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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 92

92. Sports day

“Alright! Everyone listens to me carefully. As you all know, soon will be the sports days. Today’s homeroom will decide the players, so everyone should think about this seriously!”

Shino-san was standing on the podium and was proceeding with today’s homeroom.

Well, that was not surprising because Shino-san was the chairman of the class. Shino-san was the daughter of Toukain household, one of the four major aristocrats, and she had a bright personality and a charisma that attracted people. That was why everyone liked her, and even at class meetings, Shino-san’s progress went smoothly …

For some reason, the atmosphere of everyone in the class on that agenda was different from usual, and I felt that they were enthusiastic but serious.

And I thought, ‘At most, we just need to decide who will participate in the sports days right?’.

Shino-san continued talking as if she answered my question.

“Everyone is listening to the recent rumors?… Hmm, maybe some people aren’t? Maybe you’re wondering why we need to be so serious about this event… but…”

Shino-san cut off the story, and then said the answer.

“If you lose, the class will be replaced.”

When Shino’s voice echoed in the classroom, I heard a rumbling sound from somewhere.

…… But I… I mean men, don’t care about this.

Hmm, but the atmosphere in here is more serious than I expected… let’s have a serious face too…

“Hey, I heard that rumor, but is that really true?”

“Yeah, I was wondering too, so I looked it up, but it seems to be true. If we lose, the classes will change … but that doesn’t mean for forever, it’s like just for a week.”

“I, I see…. I’m glad it wasn’t forever …”

The question was asked by Mishima-san, who had a faint desire to deny it, but, Shino-san’s answer, denied that desire head-on. Well, it can be helped since Mishima-san had a weak mentality. Especially, since there were students who got enrolled to this school by sports scholarship. Unlike other students, the class they belong to was determined by their grades in each competition. At this time of the first year, most of them should belong to the middle class. From there, it seemed that the system was such that when they left good results in games and competitions and they would go up to the upper class. However, they could also go to the upper class if they got a good score in the test.

In other words, something like a sports day, could be said as the time for them to shine.

However, Toukain, one of the nobles who reigned at the top of the country, had a high pride.

“Everyone! Certainly, the sports scholarship students are strong, but the game has not been decided yet! You can’t easily admit that we’re lost already! I do not admit it! I absolutely hate giving this class to those muscle-brain! So, let’s do our best! Let’s win!”

That said, it inspired everyone in the class who was already in a defeated mood.

It was a terrible word.

“I’m confident in my exercise, and Yuzuka is also amazing!”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best too!”

The one of the other four aristocrats who was also in the class expressed her cute determination.

Apparently, the children of the four major aristocrats seemed to have high specs…, they were good at study and had a good face, and they were rich… moreover they also good at sport…, It was to the point where the disparity between normal people and them could be seen clearly.

However, the fighting spirit returned to everyone’s face, perhaps because they heard Shino-san’s words that was full of spirit.

“That’s right! I’m confident if it’s baseball! I’ll not lose to scholarship students if it’s baseball!…… Baseball is also included in the event, isn’t it?”

Maizumi-san, who had a strong impression of an ‘Airhead’ girl in me, spoke in confident but somehow not sure manner.

“I’m not going to lose easily too.”

Saegusa-san, the demon, who said to have an absolutely high athletic ability, said her words in a polite manner.

“Miwa’s legs are fast!”

Yachigusa-san, the Loli, said so with a pose.

“Me, me too… I’ll do my best!”

Mishima-san, who was almost lose her spirit earlier, also gave a voice aiming for victory.

Following that, other students also raised their voices one after another. Apparently, everyone was aiming for victory.

Now, all the girls in the class were united for a common purpose.

Very nice.

…… But I think the school probably wants the sports scholarship students to win.

It’s bad to put it in this word, but I think it’s like the school wants to say to the girls that they’ll giving a good ‘food’ for about a week, in this case the food is the boys. All of this is to motivate them for the upcoming tournament.

However, no matter how motivated the students are, I think it is difficult for general class students to win against the students who came in as sports scholarship students… but, when I see the girls in this class, I feel like they will really do it somehow… scary.

As everyone decided on the event with a cheerful face, I asked the teacher who was watching all of us smiling in the classroom for details. It was said that points will be given as a result of the match and the right to replace the class will be given to the class that finished in the top three with the total points.

In other words, it seemed that even if the lower class couldn’t exchange with the sports scholarship class (middle class), as it was almost impossible. You could exchange with the upper class. That was why the lower class seemed to work hard… In this case, it seemed that Class-2 and Class-3 will be desperate.

Somehow, the word ‘Law of the jungle’ was recalled in my mind.

And, it seemed that every year, the boys were unconcerned about the sports days.


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