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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 90

90. Class Reunion 3

“Ah, Hatano-kun, do you want to eat potatoes too?… Here it is…  Aaaー.”

Mishima-san, who got off from my lap, seemed like she regained her mind, she then tried to taking good care of me like how Kurita-san did to Maegashira. She took fried potato and quickly attached ketchup to it, and now was asking me to open my mouth. She did it so fast. 

Since she did all of that just for me, I ate the potatoes that she brought near my mouth.

“Do you want to drink this time?”

Said so and brought the cup to my mouth.

…… It’s very rewarding and Mishima-san is also cute while doing this, but yeah, it’s very regrettable to say this but, it’s a little annoying. I’m really sorry…

Maeagshira was naturally accepting Kurita-san’s actions,

Does he really not think anything of her action? I mean, sure you suppose to just enjoying it but… in a sense, his arrogance is really something…

“Hmm, everyone sings a boring song, so it’s getting cold.”

Maegashira started to operate the remote control while saying so.

Will you go now?! I thought it’s my turn now?!

“Ooooh! The boy’s singing voice, finally!!!”

“I’m glad I came to this class reunion…”

The other girls were also overjoyed.

……Damn you, it’s supposed to be me who get praise first.

Well, who knows whether his singing is good or not… anyway, let’s listen to it for now!

Maegashira seemed to have finished inputting the song, he then picked up the microphone and stood up.

At that time, he glanced at me and went to the stage with a smile on his face.

…… What is it?!! 

It was like he wanted to say, ‘I will let you listen to my beautiful voice, so be grateful!’…

I’m confident in my singing too!

And, the song started.

“Suddenly~ when I look to the side~you~ were~ always~ there~”

What …!! He’s singing a ballad song…?

From his image, I feel like he will sing an ‘abusing’ song like that male idol I saw on the net, but… this guy is… singing a song like this?!

Besides, he’s good! I mean, at this rate, Maegashira’s ‘stock’ will climbing up… since this look like the cute side in his usual arrogant attitude! …… Well, it’s okay.

All the girls were listening to the singing voice of Maegashira.

Mishima-san, who was next to me, was also muttering, “He’s really good at it.”

Ughh! If I decide to sing after this, the hurdle will rise!… But, I can’t lose.

And the song was over.

The girls were very pleased. The thunderous applause could be heard all over the room. Maegashiral received praises like, ‘it’s good’ and ‘it’s awesome’, as if it was a matter of course.

But, it was a secret that I was astonished by his singing voice.

“How’s it Hatano-kun?”

Maegashira asked me for an impression. And, His face looked excited for some reason.

However, there was no reason to lie here, so I honestly expressed my impressions.

“Well, I’m surprised. You’re not only good at it, but I never thought you would sing a ballad song.”

“I’m glad you said that! I’ve been practicing these kinds of songs lately.”

“I see, what kind of song did you sing before?”

“Hmm, there are various genre. Recently, besides the one I just sang, I’m also practicing the ‘intense’ song that the idol sing, do you know it?”

“… Oh, that one, huh… Yeah, I think it suits you.”

It suits you for sure!

“Well, then …”


Somehow, Maegashira was fluttering. But since I was a normal man, I didn’t think that a man could made such an attitude.

“Because you said that I’m good …, that … I can sit on your lap too, right?”

The girls who heard the words started to rustle.

“No way …, that …”

“Will we see something that is better than gold?”

“Hmm, really… thank you so much for today …”

“Pho, photo …, Can I take a photo?!”

…… Are they all rotten to the core? Well, considering the circumstances of the girls in here, it’s not like I can’t understand them at all…

But!… Sorry!

I gave my answer to Maegashira.

“Of course… no.”


When all of them heard my reply, the voices of Maegashira and the girls overlapped.

I mean, why I must think that it’s okay for a man to sit down on my lap… there is no reason for that, right?.

Without worrying about the suddenly quiet room, I took one fried chicken from the plate on the table… Yeah, it ’s delicious.

Maegashira was still not given up yet.

“No, no way! Why is Mishima is allowed but I’m not?”

“Well, you’re a man…”

“It’s even better!”


What is the reason for it?!… I don’t want to know how a man’s ass feels!

“Well, I’m sad that I can’t see an entanglement between boys, but that means Hatano-kun prefer a woman, right?”

“In other words, He will not chasing after other boys?”

“So, do you mean I have hope too?!”

“No, you don’t. But, I have.”

In my reply, the girls were excited about something else.

These girls, they’re happy with whatever I choose… What a positive girl!

When Maegashira realized that he couldn’t sit on my lap, he dropped his shoulders, and was being comforted by Kurita-san.

“T-That means, I was allowed to sit on Hatano’s lap, because I’m special …?”

Mishima-san, who was muttering so, approached me like a squirrel.

Mishima-san’s soft body was directly transmitted to my arms.

I feel a little embarrassed, but!… I shall forgive her! Yeah…

However, my enjoyment would soon over… after all, next was my turn to sing.


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