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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 82

82. Inviting Maegashira

Ma….Ma…Maegashira…, where it is…

I was searching for the contact of Maegashira, who was one of my few male friends in this world, on my smartphone. I felt a little lonely when I was reminded that there was only one male name in the address book on my smartphone.

It was a proof that I had not made any male friends yet even though I was enrolling in a co-ed High School.

Just getting along with girls a little doesn’t mean they have a problem with me … right …?

Or, maybe there is a problem with me just that I don’t know about it… No, no way right?

Finally I found Maegashira’s address that I was looking for, so I pressed the call button and the call rang.

If he doesn’t answer the call, I’ll send an e-mail … 

I was thinking what to do if Maegashira didn’t answer my call…

When I started to wonder if I should hung up, because there was no sign of Meagashira even though it was ringing more than 5 times already, the phone was picked up.


However, the voice I heard from my smartphone was not the voice of Maegashira that I knew. It was a calm voice and somewhat lower than what I remember.

I didn’t mishear it, right? 

I was feeling uneasy for a moment, but since I had called Mageashira several times before, I thought that my guess couldn’t be wrong.

“Ah, sorry, but it’s Maegashira’s phone, right?”

“Yeah, it’s Akihito’s smartphone. Just that I’m sorry, but he’s away now.”

“Ah, I see… Then, I’ll call back later.”

“… Hmm, can you wait a bit?”

The voice that I heard was sound young, so I thought that the person who answered the phone was probably an acquaintance of Maegashira from his school, and when I tried to hang up, I heard that he tried to stop me…

….I heard that, but I pretended I couldn’t hear it and hung up the phone.

…… Huft.

Then I took a break. Probably the person who answered the phone was the person form Maegashira’s school…, Seimei High.  It might be a senior in charge of education that I heard from him… or it might be his friend.

But in any case, I don’t want to get involved too much!

I mean the impression of male students that study in Kenran High is not good in the eyes of Seimei High students, so I don’t know what he will say to me if I keep the call!

I thought to just send an e-mail to Maegashira, so I picked up my smartphone, but then my phone rang just right at that moment.

What was displayed on the screen was ‘Akihito Maegashira’.

I was a little worried about answering the phone. Normally, it should be Maegashira who heard the story from the person who answered my call earlier… But, it also might be the person who answered earlier.

I was a little worried, but… I decided to press the accept button.

“You’re a little flustered there…”

I almost cut off the call after I heard the voice from the phone, but I managed to stop.

I mean, he says that I’m flustered….. Somehow, I get a little goose bump.

…Well, I got a goose bump…… so I decided to end the call after all.

Since I felt sick enough to get goose bumps, it can’t be helped, right…?

However, He was such a person, the one who wouldn’t give up easily.

I got a call again. I felt like there was no other choice, so I accepted the call.

“To hang up the phone so suddenly, aren’t you bad?”

“I’m sorry, the signals are bad.”

“Is that…, so …? If the signals are bad, it can’t be helped then…..”

…… He may be unexpectedly an ‘easy’ guy.

“Well, you are the one who answered earlier, right? Do you need something?”

I cut out the story so that it seemed I had not heard him when he tried to stop me from ending the call.

But, he didn’t answer my question.

“No, well, what kind of relationship do you have with Akihito …?”

It was a question like when you’re doubting your lover’s affair. 

Please stop, don’t ask me something like this….

I mean, my voice is age-appropriate, it sound young, so I wonder, how can this guy hear that kind of voice and think that me and Maegashira have a relationship other than friends…

“…I don’t know who you are, so I’m not going to answer that question.”

“I se …”

I hung up before he could say anything.

Huft …, Seimei High students… they’re more than I expected…

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and took a breather.

… and my phone rang again.

Soーーー persistentーーー!

I picked up the phone again. And at the same time…

“You’re so persistent! You piece of s**t!”

“I, I’m sorry …”

However, what I heard from the phone was my friend’s voice.


“Um … I’m sorry, did I bother you?”

“Ah, no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. When I called your phone, the person who picked up the phone asked me about my relationship with you.”

“I, I’m sorry, but I’m sure my seniors didn’t have bad intention when asking you that … Oh! The person who answered the phone is my senior who is in charge of my education. He’s a kind person who is very caring and tend to worry about other … “

Maegashira explained to me about the person who answered before, his senior…… He also began to talk about the appeal points about that senior of him.

But, Maegashira… I’m not really interested in that senior of yours. Sorry…….

No matter how much there I want to add more male name in my smartphone’ address book, I would like to refrain from adding the previous person.

I tried to stop Maegashira who was enthusiastically talking about his senior and told him about the class reunion.

“Class reunion?”

“Yeah, it seems to be held soon, so how about it? do you plan to go?”

“… Is Hatano-kun going?”

“Yeah, I’m going”

“Okay, I’ll go too! I won’t let you go to meet a flock of hungry beasts alone!”

This guy… he always thinks that his classmates are a flock of hungry beasts when he was in Junior High School?

So, he was living with a great sense of crisis the whole time, huh…

Anyway, Maegashira decided to go.


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