Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 39

39.One is more than enough

───Tuesday. Hmm, what? it’s still only Tuesday?

Looking at the date on the calendar hanging in the hallway, I was left dejected. With everything that happened yesterday, completely leaving me exhausted, I’d didn’t think that it was just the second day of the week. Thinking to myself ‘Ah, I’m tired’, I confirmed my current appearance in the toilet mirror. Although I cut the tips of my hair, because I kept the brown hair that I dyed a month and a half ago completely alone, the roots were already turning black. And since the brown part of my hair was a light brown, it completely looked like a pudding. [TN: It’s called like that, in Japan because the dark roots look like caramel and so makes the brown or golden part of the hair look a pudding]

“This is what you called two-tone hair.”

The positive self inside me had me say that… Well, it looks fairly fashionable… I tried to suggest myself so. Before, I hated my natural hair color, but now I just don’t care anymore.

…Not yet, I need more energy….. Remember Natsukawa from yesterday… Her angry face, her embarrassed face, her pouting face…. fuhehe, Alright, I’m pumped up now!

I felt like it had been quite some time since I experienced such a relaxing morning. I took a detour to the convenience store, bought some lunch for a lunch break, and passed through the school gate. For once, nobody bothered with me or called me over, so I could space out the entire morning… That’s right, what I was lacking is time for myself. Seriously, everybody’s just so clingy~

The hallway was refreshing. Thanks to the cool breeze coming from the hallways, all the sweat vanished from my body… Welcome, cold air. Goodbye, armpit sweat.

“Aah, Good afternoon, comfortable atmosphere.”

“…..It’s morning though?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuf ── Ah, good morning, Natsukawa-san.”

“H,hey, why are you suddenly so humble like that?”

I’m just trying to act normal after everything that happened yesterday, my dear Goddess? Think about it, I’m sure this isn’t that different from how we usually talk, but still, I can’t just causally say hi to you, right? This is a bit awkward, Patrasche…. [TN: Patrasche, I’m sure it’s a reference from Dog of Flanders anime, the famous word from that anime is, ‘Patrasche, aren’t you tired? I’m tired already, somehow, I’m so sleepy’, which the MC said to the dog before he got summoned to heaven (Died)]

….. No, Not good, Just being this awkward, I almost get called to heaven. Aaah. You’re as beautiful as always.

“Aaー….Morning, Natsukawa. And, Ashida.”

“Morningー, Today is hot as usual huhー. Fan me some fresh air, Sajo-chi. Fan me.”

“It really is hot. Araー Did I put enough sunscreen?” (High-pitched Voice)

“You, the way you talk sounds gross, stop it.”

I mean, how else am I going to join in on your girls’ talk? If I didn’t do that, I don’t have any confidence to be around you. Eh? It’s fine to be like usual? Come on, tell me from the start.

It’s not exactly rare to see Ashida be around Natsukawa’s desk, but it’s rare to see the reverse like this. I guess not even Natsukawa could win against that pressure from Ashida last night. Well, I totally get that. She was so scary last night. And, Natsukawa was as cute as usual.

“Ahh, that reminds me. When are you going to do it?”

“Eh!? W-what… do you mean?”

“You wanted me to visit your mythical little sister, Airi-chan, right…”

“W-Who’s a mythical….. Airi isn’t──”

“Well, she is to me.”


To me, she’s an existence like, ‘You-know-who’. I mean, even though just now you answer me somehow, the last time I mentioned her name, you ignored me for a whole week, didn’t you? It left me traumatized, you know. So, to me, Airi-chan is an existence to be feared. Well, looking at her picture, she’s definitely an angel though, so it’s not that I want to ignore her existence. And, since it never really came up in a conversation, Natsukawa feels that more like a single child. At the same time, Airi-chan doesn’t know about the concept of ‘your own elder sister is a Goddess’. But well, it’s better to left not tell her about it.

“J, just wait! After, after I finish the preparation, I will let you know…..!”

“Preparing your home security? Alright.”

“Don’t you feel sad saying that….?”

I mean, installing the equipment, making the contract with the internet provider, even the schedule of that ‘Wrestling Queen’ need to be checked too, there are many things that she needs to prepare, right?

“Also, Ai-chi, do you plan on bringing Sajo-chi with you alone? Isn’t that pretty bad?”

“Eh, aah?!”

Eh, pretty bad? In what way…? The part where she should be afraid of me assaulting her when it’s just the two of us? But, if she’s that worried about it, then she wouldn’t let me meet Airi-chan in the first place, right? I mean, I want to meet her, but…

“K, Kei! When’s the next time you have no club activities…..?!”

“We’re right before a big tournament… So not for a while.”


‘Tahaha’… Ashida let out a complicated laugh, and scratched the back of her head, only leaving Natsukawa lost for words with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Ehh…is it that big of a shock? So cu──te. Well, Ashida is really good as a middleman. So, in a situation like this Ashida’s presence is really helpful. After all, it’s ‘Aika Natsukawa and Wataru Sajou’ we’re talking about.

“Then, how many months would I have to wait…?”

“Before these months pass, isn’t there the second group you have to worry about?”

“Eh? What’s this second group about?”

“That just shows how popular Ai-chi and Ai-chan are.”

“Eh…? Is it that big of a deal?”

If Shirai-san, Sasaki, and some other people were the first group, that means more people want to meet Airi-chan? I guess Yamazaki is not in that second group, He’s been getting carried away since talking with Koga and Murata, he would be a bad influence. That means the second group mainly consists of girls as well, right? If so, I don’t mind waiting to be honest, just thinking of these girls having a happy time is more than enough for me. Well, if possible, could you send me some pictures after that? Okay?

“T, That… not do.”


“That won’t do! Because, if that happens… Airi will only… Sasaki-kun──”

“Eh, Sasaki?”

“Ah, No, Nothing at all!”

“Should I just kill him?”

“She said it’s nothing, so don’t start anything, Sajo-chi.”

Sasakiii…! I don’t really get it, but I’ll definitely make you pay for this! Just hearing your name come out of Natsukawa’s mouth makes my blood boil!

“Well, just let me know once you finish the preparation. I’ll definitely make the time, at any cost…”

“Eh? Y, You don’t have to go that far…”

“No, I’m definitely going.”

“What are you? a spoiled brat?”

I mean, well, you know, hmm… Peace is the most important for me. But, I can’t miss out on any good memories that I could make, right? Thinking about it, I am happy being legally allowed to be together with Natsukawa… wait, does that mean it was illegal all these times before?

“…W, what is it…Why are you this assertive all of a sudden…”

“Eh? It’s because you said that you’re fine with me.”

“Wha… what are you saying!”

“I mean, this sense of distance is──Oh? Are you going to hit me? Are you? Something within me will awaken, you know? Really, it’s going to awaken, you know?”

“Disgusting! Idiot!”

“Thank you very much! (Awakening)”

Ahh, what a blissful time this is… All the exhaustion from yesterday is gone now. Just having Natsukawa talk to me normally… is there even anything better than this? It’s like I’m having a dream. I didn’t think this would ever happen again. For real, I thought so.

“Ah, Sajo-chi, Ai-chi ran away.”


“You’re not even listening.”


Time felt like it was moving slower than usual. Every single second reaching up to lunch break felt like an eternity. That’s probably because Natsukawa declared that she would bring me to her house like that (a sudden progress). The moment that I don’t know when will actually happen, makes me feel that the time move even slower. It makes me feel like I want to do a legendary backdrop suplex that my sister did to me, to Einstein, the one who proposed the theory of relativity. [TN: Perhaps because the MC is too impatient, he feels like he wants to beat the guy who basically said ‘Time is relative’]

Talking about sister, my Sis didn’t tell me to head to the student council office today. Since I want to distance myself from her for a while, I very much welcome that. Especially having Yuuki-senpai around will make the atmosphere between us a bit more awkward.

