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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 6

6. Soon

“One more month, huh…”

There was only one month left until my release.

My Magic and Sealing Technique training was going well too.

It seemed that the amount of Red Mana and Blue Mana inside me had reached the medium level. It was hard to evaluate because there was no one to compare.

I couldn’t come up with a new Sealing Technique, but I came up with various applications of the Sealing Technique I learned at the beginning. The success rate of that Sealing Technique was almost 100%.

The more I grew up, the weaker the old man was.

The old man couldn’t do light exercise anymore these days. He could no longer let out his Mana too.

Most of the time, the old man would be lying on the mattress.

And once in a while, he woke up, approached the only desk in the prison, sit on a chair and hold a brush. After writing on the paper, he frowned and tore the paper.

Perhaps The old man was writing a letter. There was no doubt about it. After all, he received an envelope from the guard.

In this prison, a letter was allowed to be sent outside.

…Who is the old man going to send the letter to?

“What are you doing, old man?… You’re just wasting papers.”

The old man held his head and looked at me with weak eyes.

“What kind of sentences are young girls happy with?”

” ―― Are you writing a love letter?”

“If it’s a love letter, I won’t ask for your advice.”

Oi, old man, what does that mean?

Even I, have one or two pick-up lines. Well, the pick-up line has never caught the heart of a woman. Rather, the woman starts to make some distance…

“As you can see from the situation, is the girl, your granddaughter?”


“How about the story of a wonderful disciple who became your roommate?… He has a good memory and has a handsome face depending on the angle―― It’s a joke! Don’t look at me with such a troubled face!”

I crossed my legs, sit on the ground, and began to think.

A letter… a letter, huh… I really don’t know because I’ve never sent any.

“What if you just write whatever you want to write ―― isn’t it okay?… I think you don’t need to think too much. I mean, there is no limit about how long it is… So, why don’t you just write everything you want to say? Just write anything…”

“Whatever I want to say, huh…”

“Write while I’m going to the bathroom…I will assess it when I come back.”

I got up and headed to the toilet in the cell on the other side of the desk.

“Seriously, why does he need to be so worried about something like that…”

I could hear the sound of the chair being rubbed.


Then, I heard the sound of something falling with a small echo.

“Old man?”

When I looked at the desk, the old man’s slender body had fallen to the ground.

The old man was struggling, holding his chest with his right hand. A black crest was shining in the chest part around the heart of the old man.

The old man stretched his arm. Asking for salvation–

“Old, old man!!!”

I immediately ran up and held the old man’s body which was lying down.

“Someone! Is there anyone!!? The old man, he, he’s in a bad condition!”

I heard a small breathing sound. And that sound was getting smaller and smaller.

A prisoner who responded to my voice was passing over the message until to the place where the guard was.

Several guards unlocked the prison and went somewhere with the old man on their back.


“Barha Zetta, will soon… it seems his heart will stop soon.”

The chief guard told me directly.

I was currently in the guard’s office. It was a simple room. All that was displayed, was just a certificate or medal, and the rest was just a stack of paper. There was a guest chair and desk, but I didn’t have the right to sit there, so I was standing in front of the chief guard’s office desk.

The chief guard swung her long glittering green hair and put a cup of tea.

“What about a doctor?”

“That’s not the kind of thing a doctor could examine.”

“Then, what is that?”

“That’s a curse.”


I thought it was only something you would find in books. So, it really exists huh…

“Is there anyone who can cure it?”

“The curse is an unbreakable disease… there’s no need to argue whether it could be cured or not. “

Is that so? Is it impossible?

Then, does the old man have no choice but to wait for death as it is?

“One thing, that I want to ask of you.”

The chief guard took out a dagger from the drawer of the desk.

Something like a spell was written on the white blade, and the handle was bandaged. A blue stone was embedded between the blade and the handle.

Apparently, it had a foreign power.

“Kill that man with this.”

“I do not understand what you mean…”

“Cursed humans often become spiritual monsters… This sword has a special spell on it, so you can be sure that the person you killed with it will be sent to the realm of the dead. “

In other words, this sword can prevent the old man from becoming a monster, is that it?

“Why do you ask me?… You can do it yourself or you could ask your subordinates.”

The chief guard turned away.

Her eyes were saying that she wanted to run away from something. 

The woman in front of me had a crying face.

――So that’s how it is, huh?

I guessed the meaning of that expression.

“You…Are you the old man’s acquaintance?”

“That person… I’m indebted to him.”

“And so, it’s hard to kill the old man with your own hands… However, it is also not funny if your benefactor is to be killed by a complete stranger… is that what you mean? “

The chief guard didn’t answer. This means, that what I just said was the answer.

“So, you mean that I, as his disciple, have the right to be the one to finish him off?”

I picked up the dagger, pointed it at the desk, and stabbed the desk until the blade couldn’t be seen.

“Are you f*cking kidding me?!”

I spoke with a loud voice.

“Someone has to do it!… If a Technique User of his level becomes a monster, it will be a mess…”

“When the old man becomes a monster, I’ll seal it.”

Without giving a second glance, I went back to where I belonged, the prison cell.


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