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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 91

91. Class Reunion 4

Well, what song should I sing?

Since Maegashira sang a ballad song. I didn’t want to sing a song with the same genre as him… also I needed to consider whether the song would be well received by the girls or not.

Well, I feel like the girls here will be happy no matter what I sing!

I operated the touch panel remote control and select a song to sing.

Alright, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Now, it’s time for the main performer to make appearance!! 

The girls were already making noise while I was on the way to the stage. 

What should I say for my entrance…?

Well… I’m just going to say that today, I feel very happy…

When I went up to the stage, everyone was looking at me with full of anticipation. 

And… the song started.

The music played and it made me feel excited.

The tempo of the music gradually increased, and a rhythmical melody played.

…Yeah, the song that I chose was the song that the idol usually sang.

It was not a song like a male idol who I saw on the net, but a pop song like what a female idol in my previous life usually sang. 

Well, in this world, all the female idols are treated as ordinary singers…

I’m sure the songs that sprinkle affection here and there will be well received, so please listen with your heart!

“Sakura~ is blooming beautifully in spring~, when I saw you~ at that time~”

The song seemed to be about the feelings of a girl who fell in love at the entrance ceremony when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom …

“My heart goes Kyun Kyun! Doki doki! By itself.” [TN: I’ll leave the onomatopoeia in Japanese]

But, it was a song with strange onomatopoeia everywhere. I didn’t know why I chose such a song.

“Doki doki, Kyun Kyun, Fuwa! Fuwa!” [TN: roughly it will be something like this…Thump thump ba-dum ba-dum softly! Softy!]

 「”Doki doki, Kyun Kyun, Fuwa! Fuwa!”」

Oh! A voice came back from all over the room. So, this what they called ‘call and response’.

Still, all of people in this room are energetic huh…

The performance went smoothly, and it was almost the end.

‘I will do a pose in the end!’, I was telling myself so and that I shouldn’t be distracted until the end even though somehow, I was also got excited by seeing the audiences.

And finally, when I finished singing, I spined around and… I did the horizontal piece while winking. 

Then I thought, ‘Where did my shame go …’

When I saw the room getting excited because of my action, I thought that maybe it was okay. After all, cute girls sent me a cheer with ‘Kyaa! Kyaaa!’, which made me feel a little better.

That was probably due to the memory of my previous life, and the part where I was not getting swept away by the cheers was because of the memory of the past me in this world.

Then when I tried to get off the stage, I heard a faint voice.

”…… Co ……”

When I heard that voice, I stopped.

And the faintly heard voice gradually grew louder.

 ”En… core”




…… It was a call for an encore.

Damn… these guys getting carried away…..

I looked around and I saw that everyone in the room… their eyes were full of expectations.

Seeing that I felt like saying, ‘Alright, I’ll sing again!’

Well, I couldn’t help it, so I sang about three songs in a row in response to the encore call.

….. Yeah, it really can’t be helped.

And even after I finished singing, the heat didn’t cool down and everyone got excited until the end of the time.

“Well, well, today’s reunion was exciting.”

“Yeah, I’m glad I could hear the singing voice of Hatano-kun and Maegashira-kun.”

“It’s unlikely that you’ll meet such an amazing class reunion like today!”

“I got a signature from Hatano-kun! Teehee.” [TN: tee-hee is a pose where you stick out your tongue]

“What…did…you said…!”

“… I’ll get it too.”

For some reason, I was asked to sign after the Class Reunion was over.

It felt like I was an idol or entertainer.

After that, everyone took pictures together and the group was disbanded, and the Class Reunion with my Junior High School classmates was officially over.

“Well then, let’s hang out again next time. Hatano-kun”


I went home until halfway with Maegashira.

And when I arrived at home, I still remembered the events.

People sang a song, and the others who listened to it were enthusiastic. It was an indescribable feeling of excitement.

It was so exciting that I thought,

Maybe it’s okay to be an idol …

…… As expected, No way! Why do I have to get into a harsh profession like an idol!

It’s dangerous… really dangerous … I’m in a weird mood and about to engage myself in dangerously harsh labor …

If I become an idol, my schedule will be full the whole days.

And there will be no private time…

And every day I will be chased by stalker and weekly journalists…

What a terrifying daily life! There is no way I want that!

If anything, I want to be like an overseas celebrity…

But even in my previous life, idols were married to the president of a company…

Or an idol could be called as the first step to becoming a real celebrity?

No, but hmm… 

As expected, choosing a profession for your future is very difficult…

And, the day of my Class Reunion was finally end.


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