That being the case, after lunch break arrived, I immediately headed over to the cafeteria, and sat down next to the window, which was usually packed. I even grew worried, looking around me to see if it was okay for me to sit down there. Since nobody objected, I relaxed.

…Well, sure is hot outside… I don’t wanna ever see you again, you know. Eh? Who? It’s you, my apocrine sweat glands.

My mood was fairly good, so I bought two nutrient bars at the convenience store, despite usually being satisfied with only one. Let me say it again, I got two bars. Adding to that, I had my sweet bread, so I probably would have too much energy and won’t be able to stop myself soon.

Anyway, how was I ever satisfied with only one bar…That definitely is not enough.

“That back… Is that you, Sajou?”


I should have figured that I would only suffer damage from leaving my home (classroom) like that. This world is full of annoyances after all. Still, nobody in my class who would call out to me like this.

Turning around, I saw three girls sitting at a table for four. Let me say it again, they were girls. Two of them were the two Senpais I just got to know recently. Anyway, I was surprised they managed to find me.

“Ah, hello…”

I looked behind, put one hand on the back of my head, and while rubbing the back of my head, I gave an awkward greeting.

A greeting coming from a male junior is usually like this right? Anyway, why am I even giving them this much attention, I didn’t do anything strange. Thinking about the Discipline Committee, normally other students will get scared like me now, right?


“Wait, wait a minute, why are you start eating your food again.”

“Eeh…I can’t?”

“Normally, you supposed to request earnestly like, ‘Can I sit with you?’, right?”

“No way, see the member of your group. Don’t you realize that your group only gives a ‘troublesome’ aura?”

There were Shinomiya Rin-senpai, Inatomi Yuyu-senpai, and another girl equally wearing an armband that said ‘Discipline’.

…Do you have to wear that during lunch too? Or does that armband have paralysis and poison resistance? If so, I want one too.

“Hello, Sajou-kun!”

“Ah, yes, hell───eh?”

One of the girls, with a small body and red ribbon on her head, looking like a small animal, energetically waved her hands at me.

Hey now, children aren’t allowed to enter high──Aaah… hmm? Shinomiya-senpai? aren’t your grip power too strong? I’m sorry!

No matter how often I rubbed my eyes and blinked in confusion, she was still the same Inatomi-senpai I had known before. Rather than being courageous and forcing herself, the expression she directed at me was genuine happiness.

Eh, are you that happy to see me?

“Hey, Senpai? Who is that angel?”

“Correct yourself, she is an archangel.”

“Um… why do you look so serious about that now?”

It seems like Inatomi-senpai went through quite a change in the past few days I didn’t see her. Her sparkly comfy atmosphere changed to an extremely sparkling atmosphere. Rather than wanting to rub her head, I have the urge for her to pat me on the head instead. Then again, I still want to pat her.

“Sajou-kun! Let’s eat together!”

“Eh, Eh?”

“Sajou, Yuyu is saying so. You understand what it means, right?”

“Ah, yes.”

What kind of coordination is this…? isn’t the combination of the attacker and the supporter is too extraordinary? After all, even before I can even act, I had been restrai───Ah, wait a second…am I being invited into a group of girls right now? If I think that way… somehow, I’m really pumped up now. Is that nutrient bar have such an effect like this? If so, I’m really satisfied with it.

Author’s note : And the second one feel like a doping [TN: He’s talking about the energy bar that Sajou ate, he ate two, so he adrenaline is pumped up maybe?]

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 117

117. Before the party started

There was a moment where I was afraid, but it was really just for a moment.

Now, I was drinking tea peacefully with Seikagu Family because there was still a little time before the party starts. 

The venue was already open, so perhaps the invited guests were having a gorgeous meal and chatting with acquaintances there. The reason why the acquaintance of someone rich also became rich was because they got acquainted with people at such a place.

It could be said that I, who is invited to such a party held by the upper class, would also be joining the ranks in the future, right? After all, I’m attending as a partner of the next head of Seikagu Family… even though I was attending as the partner of the next head of Toukain Family in the last party…. so, of course I will be the focus of attention even from the upper class, right?

For the past me from my past life, without a doubt this kind of situation is something that I would be nervous.

For the past me from this world, this kind of situation, the attention I get is still not good enough.

And so, in the current situation, these two feelings are mixed, and it barely balancing each other.

I mean, even if I actually come to a party of this size, I’m not nervous and I’m having a good time talking with the organizer.

“What’s wrong with you, brother?”

When I was lost in my own thoughts for a while, Yuzuka-san’s younger brother was worried. 

…Why is this boy so attached to me?…… Is it because the meat bun I gave was delicious? 

“Nothing. Rather than that, you’re gonna to stand in front of everyone at the party, aren’t you nervous?”

When I asked that, Ui-kun intensified the smile he was facing me, and when he shook, he began to tremble.

…… Aah, yeah. He’s nervous.

“It… it’s okay… I’m also the person with the name of Seikagu, I can at least do something simple like saying hello to everyone…”

Ui-kun answered with a gloom aura coming out from his whole body. The other members of Seikagu Family who heard the words nodded as if they were satisfied with the decision.

“But I’m a little worried because the girl I met at the marriage interview will be in today’s party …”

I see, so the girl who got rejected because it was physiologically impossible will attend this party. To be honest, I wonder how dare she came to this party… But, as expected, the woman in here, their mentality is strong. But still, won’t it be awkward?

“Well, of course she still got invited.”

Yuzuki-san said so with a soft smile. From that word, I feel like it was a big deal…

“Maybe Ui thinks that the marriage proposal was broken during this time, but the other party is still quite enthusiastic about it. Why don’t you try to get along with this opportunity?”

This time, Kuji-san talked to Ui-kun. However, Ui-kun was surprised at the fact and frozen on the spot. Still, I asked him to know more about it.

“Wh…, why?”

“I praised her good point, like about how healthy and strong girl she was, and about how brave she was that she could clearly show her intentions.”

“B, But as expected it’s impossible …”

“Also, I didn’t understand why, but she when I said it, she said it was a reward for her.”

…… It seems the other party was a trained pervert. 

I turned my gaze toward Ui-kun, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to help him. 

After all, a ‘M’ girl is the strongest warrior who is happy even if she is dissed, beaten, or left unattended. 

Alright, let me advise him to start by getting to know each other first.

“Because the other party is also coming, why don’t you get along at this time?”

Oooh! Ui-kun’s face turned pale. Or rather, what kind of person she is that he would reject her that much? 

When I was wondering the reason in my mind, Yuzuka-san gave a hint.

“That’s right. Isn’t Her Royal Highness Sai a good person? Why do you hate her so much? “


…………Hmm? Her Highness? What?! Is this boy’s partner a royal family? Really?! Wait a minute, didn’t that mean that this boy told the daughter of royal family that it was physiologically impossible? Isn’t his nerve too thick? Well, it’s true that in this era, the term royal family has only a symbolic meaning, but still, it doesn’t change the fact that the girl is a member of royal family, right? In many ways, this child is amazing!

Even the past me from this world wouldn’t be able to say that, if the other party a member of royal family… No, wait more than that, the past me would say “Aren’t you too arrogant?!”….. Seriously, this boy is just…

“But if you really try to get along, you might get along well with her. Why don’t you just try to talk more with her?”

I gave advice to Ui-kun, who still had a pale face. I tried to force the idea in his mind that he had no other choice than try to talk. 

I mean, sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do in life.

“Then, Kohaku-kun. It’s almost time to start, so let’s go to the venue for the opening.”

“Oh, Ah. Yeah.”

“Yuzuka, you must escort Kohaku-san properly.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“Kohaku-san, please take care of Yuzuka.”


In reply to Yuzuki-san’s words, I went to Ui-kun and,

“Ui-kun. I know that you’re not good with women but give it a try first… try to talk to her more. There are wonderful women like Yuzuki-san and Yuzuka-san out there, so it’s a waste to lose the opportunity to meet such people. If you really can’t do it, come to me. I’ll ease your feeling.”

