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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 89

89. Class Reunion 2

A different girl was singing after Mishima-san …

“Fuhe, fuhehe, fuhehehehe ……”

Mishima-san, who was sitting on my lap, had an eerie laugh, so I was more concerned about this than the girl who was singing now…

I couldn’t see her face because she was sitting on my lap, but I could easily imagine that she had a big grin on her face. However, if she felt so happy just by sitting on my lap, perhaps the reward wasn’t all that bad. But, I realized that sitting on the lap of someone who was not your lover, was a hard thing to do in both this and previous life.

I would like to Mishima-san to thanks me.

Maegashira, who was sitting beside me, was looking at Mishima-san with unpleasant eyes.

There was a saying that the eyes speak as much as the mouth, but it could be said that the eyes of Maegashira now perfectly embodied it.

The girl sitting next to Maegashira trying so hard at paying attention to him.

“I want to eat potatoes.”

Oops, Maegashira want potatoes, what will you do now…

Kurita-san, the girl who was sitting next to Maegashira, when she heard the words, picked up potatoes and carried them to his mouth.

When the potatoes were brought in, Maegashira opened his mouth and was waiting for the potatoes to be put in.

…… It was what they called by, ‘Aaaー’.

This guy, he said that he’s not interested in girl, but he does something like what a normie does…!

“Is it good?”

“Just so-soー”

“Of course, right! The potatoes in this kind of place can’t be that delicious! It’s just so-so, isn’t it?” 

“I want to drink cola.”

“Um… Here it is.”

Kurita-san arranged the position of the straw to bring the cola cup to his mouth so that it would be easy to suck.

Despite the surprisingly low amount of conversation, Kurita-san happily took care Maegashira.

There is something terrifying behind the scenes that I’m seeing now. If I were to compare this using the standards of my previous life, it’s like a girl tells a man something selfish, and while saying that it can’t be helped, the man listened to that selfishness… but in the end, he will be thrown away.

I guess both this world and my previous world is rotten in some part…

When I was looking at the two people next to me, a beep sound rang from all over the room.

“Eh, what’s this?!”

I made a voice involuntarily.

It was more like a loud sound, rather than a lot of sounds overlapping with each other.

“Ah, it’s okay, Hatano-kun. It’s just an alarm.”

Seeing me surprised, one of the girls told me so.

“Alarm? What alarm?”

“Eh? It’s an alarm that tells you that one minute has passed.”

The girl who leaned her neck and looked at me with a strange face.

It looked like as if the girl wanted to say, ‘What is wrong with you?’

But a minute? What is it?

My question I had in mind was quickly resolved.

“Mishima, it’s been a minute, so please go away from there now.”

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

“I want to sit there too…”

Oh, that’s one minute. I mean, did everyone really measure the time…? for real?

It was like all of them wanted to say, ‘I won’t allow even one person to be happy in here!’. If I were to comment here, it looked like an ugly fight would happen…

Mishima-san, who was pointed out, got off from the top of my lap with a grinning face, and sat down beside me, which was her seat.

“Fuhehehehehehe …”

Mishima-san got off from my lap, but she seemed to be still happy.

“What a happy face …”

“I mean of course rightー, after all sitting on top of boys’ lap are an event that happen only in the manga worldー.”

“… it’s an impossible event.”

“Damn you, Mishima, since she is in the same class, perhaps even when in school……”

It seemed that they were envious of Mishima-san.

“You also go to the same school, right?”

Oops, Saegusa-san has participated in the war. Saegusa-san is also in the same class. If I’m not good at handling this, it’ll be a disaster! But, by the way, that girl, she is also in the same school, I forgot it because I had never meet her.

“As Saegusa says, since you’re in the same school, at least you meet him there, right? I can’t even see him since I’m in a different school …”

“Aha! Ahaha!”

“Wha-What… what’s wrong?”

“I also thought that if I attended the same school, at least I have something in common with him!”

“Right, I also think so…”

“But, that wasn’t the case! I mean, the school buildings are different even though we’re in the same grade! I can’t even go to see him during breaks!”

“The school building is different…?”

The girls turned to Saegusa-san asking for an explanation.

“Ah, that’s right. Our school is big, so depending on the class, the school building itself may be different.”

“Somehow, it sounds amazing …”

“I heard rumors that pretty boys are in class-1, but I can’t even worship them! But, I can still stand it since I don’t know anything about them, I can even give up if I’m at a different school, but, but! Since I know that in that same territory and Hatano-kun is there… I got deficiency!… Hatano deficiency! “

Please don’t make a disease based on me…

“Wait for me Saegusa, I’ll get a seat in the next class change test!”

“Ara, ara, so bold, huh. but the students of class-1 will never let go of their current environment that easily.”

They had a fearless smile on each other.

Speaking of which, there is a class change test, but since it is still in the future, I completely forgot about it.

“Hatano-kun, how is it?!!”

When I was thinking about the test, I was suddenly called using the microphone.

It seemed that the girl who had been singing on the stage had finished.


“Well… my song! Did it touch your heart? I was pretty confident in it.”

Apparently, The girl was also aiming at my lap and so she appealed through the microphone…

But, well, yeah… what should I say?

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen it…”


Ah, Nice shout.


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