Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 85

85. Join up with others

After meeting with Maegashira, together, we went to the karaoke place, which is the venue, to meet with other people.

When I saw the karaoke building at the meeting place, I understood its size. Advertisements were also posted around, and it seemed that all-you-can-drink soft drinks and all-you-can-eat ice cream were included. This service was nice because lately, it had been getting hotter and hotter as summer was approaching. I especially like ice cream, so I firmly vowed to eat it.

I could see my former classmates.

“Hmm! They still have a nasty face!”

When Maegashira noticed the appearance of our former classmate, he was straight up spitting some hateful words with haste.

Hearing what he said, I stopped unintentionally.

His attitude towards girls becoming even worse than when we were in junior high school …

But now, what I wanted to comment about his is not about that, its…

“… But, I haven’t seen their face yet.”

I couldn’t see anyone yet. My eyes were pretty good, but I couldn’t see the faces of my ex-classmates from where we were now, especially most of them turn their backs, so they still had not noticed us yet.

Some more, what we could see was that there were a large number of girls gathering together, and somehow, we knew which one were them by seeing how they were standing.

“What are you talking about, Hatano-kun? There is a nasty sign that you can tell just by looking at it without looking at their face.”

Since when did this guy have a supernatural power…?

…… But a sign?

I saw our former classmates who are gathering again. Somehow, I could tell that they seemed so excited, but I didn’t feel any nasty signs.

Am I too careless? Or it’s Maegashira that’s too sensitive…?

Anyway, it seemed that our classmates were already gathering… Let’s join them soon.

“Maegashira, everyone seems to be there already, so let’s go join them now.”

“……all right”

Maegashira accepted and started walking reluctantly.

“Personally, I think it’s okay to be a few hours late …”

“It would be a nuisance to the place they are booking.”

“Isn’t it okay because the girls will go there first?”

Oh right, Of course they will start first… right?

“Most of the girls always nervous, so it’s better to let them nervous, and when they’re despaired thinking that we won’t come, then we show up there, it’s enough to make girls happy.”

This guy… he is amazing! he treats the girls like a toy! And have them in the palm of his hand!

I was trembling for a moment but, Maegashira didn’t seem to notice it and keep talking.

“Seriously, I hope that they pay us for breathing in the same air together. Honestly, I want them to be more respectful to us! Oh, By the way, do you know that some company will put the air in the men’s room into a can and sell it?… Don’t you think that girls who buy such a thing is disgusting? “

This guy just said that the woman who buys the air is disgusting, even though he himself saying that they should pay for just by breathing the air together… unbelievable…!

“Hmmm? Hatano-kun, you’re not going?”

Maegashira asked me, who had stopped unknowingly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m going.”

“What’s wrong?”

Maegashira asked me while wondering about my attitude with a mysterious expression.

“No, nothing. I just realized how narrow-minded I am…”


Maegashira made a more mysterious expression on my answer.

“Well, I don’t really understand. But, I don’t think that Hadano-kun is a narrow-minded person.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yeah… If I were to compare it… I think you’re open-minded like my senior!”

“That’s not a compliment! It’s a curse!”

isn’t him narrow-minded?! Somehow, I could tell it just by that small conversation on the phone before!

Maegashira was dissatisfied with my words like ‘But, but~’… I ignore it and start walking.

It seemed that our former classmates who were gathering noticed us who was approaching them, so they waved their hands here.

I was a little scared because everyone was waving their hands so hard.

“Somehow, all of them.. they looked like fish that flock to the bait.”

Maegashira dissed them.

But why are they waving so hard like that…?

I waved back lightly, but then I saw the girls began to argue, ‘He waved back to me’, ‘No, it’s me’, “It’s to me.”

That scene reminded me the enthusiastic fan that I saw it the idol concert video…

“They’re stupid, aren’t they?”

Maegashira, as usual, spitted hateful words.

Even if I also think something like that, I can’t say it…

But, this guy…, he just say it so naturally like that…

We finally joined up with our former classmates who were gathering.

“Everyone, I haven’t seen you all in a long time!”

For the time being, when I tried to create an atmosphere that, ‘I was happy to meet you all’, with a smile, everyone replied, ‘I’m happy to meet you again’ or ‘I missed Hatano-kun so much’.

…… The girls in this world, they are all cute and beautiful, so I feel really good.

…… Although there is a harmful effect like they react a little bit too much.

Then, Mishima-san talked to me.

“Hatano-kun! Maegas..! Urgh!”

And the spray was sprayed by Maegashira.

Mishima-san was surprised, but it seemed that there was no particular change in her body.

…… Why did he suddenly spay it?

“Well, well, Maegashira-kun…  You, why are you suddenly do that?”

“What’s wrong with Hatano-kun? Your tone has changed.”

Maegashira questioned me back instead of answering my question, as if he was saying that he didn’t do anything strange.

“What’s wrong? That’s my line! Why are you spraying so suddenly like that!?”

“Oh, it’s not harmful at all. It’s just a deodorant spray.”

No, I’m not asking what kind of spray you applied, I’m asking why you suddenly applied it… 

When Maegashira saw me made a strange face, he finally understood the meaning of the question.

“I mean, girls are smelly!”

“Urg! smelly …”

Oi, oi, Maegashira, Mishima-san is depressed by your words…

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