Ui-kun’s complexion improved, perhaps because he heard my words and became a little less nervous.

“Yes, I will try my best”

I left the room with Yuzuka-san. When I saw her face, it was dyed bright red, so I asked her what happened.

“T-This is because Kohaku-kun praises me for being a wonderful girl! What would you do if my face not going back to normal before we reached to the venue?”

I got a cute scolding. 

Anyway, the party would start soon.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 27

27. Trump card

My aim is only one, to hit him and put a character stamp…!

Maybe his Mana is higher than mine? No, it’s too late to consider that now.

There is only one winner.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll just give up and die.

But of course, he’s wary of my approach. He may know the requirement of the sealing technique to some extent.

Whenever I approached, the {Corpse Emperor} tried to push me back with a large-scale attack. When I moved 10 steps closer… he made another 10 steps back.

It wasn’t all bad. I consumed far less Mana than him.

I just tried to get closer, but he returned with an apparently over-attack.

“I’ll never let you get closer! Absolutely, never…!”

Frightened eyes.

Apparently, he was really scared of the sealing technique. Maybe he had a trauma.

“Are you okay? I mean, you keep using a lot of Mana.”

I covered my legs with Red Mana and launched an attack with <Lutta>, but he pushed me back with lot amounts of bones.

When I was being pushed back by the waves of bones, the {Corpse Emperor} created new white-bone dragons and red-blood dragons.

“Hah! Keep struggling Sealer!!!”

“Thank you for the large-scale attack!”

A mixture of white and red dragons approached me.

Defense was out of the question.

So, I put strength into my legs to avoid it.


But, skeleton arms crawled out of the ground and grabbed my feet.


I had no other choice than to receive the attack of a red and white dragon head-on.

Even if I kept my feet on the ground, it was meaningless, so I thought it was better if I released the strength on my feet and received the impact.

――Keep your consciousness together, Seal…!

It’s over if you faint.

I know it’s a lot of damage. Be prepared for pain, Seal! You have to endure…!

The most painful attack in my life until now hit me.

Bone debris bit into the skin, and a torrent of blood reduced Mana.

Two dragons dragged me around.


A shock ran down my back.

Apparently, my back hit the watch tower. At the same time, the bone and blood dragons scattered away.

“nngh―― urgh?!”

I spitted out the blood that had accumulated in my mouth.


I’ve been feeling it for a while now, but… This {Corpse Emperor}… obviously not at the level I can deal with normally right now.

He’s special.

Mana, experience, those abundance skills … everything is exceptional.

“I’ll not let you rest! Sealer! Next is ‘level 2’. Not only the body, but also the skill when the corpse still alive would be reproduced!!!”

Living corpses were created again.

8 bodies in total.

It’s not as many as before… but I still need to keep alert.

The living corpses used the Mana of Creation to create a lump of water at one point.

―― “ ‘Seaside Rulers’ “.

Probably the former members. 

Frederica said that her guild members mainly used water magic.

The lump of water swelled and reached the amount of water that was comparable to a river.

…If it hit me directly, I will definitely die…!

“Moo――vee !!!!”

I can’t… Am I running out of blood to move my body?

Oh, this is bad. I can’t put any strength in my body.

“If so, never mind then.”

――Alright, I don’t need to rely on blood anymore.

The Mana of Domination was circulating in the body. 

I’ll move my body with Yellow Mana!

My body ―― movee …!


A whirlpool of water was released and directed at me.

I moved my body with Mana of Domination and avoided getting hit head-on. But my right shoulder still got hit. I was blown away and pushed into the third row of buildings in the settlement.

I was being pushed until the building at the eastern end.

Breaking through the wooden wall, I stopped on the wall opposite the door.


Getting hit on the back of my head, my consciousness was fading.

I shook my head to shake off the darkness that came into view. Tapped my cheeks twice to keep my consciousness.

“Where is this……”

Corpses were lined up on the floor of the house.

“Is it, the food store…!?”

It wasn’t just normal corpses. They didn’t smell bad. The gloss of the skin wasn’t dull. There were no cracks too. As if being kept fresh. Really, it was Frederica said, the human corpses seemed to be processed.

―― There are no living humans.

For the monsters, the corpses in this building are just like a food stock, huh… Gross…

Somehow, I felt a tremendous amount of Mana pressuring the corpse. 

Is the Mana stored in the corpse in some way?

Suddenly, the worst situation came to my mind.


But, at the same time… One measure to deal with this situation also came to my mind.


I walked out of the building.

The {Corpse Emperor} was waiting behind eight living corpses.

“Hoho, you’re still alive…?”

The {Corpse Emperor} looked nervous.

He was out of breath. And, when he saw me alive, he became pale.

I was in that house for about a minute now. During that time, there was no pursuit.

The reason was simple, because he couldn’t afford it.

“If you do so many big attacks, your limit will come faster… You don’t have that much mana left anymore, don’t you?”

The {Corpse Emperor} sat on the throne and stared at me.

“It’s because you use your technique in the same way as in your heyday. You Bastard, your Mana should have reduced to zero once with that seal ―― And, the Mana you gained by eating 500 people, where most of them were non-magicians, must be less than you had thought….”

But, to be honest, it’s really horrifying.

In his heyday, when his Mana is almost could be said unlimited….. The quality and quantity of the corpse under his control now must have been much worse than that time too.

Which means, the old man and the guy called Saurus, who defeated this guy in his heyday were really crazy.

“Ten years ago, I could blow someone like you away just by pointing my little finger…!”

“Well, I admit that you are strong. Perhaps you don’t have to be afraid to fight someone like me――But no matter what kind of monster you are, if the conditions are met, you will be sealed. After all, I am a Sealer.”

“How could you still feel like winning?! Defeat my pawns? All of these magicians??… You don’t have the abilities to do that!!”

“… What would you do if I say, I have?”


I put my finger in my pocket.

“Just at what is written, it’s my ‘trump card’.”

I took out a talisman with ‘死’ written on it. [TN: it means Death]

It was the only Magic Item I received from my master.

The crazy ring left by the old man ――

” ‘OPEN’―― <Osiris Orb>…!”

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 116

116. Reunion

When I was thinking about going to the venue right after entering the hotel, Yuzuka-san told me to follow her. The room she guided me into was a large and luxurious room. In the room, Yuzuka’s parents were relaxing, and there was her father, Kuji-san, and her mother, Yuzuki-san. Both of them were enjoying tea while huddling together on a soft sofa.

“Dad, Mom, Kohaku-kun is here.”

When Yuzuka-san called out to her parents, they turned their face to her, smiled, stood up and came to us.

“Hello Kohaku-san, today is the birthday of my son, Ui. Thank you for coming to celebrate his birthday.”

First of all, Yuzuki-san, welcomed me with a smile on her beautiful face. She had a youthfulness that no one could imagine that she had a high school child. In this world, there were many women who had an appearance that was not match with their age, but I think that she was one of the best among them. It would not be strange if she called as Yuzuka-san’s elder sister, she was just that young. But since she was a married woman, you can imagine a marriage full of ‘Immoral act’. After all her spouse, Kuji-san, was a dandy.

A love story between a young woman and a sexy dandy is a story that a novelist in the neighborhood is likely to write……. That’s why I want to talk about the culture of this world! Seriously, could you stop wearing dresses? 

Same as when I met him last time, Kuji-san was wearing a dress this time as well. It was a selfish argument, but honestly, there was too much gap in the fact that a dandy and cool person was wearing a dress…….

…I guess I’ve no other choice, I need to be a pioneer. I need to wear suits at the next parties, and let other people know that men are better in suits rather than dresses … Yeah, it is the Cultural Revolution……. But, I think it’s quite impossible for now. First, my appearance now is also a dress. So, I’m not in a position to say that now, right? 

Kuji-san also welcomed me with a smile.

“Yo, it’s been a while since Toukain-san’s party, isn’t it? How are you doing?”

