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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 84

84. Meet up

Well, the day of the class reunion had come. The venue for the it was the largest place for karaoke in the town, which also had rooms that can be used for a large number of people.

Surprisingly, all of my classmates from Junior High School would attend the reunion. I was honestly surprised because I thought that there might be quite a few absentees. I could see how much everyone was looking forward to the reunion.

It’s just a class reunion though… yeah, just a class reunion… maybe if there’s a man attending, they’ll try to keep their schedule on the day open…?

I decided to go to the venue together with Maegashira, so I was heading to the meet up place now.

One concern that I had was whether that senior who answered my call last time was doing something unnecessary or not…

Sure, I talked on the phone for a while, but I felt that he was a bit ‘abnormal’.

I got the feeling that a wiretapping device might be set on the Maegashira’s belongings, or that he might be always tracking Maegashira’s location…. He would not do something like that, I guess? so maybe it’s gonna be okay?

……Then, I arrived at the meet up place. Maegashira hadn’t arrived yet, so when I took out my smartphone from my pocket and checked the time, it was well before the meeting time.

When I was playing around with my smartphone thinking that Maegashira wouldn’t come in a little more time, he came in less than a few minutes.


When Maegashira saw that I was waiting at the meeting place, he approached me with a high sprint while waving his hand.

…… Oi, oi, are you a maiden (young girl)?!

To that behavior of Maegashira, I couldn’t help but to commented it…in my head… but, perhaps his behavior was not strange in the world where the values ​​of men and women were opposite. However… the degree of girliness that I felt from him was higher than when we were in Junior High School.

The degree of girliness…… No, in this case, is it better to say it as ‘The degree of manliness’? Well, I don’t know if his behavior right now is preferred by men or women in this world…

Perhaps his behavior is attractive to men in Seimei high.

While I was thinking about Maegashira’s behavior, that senior instructor of him who I didn’t even know his face came to my mind.

So, is that mean that the senior was in the palm of his junior’s hand?… when the junior gets tired of the senior, he will throw away the senior…

What a pathetic senior!

I saw that Maegashira was running to me.

“Sorry, did you wait long?”

“No, not at all”

When I checked the time… still had more than five minutes that the promised time.

“It wasn’t time to meet up yet, you don’t have to be in hurry like that.”

I said to Maegashira that he didn’t have to ran.

“But I was happy to see Hatano-kun for the first time in a long time, so…”

“Ah, I see…”

But, we met before the Golden Week holidays, aren’t we?!

“Ah! That’s right, I’ll give it to Hatano-kun.”


When I said that, Maegashira was searching something inside his bag and gave me something like an elongated tube.

“It’s a tear spray.”


“No matter that they were our classmates before, we can’t let ourselves to be so relax around them!”

Maegashira said so and then smiled.

However, although what Maegashira did was indeed great, I rejected it.

“Thank you, but I don’t need it.”

Maegashira was surprised at my words, and then he showed his concern like ‘But…,’… and to his words I slowly shook my head. Slowly as if to reaffirmed him that I really didn’t need it …

In this world, I think that his worries are justified, but I really don’t need it…

I mean… I already have it in my bag…

‘I have it.’, While saying that, I put out a tear spray from the bag and showed it to Maegashira.

When Maegashira saw the spray, he looked relieved.

“Well, Of course, right! No matter how much you like to hang out around the girls, you must be always bringing a self-defense tool too! Hatano-kun, I was worried because sometimes you’re so defenseless, but now, I can feel relieved!”

“Hahaha, of, of course.”

Maegashira seemed to be worried about me, and he felt relieved when he learned that I had a self-defense tool. 

However, the truth was that the spray was not prepared voluntarily but was prepared by the maid of my house. She said that I must brought it, and it was not only the spray …

“Actually, I also bring not only a tear spray but also a security buzzer.”

“O, oh~, is that so? I see…”

“Hatano-kun, do you bring anything else?”

“W-well, just in case …”

“Really? show me! show me!”

“Ah! uhh…”

I showed the self-defense goods that I brought to Maegashira.

“Wow! You bring a lot! So, besides the tear spray…, a baton, a stun gun and another two sprays? What kind of spray is this?”

Maegashira with a blue and red spray in his hand, asked me about it.

“… Sleep spray and paralysis spray.”

The maid of my house said that both of it were homemade… How she made it?!

Maegashira was impressed by seeing those goods.

“I’m glad, I always think that Hatano-kun trusts people without having some self-defense measure, but that was not the case at all, huh… I see!”

No, no, I really trust them! I’m not just pretending!

I knew that Maegashira was praising me without malicious intent, but for some reason there was something that comes to my mind.

“I was also very worried by my seniors, so he wants me to bring more security items.”

“Ahー, it must be hard on you.”

“Yeahー, but I’m glad he was worried…”

‘Even so’, Maegashira continued.

“My Senior, he told me to be careful with Hatano-kun too.”


“No, no, he just said that somehow, he feels like you’re aiming for me.”

“Alright, bring him here for a moment, please.”

I want to hit him!


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