Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 88

88. Class Reunion

The girls who went to put the juice returned and the Class Reunion finally started for real.

…… Finally!

Everyone talked happily about what to sing, and some girls operate the touch panel remote control to insert songs immediately.

“Alrigth! I’ll be the first to sing!”

One of the girls who was operating ‘Denmoku’ stood up from her seat and went up to a slightly higher ground. The girl was Mishima-san, a beautiful girl who had a mole under her slanted eye. [TN: Denmoku is Remote Karaoke Song Request System… so basically, it’s a tool for putting in what you want to sing]

Mishima-san smiled when she turned to me while holding the microphone.

“I dedicate this first song to Hatano-kun!”

Then, she pointed at me.

Oh … it’s dedicated to me. What should I say…

Since I didn’t know what to reply, I made a face like ‘Really? Thankyou’.

And Mishima-san got booed from the surroundings.

However, Mishima-san with a smile and without showing any concern, said….

“In this kind of place, ‘first come, first served’. “

The other girls who heard the words were all, ‘Uuugh…!’, with a frustrated expression.

…… Everyone seems to be having fun. 

Then, to Mishima-san, I said…

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, please do so.”

Apparently, she smiled, it seemed that she was confident in singing the song.

Perhaps she was thinking, ‘I’ll make you fall in love with me with my singing voice!’…

…… Nah, no way, right?

When I saw Mishima-san’s fearless face, I felt like I wanted to tease her.

So, I decided to add a little reward.

“… If you can sing a song that impresses me, I’ll let you sit on my lap for a minute.”

I said so to Mishima-san.

Then in my mind I was thinking, ‘I tried to say it with a slightly sexy voice… it’s didn’t sound weird or cringy right?’…

But, when I looked at Mishima-san on the stage again, she was stunned with her eyes wide open, but when the song started, she suddenly regained consciousness and declared…

“You said it yourself, Hatano-kun! I’ll definitely get on your lap!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard my words, but when they heard Mishima-san’s declaration, they started making a commotion.

“Hatano-kun…, do you really will let her sit on you lap?”

Ooi-san, who was sitting next to Mishima-san, asked that. 

“Yeah. IF, she’s really good at singing.”

“I…, I see.”

Then Ooi-san was thinking for a little.

“That means if another girl…, for example, if I’m good at singing, will you let me sit… on your lap?”

This girl… she’s getting carried away! Well, it’s fine …

“Hmm, alright. Since Today is a class reunion, I’ll give a little service.”

“Wai, wait, Hatano-kun! I think it’s a little too much!”

Maegashira, which seemed to have heard my words, said so.

“Well, it’s only for today, so isn’t it fine?”


Somehow Maegashira was making a pitiful voice… Let’s leave him be for now.

When I saw Ooi-san, she was operating the remote control silently. Her action was very fast ….

It seemed that other girls were listening to my conversation with Ooi-san, and there was a quiet scramble for the remote controls.

Everyone was so motivated.

Oops… If I don’t listen to Mishima-san now, I can’t judge properly

“I~am staring~ at you~ at~ any~ time~.”

From the conclusion, Mishima’s singing ability was high, she was singing while dancing lightly with her body on the stage. She even put vibrato in the stretched part… I felt like she was definitely practicing alone beforehand.

“Always~ Always~”

And the song ends. Mishima-san made a face to me saying ‘How is it?!’


The surroundings were wrapped in silence as if waiting for my answer.


I heard someone gulping.



‘Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! !! !! !! !! !!’… Cheers roared in the room. Mishima-san, the cause of the outbreak, had decided on a victory pose.

I could see something sparkling in her eyes… it was tears.

Are you that happy?! It was just a bit of a mischief, I never thought that you would be so happy… I mean, yeah, I thought you would be very happy, but I didn’t think you would cry…

However, I couldn’t let her to be so sentimental forever.

“Mishima-san, if you take forever to come, I’ll cancel it.”


Mishima-san hurriedly came to me as if she couldn’t waste even a second.

Mishima-san was walking with a light step, the reason why was probably because she was thinking, ‘The happiness moment is about to begin.’

However, when Mishima-san came in front of me, the momentum suddenly disappeared, and her face turned red and somehow looked so nervous.

“I-is it really okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

“You wouldn’t sue me for it later, right?”

Am I that untrustworthy?! Even though we are in the same class in high school?! 

However, in this world, there were a case like that happened, so I wouldn’t be angry to her.

Instead, I tried to look a little mean and said, 

“Then you don’t want to? I think this is rarely a rare chance though…”

“Well, that’s …, that’s right.”

The other girls screamed when they saw Mishima-san hesitated, it was as if they saw a chance.

“Then I …”

“No, no, I will…”

“No, wait. Isn’t this my turn?” [TN: she speaks in a samurai-like tone]

…… Wait, it seems that there is a samurai in here.

And candidacy went up one after another to follow those voices.

If they say, ‘go ahead, go ahead’, in here, it will be like a famous comedian, but I bet they will never say this… [TN: this is one of quite famous likes of comedian in Japan around the year the author wrote this, so yeah… don’t mind this too much]

“No! It’s mine, so I’ll sit down!”

Mishima-san said that in panic as the voices from the surrounding keep raising, and after hesitating for another minute, she finally got on my lap saying ‘Ah!’.

And the feeling of Mishima-san’s soft ass was transmitted to my knees, and I felt like I was doing something wrong. I mean, I was putting a high school girl on my lap!

…… Absolutely… I’m not a pervert old man... Yeah, I’m sure of it.


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