“Yes, thank you very much for inviting me this time. Yuzuki-san and Kuji-san seem to be doing well.”

“Hmm, you’re too tense. You can think of us as relatives, you know.”

“Yeah, he seems to be getting along well with Yuzuka too, so it’s okay to relax.”

I turned my face to Yuzuka-san, who was next to me. Her face turned bright red and looked down in embarrassment. 

Yeah, I understand your feeling. It’s embarrassing when your parents try to meddle with your love affair right? 

But, no matter how good these two people are, and even if they treat me intimately, they are actually people who I have met only once. It is unreasonable to think them as a relative and treat them lightly. In the first place, they are one of the top aristocrats, not just some random people in the neighborhood. That alone is enough to make anyone tense… That said, the mental structure of men in this world lightly surpasses my thoughts, so maybe they’re able to interact casually with the person they met for the first time.

Well, anyway, the younger brother whose name came out earlier…

…Where is Ui-kun? 

I looked around the room, but I couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Well, is Ui-kun, the main character of today’s party, going somewhere?”

“Hmm, Ah, Ui is in the bathroom. And locked himself there.”

“Seriously, he’s really a troublesome child, isn’t he?”

Kuji-san said as if it was nothing, While Yuzuki-san said that she was in trouble, even though she did not seem to be in trouble at all. Well, those people had been enjoying tea on the sofa until a while ago. 

When Yuzuka-san heard that Ui-kun was locking himself in the bathroom, she went there and called out to Ui-kun inside.

“Ui, a guest has come, so say hello properly.”

Yuzuka-san called, but there was no response. Yuzuka-san continued to call out.

“He’s Kohaku-kun that Ui wanted to meet so badly. Please, come out now.”

Then the door opened a little……. Apparently Ui-kun were looking here.

…How cautious are you? 

But, suddenly the toilet door opened vigorously and a cute boy in a dress came out.

“Brother, brother! It’s been a long time! Thank you for coming to my birthday today! I was listening to my sister and thought that the one she was talking was you, the kind brother I met before. I’m really happy to see you again! “

Ui-kun, who came out of the bathroom, hugged me and expressed his joy with all his might. I was surprised to see him, and I thought that my guess that the previous boy I met in the park was Yuzuka-san’s younger brother was correct. 

When I look at Ui-kun again… Without a doubt he was an amazing crossdresser, a real ‘trap’. If I didn’t know the fact that Ui-kun was a male, I would had thought that he was a beautiful girl. The dresses that he was wearing suited him perfectly.

…Yeah, he will definitely be popular!

However, this Ui-kun dropped the bomb.

“Brother! I said it properly!”

“Hmm? what exactly you said?”

“I told my partner that I met in the marriage interview properly that, it’s physiologically impossible!”

At that moment, I felt the line of sights from all the members of Seikagu Family except Ui-kun, pierced me.

As a matter of course, I turned my eyes away with all my might.

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 38

38. Where am I belong


The sudden development stunned me for a moment.

That almost sound like she has positive affection towards me. Impossible, that is impossible. After all, everything I’ve done to Natsukawa was persistently forcing myself to her, so it must be annoying for her in every possible way.

“Listen, Sajo-chi, I don’t know the detail myself, but I heard from Ai-chi. Since this very morning, it seems that the plan of ‘Sajo-chi meet Ai-chan’ was already decided by Ai-chi. That’s why she treated you so harshly all day. I mean, Sajo-chi, today you utterly made Ai-chi nervous. Also, lately you didn’t come to talk to her at all.”


I don’t get it. I need to digest the meaning of the words reaching my ears, somehow.

Alright, calm down, right now I need to analyze the situation. Natsukawa wants me to meet Airi-chan. I don’t know the definite reason, but it was something she decided on, which is why she came talk to me all these times in school today.

But, wait… being pulled along during lunch break, and having her strangle me on the rooftop, why was that? Is it because she couldn’t forgive me talking something vulgar with Murata and Koga? But wait… in the first place, why would she care about me to such an extent…?

“Eh? Natsukawa, is this…..”



“I’m going home!!”

“Eh?! Ah! Wait! Natsukawa! Your bag!”

Natsukawa suddenly stand up. With a bright red face, she stormed out of the family restaurant, leaving behind her bag. Well, since she’s heading to school by foot, her family must be home at this point, so I don’t have to worry about being locked out of her house, but….



…I stood up to reach for her arm in an attempt to stop her and froze up as it was.

Isn’t this pretty bad? From an outsider’s perspective, right now, I must seem like a pathetic man who was dumped by his lover, right? No wait, with Ashida here, it will be slightly different…? Maybe they might think, ‘No way, he’s two-timing her? He is the worst!‘.

“……Umm, dear customer?”

“Ah, we’ll be leaving. Sajo-chi, money.”


Shocked by the situation and unable to say anything, Ashida just stole my wallet from me, and with her wallet she went to the cashier to pay. I on the other hand went to grab everyone’s bags like a puppet and followed after her while still being dumbfounded. I tried to comprehend of what just happened, but that failed. It seems, I can only take it for what I experienced. I mean, my head had already spinning.

I only got a hang on my memories by the time we left the family restaurant, walking down a street with no other people around.

“…All I remember is Natsukawa being super cute…”

“Well, you will eventually remember all of it, even if you don’t want too.”


It started to get dark outside, so I offered to send her off, but she replied, ‘Then until the street light’. Well, what I did was something a handsome man would do, it was really not so like ‘me’, but perhaps my body moved by itself to forget my depression and uneasy feeling in my heart.

Ashida on the way back from restaurant

But. Now that I realized this… Excuse me, but do I really have to hold all this? Especially Ashida’s big sports bag. There’s definitely volleyballs in there, right? I mean, for every step I take, it’s hitting my butt and bounce….. still, do you usually take volleyballs home from school?

“───You must have figured it out with that, right? Sajo-chi.”

“What exactly….”

“That Aichi doesn’t really think of you as disgusting. Being told all these years, even for you Sajo-chi, it started to become something like a greeting, right? Don’t you think so?”

“Being told all these years, I started to think, ‘Ah, so she was serious all this time’. Also, that this is no proof that Natsukawa doesn’t hate me.”

“Rightー, But, Ai-chi must feel the same way, you know. Like ‘Hm? Hmm???’.”

“What’s up with that…..”

“You might be fine with that, Sajo-chi. At least, you said what you wanted to say. But, you really should not forget about this, no matter what.”


“── Well, I said this before, but Sajo-chi, to Ai-chi, you’re already a member of our group.”


I saw the street light. Ashida took her own bag as well as Natsukawa’s. Ashida slammed her sports bag into me, who had just been freed.

“What was that for?”

“It’s not about whether you feel comfortable enough or not, you know. As long as there’s someone who will like you, you’ll definitely be happy. Even if the one who likes you is gross, and annoying, it will still enough to be a support in maintaining your confidence.”

“As expected, in the end, I’m disgusting, right?”

“──Even if that’s true, if someone suddenly lost the place they belong to, they’d be shocked, and anxious.”


Ashida left these words behind, slamming the bag into me again, and run away. She should have been annoyed too, but when we parted way, she was grinning to herself for some reason.

What annoys me the most is that she never once denied when I asked whether I’m disgusting or not. That part of you is annoying you know, Ashida.

“……Guess I’ll buy some steamed buns on the way.”

It was a fresh summer night. The widget on my smartphone screen said it was 27°C. It should have felt hot, and yet my body felt cold with no sweat to be found.

In the entrance, the shoes of my family were lined up. In the midst of these were even my old man’s shoes, not having been cleaned for a while. I took out shoe-cleaning cream from the shoe box, and put it next to his leather shoes….. What? I should clean those? Nah, I don’t even want to touch it.

When I opened the door to the living room, I had the kitchen and dining room to my left, whereas to the right, there was the TV and two sofas. Inside of my head was still blank to a level where I couldn’t remember what I usually did after coming home.

“What are you doing? At least say something like ‘I’m back’ to let us know.”

