Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 86

86. Class Reunion, starts

Yuri Mishima, a pitiful girl who was said to be smelly by Maegashira and was sprayed by him using a deodorant spray, on her head. Now, she was kneeling, and both of her hands was on the ground. And next to her, there stood the one who driven her to such a state, Maegashira… And! He returned the deodorant spray to his bag without worrying about what her at all… Seirously?!

He completely ignored her… What a scary guy!

But, yeah that’s right …! I’m sure I can turn this situation around!

I went to Mishima-san’s side and sit down so that our eyes were in the same position. And spoke gently.

“Mishima-san …”

In response to my voice, Mishima slowly raised her face.

My other former classmates were also paying attention to my actions silently. I couldn’t help but to be nervous when I got so much attention. However, if I hesitated, it would gather more attention, so slowly but for sure, I talked to her, with a gentle voice to reassured her.

“It’s okay, you don’t smell at all.”

……Why can’t I put it in a better word… when I thought that I could say something better than that, Mishima-san replied me.

“Bu-But Maegashira-kun said that I’m s-smelly …”

“Maybe that’s because Maegashira go to a boys’ school, maybe he’s just a little vulnerable to the scent of women.”

“… Really? I, I’m not smelly?”

“Yeah, really…”

After that word, I put my face on Mishima-san’s neck.

“You’re wearing a perfume with a citrus scent, right? it has a very refreshing and nice scent.”

Mishima-san’s face was dyed bright red probably because I smelled her body odor.

“Well, ehm… that … I glad that Hatano-kun likes it …”

Mishima muttered in a small voice with her bright red face down.

It was a pretty cute reaction.

But, when I was enjoying Mishima-san’s reaction, ‘Tch!’, I heard someone clicked their tongue. The person who did that, of course, it was Maegashira.

And besides that, I could also hear another sound, it was like someone grinding their teeth. So, I checked the surroundings, and confirmed the place where the sound came from, while wondering what sound it was. And… it came from where former classmates gathered.

In addition, …They really was grinding their teeth.

Even if each sound was small, it became a loud sound when gathered… To be honest, I was amazed by the scene.

And I could hear some voice coming from them.

“Uuggrr…! Mishima, you idiot! You normie!”

“Will I get such a reward if I go to Kenran High?!”

“Right now, I may be able to cast a curse because of this jealousy…”

Mishima-san seemed to hear the grudge came from our former classmate’s mouth, so she stood up in a hurry, quickly corrected the disorder in her clothes, and spoke with a clear smile.

“Um…, everyone has already gathered, so why don’t we go inside?”

“Yeah, everyone seems to be waiting.”

I also tried to say something to calm the disturbing atmosphere.

“Hmm! Please guide me fast.”

Listening to Mishima-san’s words, Maegashira replied with anger.

Why he is angry, though…? What’s more, the way he talked just like a ‘tsundere’.

Is this guy aiming to be a ‘cute’ character? Please stop it, there is no demand for it… Wait, maybe there is a demand in here? Hmm… it’s difficult to say for sure… Well, at least Maegashira has a straightforward attitude!

While I was worried about Maegashira’s character, we finally arrived at the room.

The room was large and luxurious. Even though it was a big room, there was only one karaoke machine… Well, even if there are two, we will only use one, or else it will be confusing two people sang different song together, so it’s natural, I guess…

However, there were four microphones, and it seemed that they were considering singing together.

And when we got into the room, I was seated in the middle of the chair. Of course, Maegashira was sitting on my right side.

Then again, the disturbing air flows out among the girls, they were arguing who would be the one to sit next to the boys.

The room was filled with a heavy and stuffy atmosphere. It was like a death game had suddenly begun, and the people who were friends have become enemy, and in the end no one remains…

To put it simply, it was a dangerous situation!… Strange… I think this is supposed to be a peaceful class reunion…

When the girls restrained each other… suddenly one girl sat down beside me.

” ” ” ” Saegusa ——– !!! ” ” ” “

The girls’ screams echoed.

I’m glad this is a karaoke shop. It’s okay to be noisy.

And in the center of the turmoil full of grudges emitted by other girls, Minori-san, just looked at them with a cool face. It was as if she wanted to say, ‘I am the official wife, what?’.

“What happened to everyone? Let’s get to the seat early.”

With a smile on Minori-san’s face, she said so. You can say that she had a very ‘good personality’.

And, the other girls also took their seats with a regrettable look. By the way, next to Maegashira was reserved for a girl who moved quickly when my seat was taken.

Well at least, now everyone was seated.

Then, Mishima-san, who was the chairman of our class in Junior High School, gave the opening greeting after everyone ordered a drink and received it.

“Thank you for coming to the reunion while you’re all busy, I won’t say too much. So, let’s all have fun today! Cheers!”

To Mishima-san words, everyone also, ‘Cheers!’

And, the class reunion started with sound of the glasses hitting each other.

But then, someone suddenly said…

“Alright, let’s change seats immediately!”

Oi, it has not been even a minute!

When I looked next to me, there was a girl who had a shocked face…

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