’s too soft!!”

…… What a fierce battle!

After arguing like this for a while, the group of sports scholarship students left calmly.

“… Urgh~~~”


Somehow Shino-san was groaning.

“Uhmmm ~~ Annoying~! I’ll show you that too confident like that is not good! Everyone! Let’s beat them and silence their mouth!”

The girls who heard the words became enthusiastic about the soon to be held sports days, and everyone screamed, ‘Let’s win!!’.

Aaah, everyone is full of energy too today.

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