“Ah, yeah, I’m back…”

Mom was busy doing the dishes, so I headed towards the TV. Yeah, normally I’d just throw around my student bag, fall onto the sofa, and ──

“…….You don’t need to re-enact exactly what you said this afternoon, you know.”

“…..Shut up.”

On the sofa that had its back to the entrance, there was already someone inhabiting it. The inhabitant was rolling around on it, while playing smartphone. One sock had already been flung off, whereas the other still somewhat held onto her foot.

If I have to guess, the ‘K4’ would envy my position right now as she is being defenseless… Me? I feel nothing.

Seeing the tyrant like that, I realized that something was missing and so I couldn’t hold back a grin.

“──Sorry about before Sis. I said too much.”

“Huh…..? You….”

I handed her a plastic bag, and after seeing the steamed buns inside, Sis showed a complicated expression.

What, you’re not going to eat them? You love them, right? Stuff your cheeks full with your favorite steam buns, bought by your younger brother, and play with your phone some more… See here, look, look.

“…..D, don’t want them.”


Thinking about it, she has eaten so many, and if she received this, she would definitely become fatter. I don’t want to see my Sis being angry and scream at the scale. Well, I’ll just eat them myself then♪

“──If anything, it’s you who went too far.”

“No, that’s…”

Oi, why are you giving me that guilty look. You always did what I said to me, didn’t you?! Why are you suddenly acting like ‘I’m not normally like that’? Oi! Don’t throw your sock here!

“So, what’d you do with those girls?”

“Can you not make it sound like something happened?”

“You’re just spacing out. Something definitely happened, right?”

Urgh…! She apologizes, only to interrogating me after that. And you telling me to give the answer just like that? Well, after being worried about my youth like that, it’s really hard to answer, you know…..

“…..No idea. There’s way too many things, it feels like I’m in a trance. Ahh, I want to sleep early.”

“Hmmm, is that so? Not like I care.”

Stop saying nonsense. You’re definitely curious, right? this elder sister of mine huh… I mean, you talk like not how you normally do, it’s suspicious… Still, just by thinking that she’s worried about me, but can’t openly say it, I feel itchy all over. Aren’t you too clumsy Sis…

“…Right, I have something to say myself.”

“W, what is it…”

“Before you worry about others, how about worrying about yourself first? I mean it’s too many, you know? all four of the student council members? Really? As your younger brother, I’m troubled how to react you know.”

“Wha…?! it’s not like that! They don’t really…!”

“…..Well, knowing you, you’ll definitely choose someone at the right time, but I know of a guy who stopped differentiating ‘reality’ and ‘dream’. That’s why you should probably deal with this matter while you’re still in the right mindset.”

I don’t want anything to do something that’s troublesome, but circumstances change if it’s related to my family. I don’t want the air at home to be so tense. I’ll use this chance to say everything I want to.



Sis leaned forward to take a big bite from the steamed bun I was holding. In shock, I let go of the steamed bun, which immediately vanished in her mouth.

You… damn tyrant… Whaaーhow can your mouth fit all of that, Oi…!

“Hm… monomnomnom!”

“What are you saying, I don’t understand at all!!”


Right as a bit of steamed bun was about to fall out of her mouth, I took a row of pictures with my smartphone. She panicked and hid her face, escaping from the living room… I swore to sell those pictures to the ‘K4’ in the near future.

A bit after that, when I saw Sis returned to the living room while swinging a metal baseball bat slowly, I seriously thought I was going to die.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 26

26. Indescribable Anger

When the {Corpse Emperor} removed his hand from his chest, the hole in his chest was gone.

So, this is a rumored regen――

“Regenerator huh…”

I see, so he’s really immortal.

This guy… What should I do if I can’t seal him?

“No way――No way No way No way!!!! You are aaaaAAAHHHH!!!!!!”

An angry sound echoed on my eardrum.

Don’t be scared, Seal! You can’t pull back here!

Don’t take a step, don’t move your eyebrows, and keep enduring his anger.

Don’t break your leeway! You need to keep your impression as the ‘unfathomable guy’.

“Ah, I’m late in introducing myself. I’m Seal, a Sealer. “


From 100 to 0 at once.

The {Corpse Emperor} sank the blood that had risen to his head all at once to his feet.

On the throne, he put his chins in his hand again.

His eyes were quietly staring at me.

“I see, a Sealer huh… fufu, fuahahahahahahah!!!!”

And now, he sounded happy.

This guy… I can’t read his emotions.

“I wonder why…Hah! Even if I feel fear and anger, there is this intense joy that shakes my fingers. Aaah, so nostalgic… Sealers, I hated them, but the fight with them was really fun.  Even if this I, hate them, at the same time I want to meet them. The one who brings anxiety and suspense to me… Those people…!”

The {Corpse Emperor} raised his hand to heaven and clenched his fist.

At the same time, crawling skeletons came to me from every direction.

The skeletons trying to surround me with their limbs. 

I swung the <Lion Spear>, which had returned to its original size, in a circular motion. The skeletons weren’t that strong and so, using the spears I crushed and sink them to the ground without long.

“This feeling… it may be similar to, love…”

“Well, sorry to interrupt your confession, but I’ve already done with the bones!”

While swinging the spear, I charged at the {Corpse Emperor}.

The {Corpse Emperor} laughed a little while saying “What a fool.”

“I, the {Corpse Emperor}, the king who controls the corpse! Even if you defeat it once, those under my control will not disappear!”

The skeletons that should have been defeated started to revive again.

“As long as my Mana is not exhausted, it will be resurrected infinitely! The corpse under my control has no life span!!!”

” ―― aren’t you lying?”

I pinched the talisman with the word “祓” between the index and middle fingers of my right hand. [TN: the word means, purification]

” <Lion Spear>, ‘CLOSE’. ―― ‘OPEN’, <Lutta>!”

I equipped <Lutta> in my right hand.

I lighted <Lutta> with Blue Mana. Then, the blue alchemy stone embedded in <Lutta> glowed, creating a cool light blue aura.

“That sword is ――!”

I used <Lutta> to crush the skeleton’s face. Concentrated Red Mana on the soles of my feet, and jumped to cut the distance while cutting through the skeletons one by one.

The skeleton collapsed from the hip joint, turning the bone into black dust.

“What’s wrong, they don’t seem to be resurrected… are they already in bad condition?”

“Is it a sword that sent the soul straight to the realm of dead…?! Don’t get carried away! Sealer!!!”

I stepped on with enough force to crack the ground.

But the distance was still 20 to 30 steps away, we were still far from each other.

For now, my aim was to leave a mark on him. For that, I needed to land a direct attack with my fist.

“I won’t let you get closer!”

” ―― Woah?!”

Suddenly, the ground under my feet rose.

Countless bones overlapped each other like a tower from the bottom of the ground. A skeleton tower tried to wrap me from below.

” ―― ‘OPEN’!”

<Lion Spear> came out once again and I equipped it on my left hand. Turned the stone tip diagonally downward.

I extended the <Lion Spear>, pushed the spear to the ground, and used the expansion and contraction of the spear to jump back.

I could see a tower of bones where I was a moment ago.

The bones were connected like a ring and surrounded him.

“I will not let A Sealer come near me! You, stay beyond this circle!”

After that, finally, the {Corpse Emperor} stood up.

“Sealer, listen carefully. The corpse you fought up until now was ‘level 0’. I just manipulated the bones. But the next one will be different!”

The {Corpse Emperor} raised both hands.

Bones stretched from the ground once again, but this time, flesh and skin covered those bones.

10… 20… 23 bodies?

Well… I don’t think <Lion Spear> will be useful here.

” ‘CLOSE’ “

The corpse that appeared in front of me was different from earlier. It had cracks all over its body. Definitely, it was a naked human being.

“This is ‘level 1’. The power to reproduce the body the same as when it was still alive.”

Is there such a thing?

