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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 81

81. An invitation to a class reunion

“Class Reunion?”

“Yes, it was decided to be held.”

When I came to school in the morning, Mishima-san, who was strangely in high spirit, talked to me. At first, I was wary of her because different from usual, she was so energetic, but it was just her asking me to come to the Class Reunion that would be held by our Junior High School classmates.

But, one thing I would like to say is… isn’t it still too early to hold a Class Reunion? I mean, it hasn’t been so long since we graduated… Even though I still can’t feel any nostalgia for my life when I was Junior High School… Or maybe, the young girls in this word is easy to get lonely? 

…… Beautiful girls trembling because of loneliness…


“I’m lonely, so lonely …”

And there, a pretty boy (I) appeared, and reached out to the lonely and crying girls.

“Now you don’t need to feel lonely anymore… Here, takes my hand.”

The pretty boy (I) holds their hand one by one with a smile to reassures the beautiful girls.  Then, the beautiful girls changed their lonely and cloudy expressions into bright smiles. And the beautiful boy (I) talked to the beautiful girls who have regained their brightness.

“Everyone is my woman!”

—————<Daydreaming end>

…………What the hell am I just daydreaming? When I thought about how what to do if they feel lonely, this came to me. The thing that came to my mind even though I was thinking about it was something like a hot-blooded drama.

On the contrary, if there is such a person, I’m sure that he got a screw loose on his head, that in a sense, it makes me want to respect him.

Well, it’s me who thought about it though …

“Hmm…, Hatano-kun, what’s wrong? You suddenly became silent.”

“Ah! No, nothing. I was just worried about myself.”

Mainly about my head …

“Worry? There’s nothing dangerous about it. The venue is a karaoke room, and it will be on holidays afternoon, so I think they’re being careful as to not stay outside until late.”

Mishima-san seemed to think that I was worried about my chastity, and so she explained it properly from the place to the time so as to reassure me. Of course, I still had to be careful about that, but honestly, I was not too worried about that part.

The women in this world had historically treated men with respect. Sure, they were hungry for men, but they didn’t do anything so extreme to men.

And, it seemed that way of thinking was already integrated into their gene …

Of course, there would be some outlaws too, but I was sure that there was none amongst my Junior High School classmates.

“Ah, hmmm. I understand, I’ll participate.”

“For boys, the participation fee is fre …  Really?!”

“Yeah. Really.”

“Thank you! Thank you very much!”

When Mishima-san heard the words, she thanked me with her hands being folded and started praying like how Christians pray.

Alright, I received your thanks. So, stop praying!

Oi, since you start praying so suddenly, our classmates are paying attention to us now! 

The boys in our class are looking at me with eyes like, ‘ah is that guy again …’, so stop!

Even though I’m on good terms with girls, I’m out of place among boys!

Well, it’s not like I have a communication disorder. It just that the boys in Kenran High School, especially in our class, they all have a high pride in themselves, so they can’t get along with others! So, it’s not my fault and I’m not the strange one here!

…… No, wait, in this world, I could be categorized as a strange one…

It’s difficult to live, huh… I think so even if I look through the past.

Speaking of which, I remembered someone… what about Maegashirat?

“Mishima-san, what about Maegashira?”

“Maegashira-kun? That is …, uhmmm…”

Mishima-san was looking at me hesitantly.

“If possible… I hope that Hatano-kun could invite him.”

Ah, so it’s difficult to invite Maegashira, huh?

It’s easier to get along with him than boys in this class, after all he’s a normal guy …

……Ah, wait, since he went to Seimei High, he evolved.

Maybe, it is a normal evolution for those who went on to Seimei High. That said, I think it’s better to contact him, after all, he’s one of the few male friends I have in this world.

“OK. I’ll contact him.”

“Thank you! And, I’m sorry to trouble you …”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Mishima-san thanked me with a feeling of excuse.

I made a smile to reassure Mishima-san, it was a smile like the one in the delusion I had earlier… Mishima-san, who saw the smile, seemed to be relieved as I intended…….

Unexpectedly, the delusion that I had might be usable.

You can’t underestimate the power of delusion!

However, the venue was decided to be in a karaoke room… the me in here liked it… until I regained my past life memory. I didn’t really like that kind of place in my previous life. So, my feelings when I heard that it would be held there were quite complicated.

I wonder if I should practice singing… should I go to karaoke alone?

Or should I study a little about how to dance by looking at the choreography of idols?

…… No, no way. The male idol in here is always looking down at the others especially women, I’m sure they look at their fans with cold eyes like looking at a pig…, but I think if the woman is an ‘M’, she will be pleased…. Wait, maybe they’re enthusiastic about their work because I see that they do a handshake event too… But, I heard that there are many times when it’s being canceled at the last minute. 

When I think about it again, the consciousness of men in here to do the work properly is almost none… they’re just too free…

Well, now I need to think about the upcoming event. Should I make a pose like what I did during the photoshoot? 

Spinning around, then make a horizontal piece while winking … It may be good to try it and see if it is a really good pose.

But, if the air becomes too extreme, I’ll resent Maki-san…


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