Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 83

83. Video

I’d contacted Maegashira, so what I was doing after that was… no, wait I hadn’t done it yet… so what I was trying to do was to increase the number of songs I would sing at the upcoming event…

Before I regained my past life memory, I mainly sang songs by female artists… but these days, male idols were popularity… well, all male idols were popular from the start… Anyway, that idol, it seemed that the live video was officially posted on the video site, so I was thinking of seeing it as a reference.

I used to think that I was the most beautiful in this world… well, I was not sure about that, but I thought so anyway… so, even if I knew the song, the singer himself, I was not very interested in them. That was why I didn’t really know what kind of people were popular.

Therefore, I thought that it would be exciting if I imitated a popular idol at the upcoming class reunion, choreographed it simply, and sang it.

So, the real answer to what I was trying to do… was to sit in front of my computer and opened a video site.

If this was a quiz, it was probably a simple question that everyone knew. It was commonly called a ‘service question’.

The computer started up and I opened the video site.

I entered the words in the search bar, then videos of the idol would appear……. I saw video with a great number of views. It hadn’t been so long since it was uploaded, but it had already exceeded a billion views…..As expected of Idol!

I thought that I really could use the video as reference and pressed the play button.

Oh, it started.

The performance began after a little silence. It seemed there was no greeting at the start.

From the melody, it seemed that the first song would be not an idol-like song, but a fast-paced rock-like song.

And so, the song began.

「”Kneel in front of me! You female dog (B**ch)!”」

There, after that words… the melody began to flow.

………… Hmm?

Somehow, the lyrics are weird …

While I was doubting about the lyrics of the song…

「”Don’t chase dreams! Chase me! If you don’t, your life have no meaniinnnggg!!!” 」

And on the stage, an idol screamed while doing an intense headbang.

……Idol? Is this an idol?

It was different from the idol image I know, but the venue was heating up.

「”Give! Give me! Give me your moneeeeyyyy!!!”」

It’s been a while since I see someone so arrogant like that! 

I felt like the ‘idol’ could be called a ‘tyrant’.

And the performance of the first song was over.

I’d finished listening the first song, but so far there were no fragments of idol elements at all… The song was more like a punk-tock or heavy metal…


And, the cheers that sprung up from the audience seats showed how popular it was.

But, really… I don’t know the secret of that popularity… What I understand is that idols are amazing!…… No, I mean, an idol is a dangerous people.

In the echoing cheers, the MC started.

「”Today, I’m holding this concert for all of you, so be grateful!!”」

From the spectators’ seats, the reply ‘Yes, Thank you!!!’ could be heard.

「”Good, good, it’s a good reply, And don’t forget to buy my merchandise.”」

 ‘I will!!!’, another reply from the spectators’ seats could be heard.

「”Well, well, what another good answer! And to that you all, I’ll let you know what drinks I like these days.”」

And another cheer surrounded the venue like, ‘Waaaaa—!!!’.

What should I do… I can’t keep up with what’s is happening …

Then, the MC continued for a while, and after that the second song started.

「”Then, I think it’s time for the second song! Listen it with your heart!”

At that moment, I thought that I didn’t have the option to use the video as a reference anymore, but I decided to take a look at it a little more even though I was a little afraid. 

The second song had a different vibe from the first song, and ballad-like instrument was playing. And the idol started to sing.

「”I am a guilty~man~my loved one~forgive me~”」

…… As expected, this time too, the lyrics are strange.

「”I am like~ this~! Born beautifully~ that fascinates everything~”」

The music that was playing stopped there. I wondered why, but the question was immediately resolved.

I was unknowingly pressing the stop button. Perhaps my instinct stopped me like ‘Stop it already’ …

Well, I didn’t feel like listening to it again, so when I looked at the screen to close the site, I saw the reviews.

 「”I’m a female dog, arf-arf!!”」

 「”I’ve already used most of my salary this month, I’ll do it again next month!”」

 「”Beautiful is sin, I’m sure of it!”」

 「”Anyway, I will change my pants first (* ´ω ` *)”」

 「”Me too (* ´ω ` *)”」

 「”Me too (* ´ω ` *)”」

 「”Me too (* ´ω ` *)”」

All of the is ‘M’! 

But, but! With this I knew that it’s well received amongst women.

It’s very popular after all, I understand that, but I can’t imitate it…

The me of this world used to behave unconsciously like a sadist, but now I’m a normal man with the values ​​of the previous life, and so it’s normal that I hesitate to do that. Sure, it was helpful somehow, but it’s difficult for the me now to imitate…

However, if that song is so popular, maybe that idol is cherishing the fans contrary to the words that come out from his mouth… But, still the lyrics of that song are just…

Well, anyway, I could only sum it up as…, As expected of Idol!

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