This guy, his self-regeneration ability and self-healing ability is bad news already. It’s clearly beyond the range that can be achieved by the Mana of Domination.

“―――― !!!!!”

I opened my eyes wide. 

Not because I was being surprised at the {Corpse Emperor}’s ability.

When I was looking at the 23 humans who appeared in front of me, I noticed the smallest of them.

―― It was a girl.

A young girl.

Her face… I had seen it before.

――『” Excuse me… If you find this child, please contact me.”』

Suddenly, I remembered the old woman who was looking for her daughter at the <Crow Port>.

I remembered the flyer she gave me.

I remembered the face on the flyer…

Amongst 23 corpses created by the {Corpse Emperor}, one of them was… the missing girl.

“[…… Moo-om]”

The corpse made a voice.

“[Help me, help, me, please…..]”

“[No… I don’t want, to die …]”

“[My child, my child is waiting, for me…]”

I could hear a monotone voice. Emotionless voices.

“I’m sorry. There are times when it says some nonsense because the brain is also reproduced. It’s unpleasant, right? Humans who beg for their own life are really ugly…. don’t you think so?”

The {Corpse Emperor} put the index finger of his right hand forward. The living corpses started moving at the same time.

I kept silent while wielding <Lutta>.


Every time I swung my sword, my chest hurt.

A distorted voice in pain, a voice asking for help, a voice thanking me for killing them――various voices echoed from my ears to my heart.

――『”It must be difficult… Your daughter, if I find her, I’ll definitely bring her here.”』

I remembered what I said the other day.

As I remembered, I cut the girl’s head.

“[Mom… Where are you―]”

Finally, the girl grabbed the hem of my pants as if holding her mother’s hand, and collapsed.

“Sealer, what’s wrong? Your face becomes dark, you know? Ah! Perhaps, your friend is amongst them?! Well, well! I’m really sorry, I don’t have any bad intentions. It’s just an entertainment. I thought, you would enjoy it… “

It’s a hope.

For those who lost their loved one, and couldn’t get any work done properly,

They devote themselves to the probability.

They serve God in honesty.

It’s the purpose of those people.

The survival of these corpses ―― is their hope.

It’s their only hope that they keep clinging to. To keep living and seeing tomorrow, after losing their loved ones.

“――{Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’…”

He is trampling their hopes with his feet, spitting on the sanctity of the dead.

…This feeling that springs up from the bottom of my heart, how should I express this feeling?

I moved my dagger to the other hand. Then, put my current feelings into words.

“Really. I really want to kill You… Bastard!!”

“Good. Keep your spirit like that, Sealer!!!! Let’s kill each other. Like how humans and monsters are supposed to be…..!”

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 115

115. Arrive

After driving the car, I finally saw the castle, which was the venue. 

The castle in front of me was not only a hotel but also a historic building, and it had become a tourist attraction including the town surrounding it, where people still live. Therefore, it was okay to renovate the inside of the building, but it was not allowed to change the appearance unless there was a need to do that.

Well, what I wanted to say was that the venue was a tourist attraction, so it was not surprising that there were many tourists….

“There are many people today, right?”

Yes, there were quite a lot of people. Perhaps the reason was that those people thought that… they might be able to see the boy who would make his debut in public, even if it might be just at a glance …

“Maybe they gathered to take a glimpse of the birthday party.”

“Hmmm, as you can see near the entrance of the castle. Even a first-class assassin can’t sneak inside.”

After thinking with her index finger on her mouth, Yuzuka-san said so. 

…I really want to know why the word “assassin” comes out of a high school girl’s mouth, but considering her house, it seems that a dangerous story will come out, so I decided to not ask. Who knows, maybe she would’ve said something like, ‘I stuffed the person tried to rob my house the other day and threw it into the sea! Ahaha’. Seriously, I don’t have a hobby to stir up trouble for myself.

Then, Yuzuka-san opened her mouth as if she remembered something. 

“I heard that there will be an event in this city in conjunction with my younger brother’s birthday party.”

What that means?

“It seems that the event is held before the party starts.”

“Ummm… what kind of event is it?”

“I don’t know the details because I just caught it in my ear. The concept is ‘if your birthday is today, you must celebrate it in this city!’. Also, the shops in the town offer special dishes… It seems that customers who are not on their birthdays could celebrate together with the one whose birthdays is today. So perhaps many people thought that they can get along with strangers…”

Ah, so it’s an event that was launched just to make the party merrier… But maybe it’s okay that it’s a success since there are so many tourists…

As we proceeded through such a city, I saw more people than before.

“We’ll be arriving soon.”

I see… that’s why there are so many people. Celebrities and athletes on TV, as well as male entertainers, are also invited, so I understand that they want to see a glimpse on how he looks. But, today is Yuzuka-san’s younger brother first debut in public right? Will he be okay?

“Well, I guess your younger brother has to get used to this kind of situation too, even if it’s just by a little.”

Yuzuka-san returned with a smile to my worries. 

Well, I guess even the son would be disciplined. It’s the Seikagu Family after all

“Oh, we’ve arrived.”

I looked outside again. I saw some were holding cameras, and some were holding microphones. 

…I guess that’s reporter from TV station.

And I saw some people with a smartphone in my hand.

…And, those guys must be an ordinary person.

Wait… that means I need to show myself in front of these people from now on? Urgh… But I’m cute! So, I’m sure I’ll will look good on the camera, right?… Yeah, I know that.

The car door was opened by the hotel doorman, and Yuzuka-san got off first. At that moment, cheers were raised, and the shutter sound was heard all at once. Yuzuka-san smiled at the reaction of the surroundings and reached out to me who was still in the car.

…Alright! From here on, I have to look enthusiastic too! From here on, I have to act as a partner of the eldest daughter of Seikagu Family, which is said to be one of the four major aristocrats, even though I’m just a normal high school boy! The only problem is that I have no idea on what the right thing to do!

………… For the time being, maybe I should do ‘that’? I just need to behave appropriately, right? Well, I don’t know how!

Anyway, I took Yuzuka’s hand and got out of the car.

…..Alright! Come! Take as much as you want! 

………… However, contrary to my feelings, the people surrounding us suddenly fell silent.


When I looked around, everyone opened their eyes and was frozen. The doorman who was nearby also opened her mouth and was frozen, but she immediately regained her smile and welcomed us. And the people surrounding us were released from the shock, and it became noisy with the shutter sound.

“Oi! Take the picture of that boy more! Maybe he is the eldest daughter’s fiancée!”

“Take absolutely good pictures! He’ll be in the front page for tomorrows!”

“So cute!”

“Look hereー!”

Oooh!… I was worried that I wasn’t so cute because there was no reaction! These people, how dare them to made me surprised like that…

When I exhaled a relief, I smiled like Yuzuka-san and waved lightly to the people who called out to me. Then, I went into the castle, which was the venue, while being escorted by Yuzuka-san.

“Just now, he waved at me!”

“No! it’s me!”

“He smiled at me……”

“…………Aaaah, so this is love.”

“I want to work for Seikagu Family.”

For now, I need to forget the words I heard from behind… yeah, let’s forget it…

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 37

37. According to her

Natsukawa doesn’t really think that I’m disgusting…? Can I just take it that she doesn’t actually hate me…..? Or, are this and that different after all? Seriously, which one is it…?

“Even If she thinks that I’m not disgusting… but, why now? Natsukawa always said that she won’t let me meet her younger sister. Since this is about her cute younger sister, she usually become so protective and ferocious. I’m scared you know. And, that’s why I’ve been trying not to bring it up again…”

“Hmm, even if you say that… ───H,hey Ai-chi, this is the first time I heard of this, you know?”


Ooooh… the Goddess has recovered! You all hear me, She has recovered! O, it is an honor to see your fac─── Woah, her face looks like she’s really in pain… As expected, she thinks that I’m disgusting after all, doesn’t she? I’ve never seen she looked that bitter before.

