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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 87

87. Seats Arrangement

The new seat would be decided by lottery.

Minori-san and the girl sitting next to Maegashira protested, but they couldn’t fight before the majority vote.

“It, it’s done!”

The girl who was making the lottery raised her voice.

For the winner there were only ‘Win’ and ‘Jackpot’ in this lottery, and only those two seats are decided, and it seemed other than that should be free. [TN: it’s actually, ‘hit’ and ‘big hit’, but I guess it’s easier to understand if I put it this way, so…]

By the way, the ‘Jackpot’ was next to me, and ‘Win’ seems to be next to Maegashira.

“Well, are you all ready?”

The host was Mishima-san, who was the chairman of our class in Junior High School.

In response to the call, everyone said, ‘I am ready’.

“It’s time to use my ‘God’s Pull’!”

“’Deadly Draw’ …! Now, it’s my time! To win!”

“So, I’ve been unlucky until now because I’ve saved all of my luck for use here!… Maybe… I’m sure of it………Probably.”

And so on, there were unique shout.

The created lottery was placed in an empty bag and shaken. And a gap, enough for one arm, was opened.

“Alright, then who what to go first?”

Mishima-san asked, but no one replied.

This was because they were hesitating. It was a lottery, so the probability was the same no matter when you draw it, but emotionally it might not be so.

Well, I know how it feel… you might feel like it will go wrong if it’s the first pull… However, you also think, what if the ‘Jackpot’ pulled first… right?…

After a few seconds of silence, a girl came forward.

“I’ll go! I’ll show you what it called a ‘God’s pull’!”

The girl said so and thrusted her hand into the bag.

“This is it–!”

What The girl had in her hand was a clean white paper… it was a miss.

The girl who confirmed it, she collapsed on the spot.

…….One person was defeated.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Next to me, Maegashira, he was ridiculing the girl… He spoke like a ‘S’.

However, the girl’s actions led the others to drawing lots one after another.

“Drawww-! I summon… ‘Jackpot’!”

Seeing the lottery, another one collapsed.

“Right now, I tribute ‘my life (point)’!”

Don’t tribute it …!

And one more collapsed again.

“Destiny smiles at me! And, the real ‘Jackpot’ appeared! “

And another one collapsed.

The lottery continued for a while, but no one had won yet. And a scene where a lot of high school girl collapsed could be seen…, a scene of ‘corpse’ inside a karaoke room. Somehow, it reminded me the scene of an incident, but everyone was desperate, so I kept silent.

We are in a Karaoke room but no one had sing yet...

Maegashira which was ridiculing them until a while ago, already lost interest, and now playing with his smartphone.

Then, when the remaining number was running low, it was the turn for my acquaintance to draw.

The person who was going to pull was… Minori Saegusa.

“It’s not strange to come out soon, isn’t it?”

While saying, Minori-san put her hand inside the bag.

The girl who was lying up until now also got up and was paying attention.

It was a secret that I thought they looked like zombies when I saw them getting up. From the eyes of the girls around me, I felt a sense of urgency that saying, ‘I don’t want this girl to draw it.’

I didn’t know if it was a grudge at the time of lunch in the past or the fact that Minori-san was still in the same class as me…


Minori-san drew a lottery with a cute voice.

The room felt so tense.

It felt like a draft meeting where all the teams for the major league were nominated.

Involuntarily I also drank a spit while watching over it.

Minori-san slowly looked at the lottery she picks up …

And she collapsed.

The girls who saw it cheered and gave a high five to each other… I wonder how much they don’t want Minori to draw …

…… The seat was finally decided. Next to Maegashira was a quiet girl, and it seemed that her name was Kurita-san… When she got the ‘Win’, she straight up praying for gratitude to God… it was an amazing scene.

And next to me was Mishima-san. Mishima-san was the last one to draw, but she got my seat, it was as if the saying, ‘Last but not the least’, was true.

“Then, I’ll sit next to Hatano-kun… is that okay?”

“Yeah, please. Or… do you want to sit on my lap?”


“… I’m kidding.”

Mishima-san reacted violently to my joke.

So, I turned around unintentionally …

And, well… not only Mishima-san, but other girls were also leaning forward to me… Including Maegashira…

“Oh … I see〜. Well, I knew it. Yeah, it’s okay! I don’t think I wanted to taste the feel of Hatano’s thighs! Not at all!!”

Mishima-san said so… Perhaps she is a little upset?.

But, with that I knew that Mishima-san turned out to be unexpectedly had a dirty mind.

“Uhumm…, let’s bring some drinks first.”

The Karaoke place has an all-you-can-drink soft drinks service, so I said that I wanted to go to the drink bar.

“Ah, I’ll bring yours, Hatano-kun, so you don’t have to stand. What do you want to drink?”

Perhaps this is a man’s privilege in here… the girl will take the initiative to take care of the man’s need.

“Well, then please bring me a cola.”

“Yeah, I understand. I’ll get it for you.”

Mishima-san leaves the room happily. After that, other girls chased after her with a dull face.

“Maegashira-kun, what do you want?”

“Vegetable juice”

Oi, they don’t have any vegetable juice in here!

Kurita-san were also asking Maegashira like how Mishima-san asked me, but Maegashira gave a devilish answer.

“Ve, Vegetable Juice…? Hmm, I don’t think they have it here.”

“But〜, I feel like drinking Vegetable Juice now〜. Please buy it outside then.”

Oi, what’s the point going to a place with an all-you-can-drink service?!

“Ah, that’s right, I guess there are times when you feel like drinking one… I understand, I’ll buy it.”

You don’t need to buy it! You’re too kind! 

Moreover, I could see that Maegashira looked like he wouldn’t pay for it.

“Now, now, Maegashira, please bear with the one that available in her for now.”

“If Hatano-kun says so, alright, I want cola.”

I uttered my mouth unintentionally, but Maegashira did not hesitate to take back his previous statement.

…… This guy… I’m sure even if she brings a vegetable juice for him, he won’t drink it…

Kurita-san went out of the room after she said, ‘I will bring you the cola, please wait’.


“Hatano-kun, what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing …”

I just keep thinking until now while seeing the girls… that…

I feel like I’m in a hostess club…

[TN: ‘Hostess club is a kind of nightclub in japan, where the girls entertain the men customer, like bringing them drink, sing for them, etc…]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. And yeeeep, this turned into a hostess event. I like Maegashira’s lines, it really showcases just how different the MC is compared to the norm.

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