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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 10

This is the design for Seal

Seal (Character Design)
Seal (Character Design) translated by me

10. Sealing a living being

A dagger came out from the talisman. It was an item I got from the prison chief guard.

I threw away the empty talisman from which the dagger was, and held the dagger.

“A dagger from the talisman――”

The brown-haired girl was surprised, but she didn’t seem to stop.

I caught the vertical slash of the cane with the dagger.


The impact was transmitted to the ground from the foot, and a large crack was made on the ground.

I managed to overcome the blow thanks to the fact that I covered my whole body with Red Mana.

Swung the dagger and pushed back the brown-haired girl.

Taking a step or two further from the girl, I observed the cane that she was holding.

“Black Alchemy Stone at the tip of the cane… Is that a Magic Item?”

Attaching a Black Alchemy Stone meant that she could handle Black Mana.

Is she a black magician? 

The Mana of Destruction, huh… I have to be vigilant.

The girl isn’t serious at all yet.

The previous blow seems as if it was aimed at normal people. Now that she found out I’m a magician, she won’t hold back anymore.

So, the next attack should be in her full power…

“You’re a magician. And you use strange techniques. Which means, I don’t need to hold back…!”

The Red Mana of the brown-haired girl is almost like a cheat.

It’s ridiculous, abnormal. It far exceeded the amount of my Red Mana. I don’t know if she’s an amazing person or if I’m a small fry.

If I don’t do this properly, I can’t win… Then, I’ve no choice…

“Wait. Why don’t you give your name? I mean, it’s essential for a warrior to give their name before the combat, right? “

“Warrior?… Sorry but, I don’t recognize you as a warrior. “

“Then how about this?… If I can land a hit, will you recognize me as a warrior?”

“Hmm! Okay… IF you can really do it, though!”

The brown-haired girl lowered her stance and was approaching while putting her cane on her waist.

“Is that how you suppose to use the cane?”

I thought cane users should be swinging a cane over their head. At least that was my image of them.

I had never thought it could be used for close-quarters combat…


A smile was on my face naturally.

The first battle with a magician, was something that likely happened only in a hero story. So, I was quite excited.

Concentrated Red Mana on my palms, upper arms, and shoulders. And put all of my strength into it.

I had no chance of winning if only a battle with weapons. I could only defeat her by cunningly striking the opening gap.

Threw my dagger at the approaching brown-haired girl. The girl slowed down and parried the dagger with the cane. At the same time, I clenched my right fist and hit her.

“Eat this!”

Will she dodge? or defend? It’s not like she’s preparing for a counter.

The choice of the brown-haired girl who was making the guard stance was, of course, a defense.

My fist hit the cane.

The brown-haired girl who had successfully defended my attack, smiled.

“Unfortunately, it’s impossible for you to land a hit on me!”

“Are you sure? From the beginning, my aim is that cane.”

I let my Yellow Mana flow into the cane.

” ‘MARK’ “

A ‘Character Stamp’ appeared on the cane.

The brown-haired girl jumped out, perhaps because she felt something was wrong.

As expected,

A Black Alchemy Stone was embedded in the cane, so it was an item that had Mana.

And that would mean, I could seal it.

“What is this stamp…!?”

Without pursuing the answer to the question, the brown-haired girl closed the distance with one breath and swung her cane.

It seemed that she was going to stun me before I did anything.

” ‘CLOSE’ “

BAM!!… And the shoulders of brown-haired girls fall.


The cane that was in the girl’s hand had disappeared, and the power she put into the cane lost its place. Her cane was sealed inside the talisman I have in my left hand.

I clenched my right fist and,

“One more, ‘MARK’ !”

Hit the belly of the brown-haired girl who showed an opening. The fist pierced the brown-haired girl’s shirt and pierced her bare skin.


The sound of Mana being popped could be heard.

My fist hurts… This girl… she has concentrated Red Mana on her abs.

There was a ‘Character Stamp’ on the belly of the brown-haired girl. And she didn’t seem to notice.

Apparently, my total Mana exceeded her total Mana. If it were only the amount of Red Mana, I would lose, but if it was the total amount of all Mana, I was better.

“What did you do to my cane?”

The girl listened with very calm eyes.

She was making a stance without any gaps.

“Well, before that, you had promised me. If I land a hit, you will recognize me as a warrior… So, tell me your name. You can count it as an exchange for the whereabouts of the cane.”

“You’re a type that values ​​the courtesy of a battle huh… well, I don’t hate it. “

The brown-haired girl crossed her arms and opened her mouth.

“My name is Shura Sullivan. Before you tell me about the cane, tell me your name first.”

“Seal Zetta.”

“…’Zetta’ ??”

The girl looked astonished for a moment.

―― A chance.

At that moment, I picked up an empty talisman, held a brush with my right hand, and wrote her name on the talisman.

The ‘Character Stamp’ on the brown-haired girls’ abs had identification letters written on it, and the letters corresponding to it were written inside the magic circle on the talisman. The talisman I had in my hand and the ‘Character Stamp’ on her were connected.

If I were to write her name on the talisman in this state and the talisman glowed blue… the preparation would be complete.

―― And, the talisman glowed blue.

“What an honest girl…”

If she had given me her pseudonym, I would have had to rethink my strategy centered on the <Lion Spear>, but it seemed I didn’t need to do that.

“This is just a suggestion, but why don’t we stop here? I’ll return the cane unconditionally.”

“Don’t joke with me! It’s too late to cower now, isn’t it?”

She laughed happily and hit her fists against each other.

“The cane… I can take it later… After shattering the bones of your whole body!”

Oh my god, she’s a battle maniac.

It didn’t seem like the girl would stop, so…

“It can’t be helped then. I’ll have to use you as a guinea pig. After all, it’s the first time I’m sealing a living being.”


I raised a talisman with her name and magic circle on it.

” ―― ‘CLOSE’ “


A whirlpool was created from the talisman and attacked her to swallow her.

“Hey, what’s this !?… I’m being sucked in ―― “

Hmm? Something is wrong.

Red lightning was occurring in the vortex. Moreover, I could see the blonde girl I saw in the back alley overlapped with the brown-haired girl.

―― is it, a failure?

But, What will happen if I fail?

Is it something that can’t be undone???

“Sh*t, how can I cancel this?!!”

―― There’s no choice but to destroy the talisman!

“I can’t… resist!!”

The moment I reached out to break the talisman, the brown-haired girl was swallowed by it. And the magic circle written on it glowed red.

Is it… a success?

PLOP!!… Something fell to the ground right in front of me. When I looked at it, I found a pair of plain white panties for women and a set of clothes worn by the brown-haired girl.

“Clothes? ―― Ah!”

Only objects with Mana can be sealed.

Perhaps because the clothes don’t have Mana, it wasn’t sucked ――

“Well, that means …”

The girl is naked inside the talisman. If I am to unseal her, I’ll surely see a naked girlfriend come out from the talisman.

It must have been a miscalculation, no, a situation that could have been expected, but… I’m scared of my lack of thought.

When I noticed, people were gathering near the entrance of the liquor store.

Apparently, they heard the sound of the current battle and came out of the liquor store.

I was gathering the eyes of the ruffians around me. So, for the time being, I picked up the girl’s clothes and put them in my bag. The clothes still had a warm feel. And that sensation, created a feeling of guilt in my heart.

The gaze of the surroundings completely saw me as a pervert with the hobby of collecting women’s clothes.

Well, I unintentionally stripped the girl naked… What should I do now?

Old man, it seems that my adventure will be full of difficulties.


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