“B, Because… I knew you’d get angry at me, Kei…”

“Of course! You refused him so harshly before, but now you want him to meet her?! What do you want?! How much of a contrary person can you be?!”


O, Oooh…I don’t know the reason why, but Ashida is really aggressive towards Natsukawa today. It’s a rare sight, especially because Ashida would always fawning over Natsukawa, treating her like a saint.

“I-I told you not already what…! That, until just the other day, even I myself didn’t expect to be feeling this way…!”

“Huuuh?! Why are you getting angry at me now?!”

“─── Ah, hey, both of you, stop, stop now! Somehow, you’re starting to fight for real!”

We, definitely, can’t be bothering the other people. See, that female employee is already looking over at ─── Hey, why me? Anyway, this is not like what you think, okay?… Why’re you keep giving me that cold stare?!

Since it seemed like these two got fired up beyond the point of no return, I stood up and stopped them. Especially Natsukawa seemed like she was about to giving up herself to despair. If I didn’t stop them right here, it felt like the situation will escalate. Hence, I tried my best to break between the two.

“I, I don’t really mind, no matter what you say to me! I’ll hear out what both of you want to say!”

“R, Really…?”

“Really really!”

“── Hmmph!”

Natsukawa and Ashida

When I compromised with them, Natsukawa showed a relieved and adorable face, as she looked me in the eyes. As for Ashida, she let out a bothered snort.

What’s wrong with her? This almost like I’m the usual Ashida. Natsukawa is me, and Ashida is Natsukawa. I’d never thought that something like this could happen, as if our bodies were swapped for real. Wait, that means I’m a girl right now? Hehe…… Oi, ‘me’, you’re really disgusting.

Anyway, that sure surprised me… For Natsukawa to not entirely denying my existence, I’d never thought that she ever feels like that… I mean, I always thought that her favorability towards me had been in the minus all this time. I’m so happy, but it hasn’t hit me yet.

“Sorry if I put it in a weird way, but… what on earth caused this turn of events? Did I just achieve something with my level right now? Or, was that decision based on some fundamental investigation?”

“W, what the hell are you saying… I wasn’t investigating anything.”

“It’s between being disgusting or not, right? Well, you thought that he was disgusting, but actually he wasn’t that disgusting, so you started to want him to meet Ai-chan, right?”

Can you stop saying ‘disgusting’ ‘disgusting’ like that……Even if we weren’t facing each other right now, hearing that over and over is making me twitch, as I am a boy after all. Seriously, it’s bad for my heart.

“T-That’s not true.”

“It’s not true?!”

I was so surprised that I butted in at her words unconsciously.

It’s not true? So, after getting my hopes up, you crushed them again? Thank you very much…  Seriously, I’m tired.



Ashida let out an exhausted sigh. And indeed, it really sounded like that was directed at Natsukawa.

So, this is what she meant by the talk is going nowhere, huh…

If so, then I just have to ask a question specifically that won’t allow any avoiding no matter what. I said something unnecessary before after all.

“Your change of heart doesn’t matter right now. But, rather than ‘I don’t mind letting you meet her’, you said ‘I want you to meet her’, what do you mean by that? Is there some special reason for that?”

“T, That’s…”

A,aaah…! Natsukawa is blushi ── Aaa, So cute! Super cute! Is she embarrassed?! Seriously?! Is the reason really hard to say?!

Stop showing me that face! I just changed my mind not long ago! My brain won’t be able to handle all of this!

As my head was about to explode, the waitress brought the fries we ordered.

Couldn’t you have hurried up a bit more? I mean, it’s already this late, there’s barely anybody her──Ah, it’s that employee…. Eeek, she glared at me.



Although we got interrupted by the employee, Ashida forcibly pushing Natsukawa even further.

Hey, aren’t you pressuring her a bit too much? Natsukawa isn’t even embarrassed anymore, she’s straight-up terrified. Look, she’s going pale, isn’t she?

“───ki-kun and…”


“Sa, Sasaki-kun and…”

“Sasakin and?”

“You call that guy ‘Sasakin’ huh…”

Sasaki, huh… I don’t know why the name of that handsome bastard of our class would come up here. But hearing it from the person I like sure doesn’t feel great. I’ll spill some more ‘spicy rumor’ about him to his younger sister Yuki-chan next time…!

When I retorted on Ashida’s choice of nickname, she glared at me with a ‘Shut up for a second’.

…I’m sorry, but your naming sense is just too weird…. it really surprised me. Even when she shouted my nickname, I always thought ‘Huh, Who?’.  I mean, ‘How am I supposed to act’ when she said ‘Sajo-chi’?

“───Because Sasaki… and Airi, they got along with each other…and the others as well…..”




Isn’t that great? What’s strange about it?

I knew about some girls from our class visiting Natsukawa’s place, with Sasaki being the only boy and he showed──

I remembered when Sasaki was showing off his selfie with Airi-chan.

I’m sure the other girls must have taken pictures with Airi-chan too. What a heartwarming scenery that must have been. I knew it, Sasaki is really trying to build a harem, That bastard…

“Is it that bad to get along with each other?”

“I-it’s not bad, but…”

“That reminds me, Ai-chan was trying really hard to remember everybody’s names.”

“Is that so?”

I can imagine Airi-chan being bewildered while surrounded by everyone, patted on the head, urged to remember their names. Somehow it makes my heat feel warm… Sasaki, You, go away.

The atmosphere from before had vanished, and the air became loose. Thanks to Airi-chan being an angel, even Ashida seemed to have relaxed a bit.

“So, what about that?”

“You really snapped, huh.”

“Shut up.”

Ouch ouch…! This girl… How could you stomp on my toes! Moreover, how could you be so accurate! Hah, that is some great personality you have there!

“S-So… I thought it was ‘different’ from what I imagined…”

“It’s different…?”

Different? In what way? The nuance I got when she said it was that she couldn’t accept it… is that correct?

Natsukawa said that, as the reason that she didn’t want me to meet Airi-chan, was that I might become a ‘bad influence’ for her. Does that mean that this was the same for Sasaki and the others? And, since she’s giving me permission now, were those guys even worse than me? Seriously, just what did all of you do…

“Do you regret having Sasaki, Shirai-san and the others meet Airi-chan? Were they a bad influence after all…”

“N,No, that’s not true!”

“Ah, I, I see…”

Putting aside Sasaki, if that gentle Shirai-san is also ‘bad’, it means that Natsukawa is too strict. Perhaps, she will not even allow Airi-chan to be in my sight at all.

I’m glad Shirai-san didn’t turn out to be a bad girl. Or else she would be a dangerous existence for boys.

“……I see.”


Eh…? You get it? Hey, Ashida, wait for me, don’t leave me behind. Why are you crossing your arms and nodding alone as if you arrived at the solution? Ah, maybe this is that? Is this the kind that won’t make sense if you’re a man? Is this what they commonly called the maiden’s heart? If so, of course it’s impossible for some loner that sits in the corner of the classroom like me to understand…

Cold sweat ran down my back, as my eyes met with Ashida’s. Perhaps, she saw my panicked face, she let out a big sigh… Excuse me, but that really hurt.

“───You couldn’t accept that, right? Ai-chan left aside a certain someone who is closest to you and got along with everybody else, and that certain someone wasn’t even there in the first place.”


“…….hmm, what?”

“And, you happened to see Sajo-chi in Sasakin.”

“S, Stop it already…”


Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 114

114. Limousine

A black limousine stops in front of my house, and a nicely dressed up girl… Yuzuka-san came out from it. Yuzuka-san was dressed in a white-based dress, with diamonds shining on her chest, giving a faint blue in her overall appearance. Although it was not flashy, it was combined with the clean and neat atmosphere of Yuzuka-san, and so it made her look more elegance. 

In poetic terms, “The beauty that robs the soul”, or “the beauty that is created in a miraculous way”, or “the warmth of the sun and the purity of the moon are combined… and multiplied… and doubled. The beauty that received the blessing of the goddess beauty’…… What happened to the last one, it supposed to be a beautiful poetic… why it sounded even more vulgar than the former… Strange…

Anyway, Seikagu Family came to pick me up because today was the day of the party.

