Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 8

This is the last ch of the prologe, next will be the start of the first arc.

8. And, The Adventure Begins

In the end, the old man never became a monster.

It seemed that the old man’s body was recovered by the chief guard and secretly buried. Also, it seemed that they wouldn’t hold a funeral.

On the other hand, there were no major incidents involving me since then, and I just repeated my training day by day.

And one month after the old man died――

“Well, I’m ready!”

I went out of prison.

Black shirt and sand-colored long trousers. And while wearing a gray cloak on top, I looked back.

There was a large three-story building. It was surrounded by a fence that was taller than the building. A green-haired female guard was standing beside the main gate.

“Congratulations on your release… You are free now. “

“I was taken care of for a year.”

“Don’t say something you didn’t even think about…Ah, that’s right … “

The chief guard handed me an envelope.

“You forgot this.”

An envelope that I’d seen somewhere.

I looked inside the envelope, saw that it contains a letter, and realized what it was.

“This is a letter that the old man wrote to his granddaughter …”

“I can’t deliver it because the address isn’t written.”

“Don’t say that, you want me to deliver this?”

“That’s right.”

This chief guard… Do you intend to push all the troubles to me?

“I don’t say that it’s for free… I’ve added a reward to your service.”

“Ah, so it’s the reason why my wallet was swollen?… Yeah, yeah, I understand. I will deliver the letter, responsibly.”

Well, it’s going to be a good way to kill time.

“The name of his granddaughter is written on the table, so please use it as a clue.”

“Seriously, forgetting to write the address… what a sloppy old man.”

Besides the granddaughter’s name, there is another clue.

――Magic Academy.

A villainous knight named Niamh said that the old man’s granddaughter is there.

But I don’t know how many Magic Academy there are in this world. Is there no other choice but to visit it one by one?

“Take it with you.”

What was handed over was a dagger in a scabbard.

It was a dagger that I slammed into the desk in the chief guard’s office a month ago. 

Is it a dagger that surely sends the killed opponent to the realm of death?

“This dagger is a Magic item. I thought that it would be good if you could use it in combination with Sealing Technique.”

“Got it… I’m not going to say thank you for this though…”

“That’s fine.”

I picked up the drawstring bag from the ground and hung it on my shoulder.

Finally, the chief guard… Rather than her, I glanced at the prison behind her and turned over.

“Be careful, Seal.”

“Ah right. I forgot one thing… Chief guard, my full name. I’ll tell you.”

I looked back and gave this name for the first time.

“It’s Seal Zetta”

――and so, I started walking, toward the endless world…

With this, the ‘Introduction’ part was over, and a long, long ‘Development’ began.

The life notes of the Sealer, Seal Zetta, were going to be piled up from here.

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