By the way, not only me but also my mother and housemaid were in front of the house. Yuzuka-san greeted me lightly and then went to greet my mother.

“I’m Yuzuka Seikagu, Kohaku-kun’s classmate. Thank you very much for agreeing to attend my family’s party today. Please be assured about Kohaku-kun’s safety. We’ll do our best to protect him, it’s our responsibility after all.”

Saying that, Yuzuka-san bowed. 

Not only Shino-san, but Yuzuka-san too, they were natural with their words at this kind of time. When I was a high school student in my previous life, I was pretty nervous just to meet my friend’s parents… Well, I was only thinking about playing around though… It was a happy time when I didn’t know that the slackening of study would bounce back to my carrier…

“Please take care of him well. If something happens to Kohaku-kun… I…”

Perhaps my mother started think that something had happened to me, tears came to her eyes and her voice began to quiver. Maria, who supported my mother said,

“Yoko-sama …, if only I could follow him…”

Yeah, Maria was not allowed to accompany me as the escort. I could smell that they were kind of acting, but they sounded so serious. In fact, Yuzuka-san, who received the words, made a powerful declaration to my mothers with a determined face.

“I know it well. Please leave it to us. We guarantee his safety as our elite people are on the lookout at the venue.”

I mean, we live in a very safe country, and I will go to a party where some of the best people in the country will gather. It’s unlikely that something strange will happen.

…… No, wait, in a sense, it may be dangerous because it is such a party. There is a possibility that some people will make a mess. What’s more, it’s no wonder what happens because there’s even a pretty boy of the century called me!… Well, I don’t think they don’t have any information about me…

For the time being, the greeting was over, and I went into the limousine. As expected, the car was also exceptionally comfortable to sit on like the one when I went to Shino-san’s party before. But what was different was that this time, I slept well the night before. Well, this would be the second time I participated in this kind of party, so I could stay calm better than last time.

“Kohaku-kun, how about the clothes that I sent? Did you like it?”

As expected, I should read the air. It would be bad if I were to say that I prefer suits or tuxedo now.

“I was surprised because the clothes were so good. Is it okay for me to receive this?”

Well, I didn’t say that I like it, so I wasn’t lying. Also, I asked a question to distract her from the topic.

“Yes, I ordered it specifically because I wanted Kohaku-kun to wear it.” 

“Thank you. I’ll take good care of it. By the way, Yuzuka-san is also very beautiful today.”

In my words, Yuzuka-san’s white skin turned into pink. She seemed to be embarrassed, but she looked happy. However, the expression becomes cloudy with my next words.

“Ah, no, it’s wrong…”


Yuzuka-san looked sad at the words. After all, I raised her tension and spirit once and then dropped it. But, I would raise it again.

“Because Yuzuka-san is always very beautiful, not just today. So, today is more than that… I think it’s better to say that today you look as beautiful as a goddess.”

Yuzuka-san made a face that didn’t understand what was said for a moment, but immediately turned her face bright red.

“Ko, Kohaku-kun! Isn’t your throat dry? I have a lot of drinks here, so I’ll prepare it!”

Where is the determined attitude when you greeted my mother earlier?

Yuzuka-san started preparing drinks. I said that she looked like a goddess, but Yuzuka-san, who was in front of me now, looked like a very cute girl who was flustered in a hurry…

…but when I saw the bottles and cans of drinks dropped in front of me many times. I was worried if I could stay sober in the party that would start soon.

Well, It’s not entirely my fault, right? I mean, I just ‘that’…  a boy who said his impressions straightforwardly… Yeah, it’s good to be honest.

But I think I should be careful with ‘when and where’ from now on…

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 113

113. Official Invitation

Today is a holiday. Therefore, no one will complain even if we spend a lot of time at home, which is called ‘wasting time.’, right?

I lay down on the sofa in the living room and changed the TV channels. On another sofa, my mother was taking a nap.

It was very peaceful. 

But suddenly, Maria, who was cleaning the front of the house, called out, disturbing the peace.

“Kohaku-sama, your package has arrived.”


What is it? I don’t remember buying anything online.

“It’s from the Seikagu Family. It’s an invitation and a gift. The contents are clothes and shoes. It seems that Kohaku-sama is being invited to attend the soon to be held party… But, not only Toukain Family even Seikagu Family too, as expected of Kohaku-sama. This Mariangeles proud to have a wonderful master like Kohaku-sama. Bravo!”

It’s the first time someone say Bravo to me! Moreover, how could she say all of that without changing her expression! Well, I know it’s her usual but……. Nah, let’s leave it for now. 

I received the package from Maria. And first, opened the envelope. Inside was a letter and a black card with ‘invitation’ written on it. The letter contained the words of the time and the date of the upcoming party and said that I should bring the black card on the day.

Yuzuka-san’s younger brother, who seemed to be not good with girls and so did not appear in public, finally decided to appear in public. Moreover, it would be on the TV!

….Right from the start huh…. Is her younger brother’s mental could handle it?… If the child I met in the park was Yuzuksa-san’s younger brother, he would tremble. Because from what I could remember, he was a delicate boy. Well, it could be different. Anyway, even if I care, I can’t do anything. All I can do now is lie down on the sofa, heal my daily fatigue, and anticipate what delicious food will come out at the party.

“Kohaku-sama, would you like to check this too?”

Maria looked at the box that said it contained clothes.

…I was consciously avoiding it… after all when I went to Toukain Family’s party, even if they said they would prepare the clothes, what I got was a short dress. That was why, I was thinking of preparing a suit or black tie for the next party, but…

Since it was already sent, it wouldn’t be polite if I go there without wearing it right?… But will the size fit me? And it hasn’t decided that it’s a dress yet. There should still be the possibility that the clothes are formal suits and black ties!

I gently opened the package. There was a box inside, but I still didn’t know what was inside. 

I opened the box with excitement, and…

“… It’s a blue dress.”

Maria looked inside the box and muttered.


“Is it okay for me to touch and see it closer?”


“Kohaku-sama, why you speak in a monotone…..  Ah, I’m sorry.”

Maria picked up the dress and checked the quality.

“… It’s a very well-tailored dress. Probably, it’s definitely made to order. The embroidered part is also wonderful.”

I agree!  If other girls wear it, I would without a doubt praise her! but it’s a different story when I wear it! No matter how beautiful and wonderful it is, it will only look lame on me!

… Yuzuka-san… You want to say something like, ‘if Kohaku-kun wear it, he will look more beautiful! The synergistic effect of the clothes and Kohaku-kun will only make him more attractive!’, aren’t you?… I know it already! Okay, okay, I’ll wear it!

“Kohaku-sama, it seems that there was some conflict within yourself, but why don’t Kohaku-sama try it on? I think it’s okay because it was prepared by Seikagu Family, but the size may be different. But just in case….”

“… Yeah, I’ll try it on once.”

“I think that’s a good choice.”

I sighed, picked up the dress and went back to my room.

………… It’s perfect. 

The dress I tried on was a perfect fit for my size. I felt that not only the size but also the design of the dress itself matched my mood.

….. No, no, no, I just think so because everything suits me!

However, it was a mystery about how Yuzuka-san knew my size. 

Well… I found out that the size fit me perfectly, so I should take it off for the time being and try the shoes…

…… No, wait, maybe this is the perfect time for ‘that’?

I took out a key and opened one of the locked desk drawers. Then I took out one box from the inside.

“Uhahaha! Yuzuka-san, do you think I’m just a commoner?!”

I laughed like a villain while looking at various accessories. 

Wearing will make me even more attractive! ‘Kohaku company’ stock will rise……. Hah, hah… Really, I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, but it’s important to keep this spirit. There is no choice but to survive the party while maintaining this kind of spirit.

……But, the question is whether this spirit can remain until the party day!